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  1. Motor and mean streak are check plus, that’s for sure.
  2. I agree with you. Aggie kind of bent their “Aggie code of conduct” or whatever they call it - for Johnny. that being said, I think sometimes when players flop in the NFL - it taints our memories of their effectiveness in college. I haven’t seen many better college football players than J Football.
  3. Texas recruited: Ware and RG III as DBs. And we either didn’t offer Johnny football a scholarship or wanted him as a slot receiver. The later 2 really wanted to come to Texas as they were life long fans. Ware wanted a QB offer as you say. thats 3 Heisman winning QBs from Texas that we didn’t offer as QBs.
  4. He has very fond memories of playing Texas. Believe me - I was at those games.
  5. Natural grass. I doubt Sirhornsalot would put up with that synthetic stuff.
  6. I thought Andre Ware was good. I’ll stop there because I’m trying to be more positive.
  7. Here’s a football thought or two: Sam looked outstanding. This is the best news Longhorn nation could have. He regressed sophomore > junior. He looked in control, accurate and decision making was outstanding for game 1. Card is a man, but don’t pencil him in yet for 21..... Thompson looked really good as well! His biggest problem was receiver drops.
  8. There have been a few days in the past 3 years when I would not have agreed with this....
  9. I wonder if the incident in California - with BLM protesters trying to storm the ER and subsequently blocking the entrance - where 2 police offers were being treated after being shot in the head and face..... if that might give the LHN pause before promoting BLM throughout the entire pregame show in the future?
  10. I wonder what this is about. Last couple years I would rank BJ amongst the best defensive performers on the team. And now he cant get on the field healthy? my guess.... he excelled at blitzing and Orlando seemed to value pass rush by his DBs. Ash probably wants his DBs to do different things which aren’t up his alley???? Disappointing though.... I like the way Foster plays. Great effort and physicality.
  11. Gold star, amen, preach it. All this talk about “doing the right thing....” according to who? this is politics, this is politics, this is politics.... and it’s politics that I don’t agree with. I do not turn on the Longhorn Network pregame show to be lectured in left wing Marxist politics. I could turn on CNN or MSNBC 24/7 if that’s what I wanted.
  12. You think our OL issues have been recruiting? Honest question.
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