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  1. I’ve been warned.... what about Urban?
  2. 1. I hate this idea. 2. This makes it not so bad...
  3. We should get a blowout win against KU this Saturday putting us at 6-2. The remaining games are tough.... (Big 12 tough that is): Iowa St. / K State / (Big 12 Championship game <ou>) The final 2 or 3 games decide whether this is a “good season,” very disappointing or another miserable failure. Jobs very well might depend on these games.
  4. People have romanticized Applewhite a bit. The way Applewhite ended his career with the near miraculous comeback and the bowl win wrote the story of his persecution by our coaching staff. But anyone who saw Simms and Applewhite practice would have looked for a reason to start Simms. He had everything you want in your QB (physically). Also, right before being replaced (end of the previous year) Applewhite had two terrible games: Nebraska in the Championship game and Arkansas in the Alamo Bowl. This with the #1 recruit in the nation as his backup. Finally, Applewhite had this
  5. Simms was the #1 QB in the nation. I think “not close” is incorrect.... my opinion.
  6. Okay.... I apologize. it was just a fact-finding mission though… I was not trying to start a debate. I respect your opinion.
  7. Maybe I’m mistaken... I thought you were debating against firing / hiring - Tom / Urban. I was wondering on what basis.
  8. NTG and PD, Do you think Urban Myer would improve Texas if hired?
  9. A consistent source for one of my eyebrows raising under Tom Herman has been depth chart and player rotation. Trying to make sense of that is like being in the twilight zone.
  10. I’m speculating here: If you still think Tom Herman should be coaching at Texas next year, your reasoning is not based on the football product. Maybe you think it’s unfair or immoral to fire a coach before his contract is up; maybe you like him and feel sorry for him; maybe you loathe Urban Meyer and don’t want to see him in Burnt Orange.... but you really can’t look at this team play and think, “this is exactly what I want.... we’re headed in the right direction!” Can you? I don’t want to hear 8-2 and playing for a conference championship either. I hate to do this, but I will....
  11. Bjon also carried one more time than our QB. Riddle me that Batman.
  12. Our OL is not good. They are better at run blocking than pass blocking. Pass blocking is miserably bad, run blocking is maybe average?
  13. Would this be an accurate summary of where it seems we are: A loss to Kansas = scorched earth mid-season firing Any other regular season loss = Herman's fired at seasons end A conference championship = Herman is back for at least one more year. No way you fire him after he wins conference. A loss in the Big 12 championship = this is the great unknown. IMHO this may be the worst case scenario.

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