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  1. And while I’m at it, Moore, the slot receiver.... was he permanently kicked off the team? I thought he showed real potential.
  2. So... Kansas..... who’s out / who’s coming back?
  3. Bloody Tuesday was great when it seemed to ensure that we would be the most physical team on the field. But after last Saturday where we were shoved around while a baker’s dozen players watched in jeans and jerseys.... I vote for “walk through Tuesdays.”
  4. Good grief.... you’re not the only one with eyeballs and a brain on this forum. Okay - to you’re point, we’re not the 112th best college football defense.... but we’re far from “good” and I even take issue with “not bad.” Is this what you expected on defense in year 3 of Herman / Orlando? Not me... but then maybe I just can’t put numbers in perspective.
  5. You agree with the 112 ranking and that they have an issue tackling, but claim their “not bad.” That is a little confusing. We disagree. I think the defense is “not good.” I don’t think it is trending in the right direction either. And I think that a 112 ranking supports that regardless of having LSU and OU on the schedule. For what it’s worth, I hope you’re right.
  6. What precisely are you saying? Are you saying our defense is good? Not that bad? Not as bad as we think? I’d say you’re being naive. When a team gives up double digits in plays over 20 yards, you’re bad... that’s a bad statistic if you’re playing the Dan Marino Dolphins. It’s not a disability to put numbers in perspective. At least we can all agree on this.... the defense isn’t suffering because they’re spending too much time on punt and kickoff returns.
  7. And furthermore, I’d like to know, just what about studying OU made our coaching staff think that the best way to attack their defense would be with a steady diet of diagonal passes - many of which were completed for a loss of yardage? But I’ll settle for baby steps this week. How about we finally solve the 2 1/2 year mystery of when to run a kickoff and when to field a punt. Do that and I’ll be in bliss!
  8. OU runs a blue blood defense from the Big 10, we run a gimmick defense from the mountain west that seems fascinated with seeing how many DBs can trot out onto the field at one time. There’s probably a reason: Alabama, Clemson, tOSU etc.... don’t start out in a 3-3-5 formation. And don’t tell me the Big 12 dictates this.
  9. Agree. Akers is my favorite Texas coach. His last few years were rough in the Wild Wild Southwest.
  10. This is the Greg Robinson theory. Best DC we've had since McWilliams in 1983.
  11. I tell you what, I've endured the late years of Akers, McWilliams, Macovick, the late years of Mack Brown and Charlie Strong. I don't have much of a stomach left for garbage and I don't like the way this is headed. Our genius coach can't seem to get across to our kick and punt returners when to field the ball and when not to. I think 2.5 years ought to be enough for that task? Our defense is comprised of over 50% DBs a good portion of the time, essentially surrendering the run... but wait, we can't defend the pass either! Why exactly is it we can't even do so much as choose our poison? And let's not forget our offense. I thought Beck was a genius - turning a wild gunslinger into a gritty gamer who doesn't turn the ball over. Well, now he doesn't turn it over because he doesn't throw it! He's working on taking a baker's dozen sacs while standing there with deer in the headlight eyes. Also, we've recruited a bunch of huge linemen who seem to get confused if they look at anything other than a bull rush! Finally, I'm not sure what Beck saw on film that made him think it would be clever to consistently throw it 45 degrees backward.... but I hope he revisits that wisdom before we play again!!!! The whole lot of them not only defecated the bed on the biggest stage but seem to be headed toward the pre-Vince Young Mack Brown year's of a consist spank doll for OU and a nice bridesmaid outfit. Take your 2nd place trophy MENSA and boast about recruiting victories and consecutive ten win seasons. But don't expect me to be there and watch!
  12. 1. The officiating was terrible. Not biased, but terrible. Sometimes I think the Big 12 should be called the Embarrassing 10 2. Adeoye is quietly having a nice year. He has been a pleasant surprise. 3. I’ll just say it.... Our defense just isn’t very good. There are some good aspects, they are physical, but as a unit they are average at best. After year 1 of CTH I never thought I’d say this, but the offense is way ahead of the defense.
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