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  1. So you’re telling me you would draft Sam over the other two. I’ve watched the all play. And I think Sam makes plenty of mistakes even now. Texas on offense wasn’t very good last year in the stretch of losses that hurt. And Sam was part of the badness. He had decent offensive line play in all but one of the games and his receivers were pretty good. He may have been hurt but he didn’t play well.
  2. I really like Ehlinger but do you really think he’s better than Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence?
  3. What am I going to do at home? There is no sports. There is a silver lining ESPN may go bankrupt.
  4. They were in the College World Series in 2011, 2014 and 2018. And they won the Big 12 tournament in 2015.
  5. By the end of his run at Texas, Barnes had succumbed to the one and done virus as well. He was recruiting and playing guys who weren’t playing with passion. Then when he goes to Tennessee and gets guys who stay and learn to play his way and they win. Texas can be a trap job. You can recruit better than VCU but not as good as Kansas or Kentucky. You’re in that in between place. Football is a different beast at Texas there are no excuses. You can recruit with any team in the country. But in basketball we’re not a blue blood. So you can’t coach like it.
  6. That is what I was saying. Shaka knew how to coach at VCU; he averaged 26 wins a year and took a team to the Final Four. But at Texas he recruited 4 and 5 stars not to mention one and dones and forgot about the high energy style that won for him. What I hope is that he now remembers what worked for him at BCU: play five guys that play with passion and intensity.
  7. Call me crazy. Two weeks ago I wanted Shaka fired. He kept putting a team on the court that was a team in name only. Sure they played hard all his teams have but they lacked a spark. Everybody wanted the ball on offense and there’s only one. So you have some injuries to your big names at the bigs and you put in some guys with a fire for the game. They don’t care if they score; they just pick up the trash, play defense and... hustle. And presto a recipe, an identity. If Shaka has learned that his best team isn’t always , or even most of the time, just the 5 most talented players, but the 5 players who together play the game the best, then I’d be happy to have him back. He seems like a great guy and a good ambassador for the school. But I do want a good basketball team.
  8. Well I may start watching again... I watched the last 5 minutes on my phone. I only enjoyed 0.4 seconds of game time. But I really enjoyed them. They sure are playing hard. I didn’t even recognize the team.
  9. I’ll agree he needs to go unless they put on a deep run in the tourney. And I don’t mean the NIT. If he can get them to the Sweet 16 he may have learned something this year. But if he doesn’t make the run...
  10. That picture makes me smile. And sums up the basketball season... just when you think it’s a joke.
  11. They may bring him back. But I’m not going to watch another game until a change is made. That being said if they start out 15-0 next year I’d come back. Just don’t see that happening.
  12. If Shaka is back next year, I’ll just know to be about as invested as I am right now in basketball (i.e. none, zilch, nada) at the beginning of the season. I can do that in basketball. CDC has to know there will be no interest in “basketblah” if he comes back That is just impossible with football. Always invested.
  13. Sad... but true. My sincerest hope is that “further notice” is the 2020 season.
  14. The Stoops years don’t matter anymore. The Charlie years don’t matter anymore. But 2017 was still a top 25 class the three years around it were 3, 3, and 7. What have we accomplished. One 10-4 season and mediocrity. And 10-4 is barely better than mediocrity. All I want is for us to live up to the recruiting rankings. I’m tired of being disappointed a few games into the season. CTH needs to do something. He has delivered improvement (from a low bar). He now needs to break through and deliver. And remember ou’s 19th ranked class from 2016 just played in the playoff. There is no excuse. Just deliver. I have no ill feelings toward ou other than rivalry... And they have an inferior school. I live in Ohio now and I have friends that went to ou. I have fun until they and OSU go to the playoffs and we go to San Antonio to play in the Alamo Bowl.
  15. Yes, really... Since 2010. (I'd take their decade of football. But we sure beat them in February.) Texas ou 2010 2 5 2011 4 13 2012 2 12 2013 17 16 2014 17 14 2015 10 15 2016 7 19 2017 25 8 2018 3 9 2019 3 8 2020 9 11
  16. But it hasn’t so far. We’ve had better recruiting classes than ou most years. But it hasn’t shown up on the field.
  17. You are right. Bill Parcells once said “you are what your record says you are.” And for the last decade in football and basketball we’ve been mediocre at best and downright awful at worst. I for one am ready for a decade run of excellence in both sports. That’s the best way to shut up the talking (air)heads at ESPN.
  18. Are you trying to say Shanahan is coming home to coach the DL?
  19. I don’t know if everyone here is old enough to get this reference. You’re dating yourself... and me. and we definitely don’t need Danny coaching the team. We want them to stay out of trouble.
  20. I thought it was supposed to be burnt orange kool aid.
  21. They already do. The best players go to the top 15-20 programs now.
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