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  1. I’ll agree he needs to go unless they put on a deep run in the tourney. And I don’t mean the NIT. If he can get them to the Sweet 16 he may have learned something this year. But if he doesn’t make the run...
  2. That picture makes me smile. And sums up the basketball season... just when you think it’s a joke.
  3. They may bring him back. But I’m not going to watch another game until a change is made. That being said if they start out 15-0 next year I’d come back. Just don’t see that happening.
  4. If Shaka is back next year, I’ll just know to be about as invested as I am right now in basketball (i.e. none, zilch, nada) at the beginning of the season. I can do that in basketball. CDC has to know there will be no interest in “basketblah” if he comes back That is just impossible with football. Always invested.
  5. Sad... but true. My sincerest hope is that “further notice” is the 2020 season.
  6. The Stoops years don’t matter anymore. The Charlie years don’t matter anymore. But 2017 was still a top 25 class the three years around it were 3, 3, and 7. What have we accomplished. One 10-4 season and mediocrity. And 10-4 is barely better than mediocrity. All I want is for us to live up to the recruiting rankings. I’m tired of being disappointed a few games into the season. CTH needs to do something. He has delivered improvement (from a low bar). He now needs to break through and deliver. And remember ou’s 19th ranked class from 2016 just played in the playoff. There is no excuse. Just deliver. I have no ill feelings toward ou other than rivalry... And they have an inferior school. I live in Ohio now and I have friends that went to ou. I have fun until they and OSU go to the playoffs and we go to San Antonio to play in the Alamo Bowl.
  7. Yes, really... Since 2010. (I'd take their decade of football. But we sure beat them in February.) Texas ou 2010 2 5 2011 4 13 2012 2 12 2013 17 16 2014 17 14 2015 10 15 2016 7 19 2017 25 8 2018 3 9 2019 3 8 2020 9 11
  8. But it hasn’t so far. We’ve had better recruiting classes than ou most years. But it hasn’t shown up on the field.
  9. You are right. Bill Parcells once said “you are what your record says you are.” And for the last decade in football and basketball we’ve been mediocre at best and downright awful at worst. I for one am ready for a decade run of excellence in both sports. That’s the best way to shut up the talking (air)heads at ESPN.
  10. Are you trying to say Shanahan is coming home to coach the DL?
  11. I don’t know if everyone here is old enough to get this reference. You’re dating yourself... and me. and we definitely don’t need Danny coaching the team. We want them to stay out of trouble.
  12. I thought it was supposed to be burnt orange kool aid.
  13. They already do. The best players go to the top 15-20 programs now.
  14. You mean they aren’t involved already. Did anybody pay attention to the basketball scandal with Adidas? Does anyone believe that after Kansas/adidas offered Zion the money, he went to Duke/Nike for free? And if Nike is bad... If the slime exists in NCAA basketball, it exists in football. And while I may believe in my heart that Texas is above getting dirty, I don’t know.
  15. I don’t know. It could be the classic trap game for Bama. Potentially bama could win by only two touchdowns.
  16. I’m not saying bama is better because of practice. I’m saying Gundy might sing a different tune if he had Bama’s talent and depth. He has neither and must protect the guys he does have. Because he doesn’t have the depth. But now he has a team that tries to outscore the other team because he can’t stop them from scoring. Sort of like the quintessential Big 12 team. Quintessential Bog 12 teams haven’t won a national title since 2006. But the SEC, Ohio State and Clemson have. All of those teams have one thing in common they hit hard, they tackle well, and they’re deep. Oklahoma has outscored one of those teams once in an Ohio State down year. They’ve lost every other game against those power teams. Herman has beaten them.
  17. WhAt have they proven? You can beat Colorado by 20 without physical contact in practices. And lose to Miss St when you have physical practices. Whose defense scares you: ok st or Alabama? Last year everyone beat the PAC 12. All the Ivy League follows the same rules. And I couldn’t tell you Dartmouth’s record, if you spotted me the record.
  18. Dabo has two guys out for the season. Justyn Ross just missed a game with an injury. Does ou have a defense?
  19. That’s total bs. A sprained knee is a sprained knee; it happens because you land awkwardly not because you hit someone hard in practice. If you separate a shoulder it occurs from the hit not from an accumulation of hits. If you don’t hit in a practice, you tackle like we did under Charlie. I don’t see near as many arm tackles, whiffs and attempted knock downs as we did before Herman... Still happens but not much. Clemson has a bunch of injuries; Alabama has a bunch of injuries; Ok State has a bunch of injuries. It’s a physical game played by big people I’m fine with taking targeting and blind side hits out of the game. But not training to hit in practice means they won’t do it in the game. If we want to make it 7 on 7, you don’t have to teach them to hit hard.
  20. How many of these were from practice? I saw most of these in games. Should we not hit in games. Maybe we can play the Dartmouth tackle dummies.
  21. What doesn’t work that way? I can’t tell what you are referring to. I can tell you that Saban and Meyer have physical practices in the off-season and during the season and that have won at a very high level. You mention Dartmouth and Ok St. Ok St has won but it would be hard to argue that they have won at The Saban and Meyer level. It would also be hard to argue that Ok St plays physical football. Ok St tries to finesse you because they don’t have the talent of those teams.
  22. Adimora looked better than “break glass if needed” on Saturday.
  23. Now we know why David Beatty hasn’t been hired yet.
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