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  1. WhAt have they proven? You can beat Colorado by 20 without physical contact in practices. And lose to Miss St when you have physical practices. Whose defense scares you: ok st or Alabama? Last year everyone beat the PAC 12. All the Ivy League follows the same rules. And I couldn’t tell you Dartmouth’s record, if you spotted me the record.
  2. Dabo has two guys out for the season. Justyn Ross just missed a game with an injury. Does ou have a defense?
  3. That’s total bs. A sprained knee is a sprained knee; it happens because you land awkwardly not because you hit someone hard in practice. If you separate a shoulder it occurs from the hit not from an accumulation of hits. If you don’t hit in a practice, you tackle like we did under Charlie. I don’t see near as many arm tackles, whiffs and attempted knock downs as we did before Herman... Still happens but not much. Clemson has a bunch of injuries; Alabama has a bunch of injuries; Ok State has a bunch of injuries. It’s a physical game played by big people I’m fine with taking targeting and blind side hits out of the game. But not training to hit in practice means they won’t do it in the game. If we want to make it 7 on 7, you don’t have to teach them to hit hard.
  4. How many of these were from practice? I saw most of these in games. Should we not hit in games. Maybe we can play the Dartmouth tackle dummies.
  5. What doesn’t work that way? I can’t tell what you are referring to. I can tell you that Saban and Meyer have physical practices in the off-season and during the season and that have won at a very high level. You mention Dartmouth and Ok St. Ok St has won but it would be hard to argue that they have won at The Saban and Meyer level. It would also be hard to argue that Ok St plays physical football. Ok St tries to finesse you because they don’t have the talent of those teams.
  6. Adimora looked better than “break glass if needed” on Saturday.
  7. Now we know why David Beatty hasn’t been hired yet.
  8. I’m not trying to minimize the Dartmouth revolution here, but exactly how many national championships have they won in the big boy division. For that matter how many national championships, or for that matter conference championships, has Gundy won. Coaches who like hard hitting practices include Saban and Meyer. Though I dislike each; their records speak for them.
  9. Our place kicker is good for the first time since Mack’s Penn State transfer Fera. We have a good punter. We stuffed Ok St when they attempted the fake. I agree the punt returners made big mistakes. B Jones won’t make his mistake again. And J Smith might midfield a punt again but probably not at that time of the game. Those mistakes are fixable during the year. Not having the talent or desire isn’t. This team looks very talented and passionate to me
  10. I totally agree. But what I liked about it is that this is the first in the last ten years that we win a game when we muff two punts, have an interception and a fumble.
  11. Maybe they don’t want them to prepare for it.
  12. I don’t think Caden has taken a step back. If you don’t see him in a play against a team with 5 wide receivers it probably means the QB is throwing somewhere he’s not. Joe B was picking on our single coverage by inexperienced CBs. That’s what I was seeing.
  13. Neither team sucked tonight. Joe Burrows was great. Sam was great. It was a battle. Both teams know they were in a game. LSUs athletes on both sides of the ball are better than any team we’ll face this year in the regular season. I’m not even sure ou out schemes them on offense.
  14. If we don’t lose another game we’re in the playoffs... but I’m not sure we beat ou twice.
  15. Tom Herman is 13-2-1 against the spread as an underdog with a 11-5 record.
  16. I'll grant that the Vegas' lines are set by very smart people. The smart folks from Vegas set a line and establish rules so that they only have to pay out 90 cents on every dollar spent. If there is an anomaly in their line for whatever reason, they take the game off the board and reestablish a line. There are a couple of ways they do this. One way is that the house has a limit on the size of the wager you can make on any given game. If you want to exceed that limit, you either have to get approval from the house or you have to wait until the house resets the line (this is to ensure the house makes its money). If there is an injury or something else that could impact the game, the house just takes the game off the board and no more money is allowed to bet on the game. Additionally, the game still has to be played. So if lsu really has a 70% chance of winning they are going to lose 3 times out of ten. And they don't play 10 games. The sample size of games that could have an anomaly is limited and you can't tell anything from a small sample size. If the sports betting market was pure (i.e. no limits on the size of wager at a certain point spread or money line), smart money would be in the market. Smart money is in the market but its the house with its 10% take. Smart money is on Wall Street, Main Street and Silicon Valley, etc.. I'm sure anecdotally there are many people who make money gambling on sports but they are doing it at the margins. I still haven't heard of private equity or a hedge fund hiring quants and trying to beat Vegas at sports gambling... But they do own a couple of casinos. P.S. What I'm saying is that smart people (writ large) don't bet on sports against the house except for entertainment purposes. There are smart people with egos who try it when they are young but they usually become the house or move to poker.
  17. Gambling lines in Vegas aren’t an opinion on who is going to win. Never have been never will. Money lines and point spreads are the houses way to ensure there is enough money bet on each team so the house wins regardless of the outcome. If you believe anything else you’re the sucker. In this case it means that because of the ESPN/sec effect the broad public has the notion that lsu is better than Texas.
  18. But they are in the SEC. So they got that.
  19. I totally agree with you. But I will say now that I’m getting up there in years, the years are flying by, football seasons too. But off-seasons... On the bright side, off-seasons may make you feel like you lived a bit longer.
  20. Bet our interim coach isn’t interim anymore.
  21. Doesn’t take as big a job of selling The Hill...
  22. I never did everything my mama said. If I did, I wouldn’t have ended up in the Marines.
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