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  1. McConaughey and a cannon... I’d pay to see that... on TV.
  2. It’s that SEC logo. Because it sure ain’t that a”trophy” case.
  3. Yes it does. Sad thing is I’ll be pulling for them. I like to watch well coached basketball from Texas. So long as it isn’t from collie station or Waco.
  4. I agree. I’m an Astros fan and remember Bregman started his career about 1-38. Worked out pretty well since then. Baseball and small sample sizes.
  5. How about Armanti and D’Onta. We wanted Armanti and had to take his brother. That one was 50/50. I liked our side of the 50 pretty well. Not sure that 50/50 isn’t a good percentage on recruits.
  6. If I remember correctly, the last package deal Texas took worked out well.
  7. You need to get better soon. They need you. Really get better soon
  8. You need to buck it up and get there. They don’t seem to be handling your absence well.
  9. From everything I've seen from Sam he is enjoying the ride. While I'm sure everyone of us here would like to be QB at Texas, none of us are. None of us are told we can't get a part time job for spending money without falling foul of the NCAA. None of are told we can't get a better job without having to sit out a year. None of us are paying the physical and mental price of being the QB at Texas. What Sam is getting IS priceless. What he is giving up isn't.
  10. It's gotta be something that causes delusions/halucinations. I think its LSD.
  11. Maybe so but I would have taken their record for the last 10. Recruiting is only as good as the results.
  12. If I remember correctly, Alabama has Butch Jones now. Lane Kiffin was in that job before he became the Alabama OC. And Steve Sarkisian landed in that role at Alabama as well.
  13. He's right. There is no handicap if you went to Stanford to play football. You only get handicapped if you went to aggy.
  14. Hell aggy can’t even have a romantic moment with their significant other (sheep) without thinking about us.
  15. It's sort of like a football game to an aggy. It doesn't matter what the final score is to aggy, they have scoreboard if they were ever close or leading.
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