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  1. Yea. Harrell represents evidence that Herman will turn things over to his coordinators and not micromanage. Harrell doesn’t share offensive philosophies with Herman the OC.... Like Beck did. Beck was hired to manage Hernan’s Offense. No way Harrell does this.
  2. If the rumor mill is correct, I’’m rooting for Ash or Scalley. I just prefer a 4 man front. There’s nothing wrong with 3 DL as long as one of your LBs is a pass rushing specialist... so Heacock wouldn’t be a bad choice either. What I really don’t care to see is 7 DBs on the field to combat the pass. So Steele... he looks good at Auburn. I don’t want to hear “dial up pressure.” Keep 4 hands on the ground with an every play job description that includes “get to the QB.” Pressure isn’t a scheme or a play... it’s a way of life! just my thoughts. Be gentle.
  3. Give me: McWilliams, Robinson and Chizik over Muschamp any day as a DC.
  4. No I’m not kidding, are you? My point was that you cannot simply point to injuries as the reason Texas played very, very poorly for much of this season. Not only do players not develop here... they seem to regress. I guess you dispute this? I think my point is pretty well validated since the entire staff is currently being gutted. Nevertheless, if the staff was sub-par even that falls on Herman’s lap. Bringing a competent staff on board is a gigantic part of the head coaches responsibility. I hope this works out. What is best for Texas is that CTH grows into the role and we need not start all over again. But the fact is when it comes to the place where coaches are told to let coordinators go - it rarely turns things around. Finally, I never understood policing a “discussion forum” and telling people what they need to talk about. What we discuss here is of little consequence to what takes place on game day.
  5. My position is that he should be given another year. But at the same time I have very little confidence that the ship will be righted.
  6. Injuries contributed no doubt. But you could also look at it like this - this is year 3 of coaching and recruiting under this coaching staff. If you’re a “good program” I can buy a bump in the road for 9 new starters. But this defense ranks as one of the worst in school history. It’s a tough lot trying to defend that - new starters or not. Good win today.
  7. I cannot tell you how perplexed I am at the entire focus of a "fix" lies on the offensive side of the ball. As if the defense and special teams are A-OK? This is a trend with Longhorn fans… We despise Greg Davis and laud Will Muschamp as the coach and waiting? Why do Longhorn fans tend to love their defensive coaches but loathe those on offense?
  8. Ketchum thinks Beck is gone and Fedora is the new OC right after the Tech game.
  9. Over the years it has amused me how Texas fans tend to fall in love with the DC and absolutely loathe the OC. i Know I’m in the minority here but if I were going to relieve a coordinator of their duties at UT, the DC would come first. I am more troubled by what I see on that side of the ball. Well, unless you consider whoever runs the special teams a “coordinator.”
  10. I tentatively disagree. I don’t think Orlando is a good fit at a blue-Blood program. I think his defense is designed for a directional school that doesn’t match up man for man. It is all about deception and trickery and not about beating your man. Blue bloods, for example, ought to be able to get a semblance of a pass rush from superior D Linemen. I honestly don’t think pressure from the DL is in our design. A safety led Texas in sacks last year if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think I should EVER look up and see THE University of Texas with a total of 1 defensive lineman on the field. This is a package we use at times on passing downs. I think offense, defense and last but NOT least special teams are the problem.
  11. I actually agree with much of what you say. Texas fans are historically quick to turn on a coach. It can become so overwhelming that it kills a coaches ability to recruit talent. I remember walking to a Texas game toward the end of the great Fred Akers era and seeing a sheet hanging out the window of a dorm room with “Fire Fred” painted on it. I also agree with you it is premature to fire Herman after year 3. But not parting with Herman after this year is based entirely on the belief that firing after only 3 years looks bad. If he comes back, UT should apologize to Charlie Strong for a premature firing. “we aren’t there with Herman yet” (as opposed to Mackovic and McWilliams) I disagree. I would suggest we are witnessing ineptitude on the field about as bad as any I have seen since the late 70s and that is saying a lot. This ineptitude is in areas that I believe point directly at coaching. For example: > Texas leads the Big 12 in missed tackles > Texas leads the Big 12 in sacks allowed > Texas leads the Big 12 in penalties This ^^^^ in year 3 of CTH! Here are some further observations that I also believe point directly back to coaching and preparation: > I haven’t researched percentages but it seems our opponent scores a TD on their first possession just about every game! If this isn’t preparation, I’m not sure what is? > We are on year 3 of the worst special teams I have ever seen! Specifically punt and Kickoff return. How many years does it take to teach returners when to / and when to not field a punt? So, I get what you’re saying…. Crying in public doesn’t help matters. But bringing Herman back - new coordinators or not is likely just delaying the inevitable.
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