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  1. I cannot convey how much you are scaring me!...If there is ANY chance we might keep Herman, that is too big of a chance. I want us to win out....but by win, I mean the biggest win is firing Herman!
  2. you dont lose by scoring too many points.....you lose by scoring too damned few.
  3. Jesus Sha!....Say it aint so! Herman needs to be fired before the Big 12 championships are even played.He flat out underperforms as a UT coach. He needs to be gone tomorrow! Think about it....We need a miracle against TT!....Let that sink in...we needed a miracle against TT! We lose to an inferior TCU team, and we lose to the worse OU team we will see in the next 20 years! Dammit!....what does it take to dump this loser?
  4. awww East Tex....leave it alone. Since my altzimers kicked in I read each one for the first time.
  5. Ok let’s get exactly to the crux of the Herman issue......Ed Oliver! Because Oliver went to UH, Herman won many games. Everyone assumed Herman was a wunderkind, but in retrospect it was that no one could handle Oliver! We bought into the scam, but worse, Herman fell for it as well. He thought he was all that and so here we are. Had Oliver not had a sister at UH we might have all been saved.
  6. you see.....that is the problem.ALL the games are competitive, even the ones we should win by several scores.I am not sure we could push in a 4th and goal from the 1 yd line against the Bishop Badgers.
  7. Doc....I agree. I have been continually shot down for suggesting we go after Dabo, and I never understood why so many think it is out of the question.I think the rumor in 2013 was that Dabo sent out feelers to come here and wanted to bring his whole staff. Urban or Dabo....I would be happy with either.
  8. excellent post One thing about Akers....He had an arrogance about him that would make tom Herman blush.He started throwing Texas HS coaches under the bus and refused requests for help with clinics and such. He pissed em off so bad that they quit letting his recruiters watch practices and started steering their kids to anywhere else. Fred poisoned the well. It was a damned shame.
  9. The reason DKR got out when he did and why his recruiting began to suffer is that recruiting became more like a "job fair"...or better..."deal or no Deal"..So many players were getting paid that it got hard to no go along. Frank Broyles threw in the towel before Royal. In fact , the story was that when DKR went to Earl Campbells house for his "in home" he asked Earl if he had been offered money. Earl just laughed....of course he had....but then he got real serious and told DKR...."Coach, my people were bought and sold like cattle at one time.... aint nobody buying Earl Campbell!"
  10. I think most Texas fans must be idiots. (myself included) We were told that Herman was very detail oriented. We bought that and it could not be further from the truth. We were told he was a Mensa guy,,,,very intellegent, and we bought that as well. However, I have yet to see one shred of evidence that he has any football intellegence. Why did we ever think he was smart anyway?
  11. All I can say is that Sam is playing WAY above the coaching level of this team
  12. keeping costs down??? Dammit all, I dont care what it costs! What do you think it has cost for us to suck year after year? Anyone clinging to the myth that we are a blueblood cannot see the big picture.I realize that pre covid, we were the richest school not named Harvard, but how damned much money would we have pulled in (read TV contracts) had we been on a 30 game win streak? The bleeding has to stop now.Herman has had his chance. He failed badly. Charlie Strong....well, never mind. Lets face it. We are crappy at picking young up coming coaches.We need to just money whip a top fl
  13. that is too even for my tastes....I want him fired on the plane home.
  14. The problem with this is that I am a fan of Texas. I am interested in what is good for us. From what I have seen that is lost on you.
  15. we are gonna have a new coach in 2022? Sadly, I have given up all hope that Herman will fix anything.
  16. I for one am sick to death of hearing how damned smart Tom Herman is. Mensa my ass! If he was so damned smart I would have expected to see SOME evidence of it by now.
  17. in a nutshell: https://longhornswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/04/texas-football-is-tom-herman-the-right-man-for-the-job/
  18. I want Herman fired. I dont want him fired at the end of the season, I want him fired in the middle of his post game press conference.
  19. Sha....that is right...9 out of 10 times....but the problem is that it is illegal and can be called. The kid ran out there and looked around lost as a goose. He knew he wasnt supposed to be there....that draws a flag 100 % of the time Texas does something good. That may happen to Saban's 3rd team, but not to the 1st team when the game is on the line.
  20. ?????? Calling a dive play for a totally gassed player on 1st and goal from the 1 yd line is a pretty bad fumble! We have a steamroller for a QB and that eliminates a hand off.......and he wasnt gassed. Not teaching a young O-lineman that he cant run upfield on a pass play is a damned fumble! This team has no dicipline and THAT is a damned fumble! The fact is that 2 weeks in a row Herman has not had his team ready to play. The.End.
  21. I have about decided we will not ever play a good game under Herman. Lets cut the bullshit.....Urban or bust! I would settle for Dabo....
  22. I have lost all faith in Herb Hand. Our O line will always suck under him Texas 44 TCU 43 sadly, I think Herman is on his way out. This could be our most disappointing year ever.
  23. of course they are. They already gave him a National Championship trophy didnt they?

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