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  1. I agree with tejasrulz. I think that Sark probably has a better idea of position coaching in college than I do. I’m not sure what really goes into it. What mix of recruiting, coaching and relationship goes into it. I assume he’s better at it than us or the BMDs.
  2. He's not the coordinator... He's not making the defensive calls... We don't know what he adds to the defensive coaches room... We do know he knows what doesn't work against Big 12 defenses... He has worked with Sark... And he's just recruiting and coaching defense...
  3. ...and that my friend is burnt orange kool aid. Or pretty close.
  4. But the Arkansas State outlier was from Alabama. So not an outlier.
  5. But that A+ is on the pop quiz and pop quizzes are only 10% of the grade. After 11 years I'm a bit jaded, I'll reserve the grade until I see the results. I do like what I see so far... My expectations have been raised... but...
  6. I think the Eyes issue is overblown. Alabama’s fight song says they’re the pride of Dixie. I don’t see the kids entering the portal because of it. Treat the kids well. Talk to them. Enforce needed discipline. Make sure they know you care and they’ll perform. Sark didn’t sound to me like it was laying down the law. He said they would sing and he’d discuss with them.
  7. We sit around discussing how much smarter we are than the coach when we are losing and talk about how smart we were hiring the coach when we win. Talking on a message board is great fun. (well... it makes losing a bit more bearable)
  8. But I'm pretty sure that an assistant leaving for a head coaching job wouldn't trigger a buy-out. So there probably wasn't a buyout for Sarkisian... and we do know how to spend other people's money.
  9. It’s not a dealbreaker unless he says “winning is hard “.

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