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  1. I am not passing over Sam's mistakes and questionable decisions, but he has never had the luxury of clean pockets and open receivers, and a dangerous running game to keep the defense honest. My kool aide tells me that Sam might show some awesome play this year with weapons and scheme he never had before. I think the new coordinators will make a "sea change" difference.
  2. Shout out to Java.... I just read an article on 24/7 that has your guy Sweat tabbed as possibly making it to super star status this year. They said in this new defense he will absolutely flourish. I remember you telling us that he was going to be great when he committed.. .while most were pretty cool on him. It looks like the supposed smart guys are coming around to your thinking. Nice eval on your part.....again.
  3. sounds like he was the fastest anyone ever saw.
  4. Perhaps no one knows, but I am curious about the consensus from the peanut gallery on whether there will be a 2020 football season or not. Will it just be a "studio" game with empty stands?...s spring season?..no season?...what? I hate that nothing has been decided, or more likely, nothing can at this time be decided.I don't want young men to be jeopardized simply for my entertainment, but damn!...I will miss football. We don't seem to have much else to discuss. What do y'all think?
  5. I wouldn't worry about signing 3 star guys.....ask any aggy…..they will soon get that "UT" bump and be 4 or 5 stars.....
  6. I am kinda wishing for Tommy Brockmeyer...
  7. I don't care about pro ball even a little bit, but if I had to bet I would bet that DuVernay will be drafted before Collin.
  8. why would you doom DuVernay to a lost cause franchise like Houston?
  9. when 70 of these students that Ketch is soooo worried about feeling bad over get on a chartered plane and fly off to Baja California in spite of all warnings ….and 40 of them return to Austin testing positive for Covid-19.....I have an issue with trying to defend the poor things. Ketch can kiss my.....uh never mind....social distancing and all.... sitting at home doing nothing is easy until they tell you it is all you can do...…..Cliff Watson
  10. No buyout needed on her contract. She wasn’t fired. Her contract just ran out and was not renewed....... note to staff....don’t give long term contracts until the coach proves he/she can actually coach.
  11. I heard it was a rib cartlege issue....if so, can it be repaired?
  12. We don't have anything else to talk about....What about Ellinger's rib injury? He wasn't the same after the LSU game and I guess this is why. I heard that he re aggravated this injury during workouts. Will he ever be able to return to what he once was? Will he be ready for the season? Is this something that can be repaired and thus no longer an issue? I ,frankly, have real doubts the season will go forth this year, but in the event it does, will Sam be ready?
  13. heck Mike....I figured you could figure that out by reading my posts.....
  14. they wont start 15-0 next year. The players he has are going to leave and recruits are not signing up. Anyone notice how many commitments we have so far? Here is a tip...…….it is the same as the number of advanced degrees I have from MIT.... ………….0...…..
  15. I hate to bring this up, and it is really sad.....but does anyone even care about Basketball anymore under this regime?
  16. of course that is correct....but you just never expect....spinal stenosis...brain annurisms..unhealing hernias...and those aren't all....I admit some of our failings are self inflicted, but my goodness....damned bad luck as well. Best of luck to those young men that just never had the chance to "strut their stuff"....
  17. ….well....we did win ….that has to count for something....
  18. yeah....they just cant announce it until they have Evans safely signed...….don't want to run him off....you know....."ok Evans...this is gonna be the guy opening holes for you....never mind he is too lazy to come to practice...."
  19. I stand by what I said. I think if everyone is responsible, no one is responsible...... That said, I think we are saying the same thing. Nothing wrong with several people are responsible for different areas, but someone has to have the ultimate responsibility.
  20. seems to me if you have 3 guys, you have no guys.I want one guy to head it up and be responsible.
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