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  1. I don’t know.... Kansas and Minnesota are after him.
  2. For now. We seem bent on imitating a system that hasn’t worked nearly as well.
  3. Precisely what I meant. Partisan politics hurt the NFL.
  4. You left out approximately. Keep talking. Keep scolding others for prejudging. This is great - how many political conservatives have made your “not a racist list?”
  5. It’s not politically expedient.
  6. ESPN is way down… The CEO said that it was a mistake to allow politics onto the “all sports station”. Thank you for the update on Disney stocks. Approximately 50% of America is politically conservative. But you posted on a forum your list of those that are not racist. I’d like you to post more about your list… Your list does more to bolster the points I’m trying to make than anything I could write.
  7. 1) no no no! Many sending BLM money and supporting them have no idea what the real agenda is. I’m going to start a pro-life, pro-religious Liberty, pro-capitalist organization, and name it “Irish people deserve to live.” If you disagree with the politics, then you hate Irish. See what I did there? of course black lives matter. The left wing hasn’t cornered the market on that idea. 2) Ratings took a big hit. That means $$$. You can deny that all you want. 3) Bravo for your short list of conservatives that you believe aren’t racists. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?
  8. 1) I’ve read the BLM manifesto, researched who leadership is and what they are saying / calling for at various rally’s. Not everyone who disagrees with you simply parrots what conservative pundits tell them to think. 2) Ratings took a big hit - because both became political. ESPNs CEO admitted it was a mistake allowing it. 3) It’s pretty clear what suggesting I am upset at the absence of confederate flags means. Play coy all you want. The racist charge simply for conservatism is deplorable and tired. And FYI - I was born in the northeast.
  9. 1) you’re either obtuse to the point that’s been stated repeatedly here or you’re purposefully missing it to Go on your woke tangent. if this is about our black athletes fearing they are going to be killed by the police - okay, then leave politics out of it. BLM pushes a Marxist agenda. And if UT athletics donates money to them - I think it would be a big mistake. 2) yes, it’s “their right.” And - I’m sure Texas will be just fine without me as well. But one thing I’ve noticed - going way back to college, is left wing types seem to be much more activist and vocal about their opinions. That is neither good nor bad I suppose - but it gives them the idea that everyone agrees with them because conservative types are less vocal. ESPN learned this the hard way, as did the NFL. If UT donates money to BLM (political organization) there may be consequences beyond what I do... but I think that you knew what I meant. 3) the fact that I don’t know what someone has been through does not necessarily mean that they are right and I’m wrong. And as for your conclusion..... there we have it - I had to read through a bunch of clap-trap to get to it - but because I disagree with horns up - I’m a racist and mourn for the Confederate flag. Can you not see your own blatant hypocrisy? I’m scolded for criticizing actions without “knowing what they’ve been through,” but you judge me because we disagree on politics. Priceless!
  10. I love college football. I have since the 70s. In a way it’s an escape from politics, work, etc.... I certainly do not watch it to be lectured about politics - or anything else. It ceases to be what I enjoy. They have “the right” to do whatever they want at UT, and I have “the right” to stop donating / spending money on them and watching it on TV. I have listened to the Ticket in Dallas since the mid-90s. And it became a bunch of sports guys lecturing me and mocking how I vote. “Their right” and I turned it off and haven’t really missed it since. UT athletics is treading on dangerous grounds IMHO. If I want political lectures I certainly won’t ask a college football player or Chris DelConte for it. There are better forums for that kind of thing.
  11. Real racism is almost non-existent in my children’s generation (Gen Z and 1 Millennial). It has decreased with each generation. Now it’s to the point where Acho and McConaughey are discussing - you are a part of the problem if you use expressions or hypothesize ethnicity on a resume. 1) okay 2) this represents progress. Where racism exists - it should be discussed. But weaponizing race for politics (which is much of what we see today) is contemptuous and racist in and of itself.
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