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  1. Disagree. Based on attendance, nobody has been watching for 2 1/2 years.
  2. Yea.... We started great last year..... MAN have I become negative!!! 2009 - 2020 will wear on a fellow!!
  3. Why isn’t Simms playing? I just turned on - Simms mysteriously out of lineup??
  4. This! Recruiting hasn’t been an issue at Texas since the last couple years of Fred Akers. Garry Patterson hasn’t put together a recruiting class ranked higher than TEXAS one time - to my memory, and seems to whip us half the time. Texas recruits itself. We need coaches!
  5. Entering a discussion forum and telling people not to discuss usually doesn’t go well.
  6. Texas kicked the tires as a backup to Rakestraw.
  7. He’s rumored to be in play for us?
  8. What is #AGTG? Do we know who he’s committed to?
  9. True.... I was responding to the disbelief that anyone would choose Waco over Austin. Most wouldn’t but it isn’t an extreme anomaly.
  10. I don’t knows about Princely.... but I’ve lived in very small towns. Some kids who grow up in towns like this want no part of “the big city.”
  11. Are we pursuing any grad transfers this year?
  12. 4. He still can’t shake the memory of watching the KU game.
  13. Is there a connection of some kind to Texas?
  14. Does anyone know the reason Mitchell transferred?
  15. Is this a question or a multiple choice of possibilities since he didn’t commit to Texas on the visit?
  16. I understand the kid from Marshall is a no-go..... Is anyone aware of other names we are pursuing AND they are possibilities?
  17. Women’s diving might have something to say about this!
  18. So.... you will be upset if he comes back.... he isn’t clearing your bar.
  19. I saw that this game was on and didn’t bother to pick up the remote to check on it. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this apathetic for Texas B-Ball.
  20. If he goes .500 in the Big 12 he will probably make the big dance. That and the buy-out thing brings him back next year.
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