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  1. actually Fisher and Chizick are very similar....and to a lesser extent Mack. At least Mack won before AND after his super QB
  2. I dont know why the aggy's didnt just hire Gene Chizick.....same # of National championships, and....he would have done it a lot cheaper.
  3. I remember Lenny Dawson explaining to" never played football" fellow commentators who were blasting a QB that fired a short pass to his receiver that was dropped. They were saying things like....should have feathered it in....sholud have put air under it....etc...Lenny cut em off saying there were hundreds, maybe thousands of guys that could run fast, but the reason those Pro receivers were making millions was they were supposed to be able to catch . He said a QB did not have the luxury of tossing creme puffs. Those get picked off. anyway, I never forgot that
  4. any time you come up against a team that has the WR talent that LSU has, coupled with one of the most accurate and timely throws by a QB that I ever saw, you most likely lose. Hats off to LSU offense. They are going to expose many teams this year. and another thing.....when you have as good of a defense as LSU and as talented a defense as Texas you just never, ever would expect 1100 yards of offense. To quote DKR...."it looked like everyone was running down hill out there." all in all it kinda put a damper on either teams claim to be DBU In the end, I have to tip my hat to LSU.....and I am damned proud of how our guys played...they absolutely NEVER gave up.
  5. I would respect your knowledge more if you just said you didnt get it....
  6. .....sighhhh....the line is not set according to who the wise guys think will win....it is set to what the dumbass bettors will bet. All the wise guys want is equal betting both sides.
  7. PSYBJ....you keep saying you are just talking facts and what the odds makers say. You are working off of a faulty premise. The fact is that the odds makers dont care who wins.The whole point of establishing a point line is to make the betting come out equal so no matter who wins, they make money. A 5 point spread is what they have set for this game to do that...even if it is 6 it makes no matter. It certainly does NOT mean this team or that team has a certain 30 per cent chance....just that the betting set the points. You are correct to say that if the line was zero that more money would be bet on LSU as things now stand. Guido could care less....he aint betting! In fact you could be correct in saying it is the dumbasses that bet that are setting the point line.
  8. somewhere I read that Evans got into it with another coach at practice , so his coach added another game to his suspension....whereby Evans then quit the team. this could have been internet BS...I cant find where I saw that.
  9. well.....that didnt help either.....thats how they looked the last 2 years......I was hopeful I would never see that again. I know they will be much better this week....maybe it was a Tiger trap...
  10. I finally had some time to watch the first 3/4 of the game Saturday. Color me alarmed! I swear had I watched with no sound or screen graphics I might have thought we lost. I have never seen an Orlando defense tackle so poorly......and what was the deal with those receivers being so open nearly every play? I know it was our first game, but it was their first game as well. I am going to trust Herman, but I have to admit to having a crises of confidence. Somebody talk me back off the ledge!
  11. You talking about Chip Brown?...yeah he is the guy....did a hit piece on the Horns and the recruit changed his mind. That is the reason you see FCB on nearly every post on Surley. 24/7 is now giving him hell because his piece on the game last night, he got the score wrong
  12. LSU by 35????? I'll take Texas and 20 for a thousand Alex......
  13. try this....from the Astro site I follow ....this guy wrote...: From a YouTube video, I found a website that offers free live sports on tv from anywhere in the country. You can catch any live sporting event (MLB, NCAA, NFL, NBA) on a streaming site but there are two tricks involved. First, the web browser URL is www.sports24.club (yes, club, not com). From the home page, choose the sport you want then scroll the menu for the game you want (in some cases, you will have a choice of home team broadcast and away team broadcast). Scroll down and you'll see an ad that says "Watch Now" and "Download". DO NOT click either one! That's trick #2. Wait 30 seconds and the ad will be replaced with a "play" arrow. Click the arrow and your game will tune in. At least with MLB and possibly others, you can click a "full screen" icon in the bottom corner to see it on a bigger screen. It works even with my ad blocker but I was not able to cast it from my phone to a smart tv. It will also access MLB Network, NFL Network, ESPN and Fox Sports channels. Given this is the start of football season and the more meaningful part of baseball season, now is a good time to try it out as long as it lasts before somebody shuts it down. I hear you have to be careful about clicking on any ads(malware)...anyway, maybe it helps someone...
  14. recruiting aside....I hope his Mom starts doing better soon.....who ever it is you are talking about.....that is way more important than announcing a commitment.
  15. My biggest disappointment in player progression in quite some time was Hager. I always expected that he would up and turn into a huge force for the defense, but I couldnt tell year to year that he ever improved. I expect his replacement this year to greatly upgrade that position. I loved Hager's enthusiasm and effort, I just was not so crazy about his game impact.
  16. I dont care that he is a aggie recruit. It is too bad that football is now such a big business that the kids get treated like pawns on a chess board to be played by fat old men with no ability themselves that only have power. In the end, it is a good learning point for Demas
  17. this is am old story. I put something up about this last year , or at least months ago and asked what the deal was?...Nobody knew much. I dont think anyone thought it would come to pass(me included), but there it is. I think it had something to do with the number of times he has transferred school to school, but I dont remember. I dont think it is in any way a character reason, just that the UIL sees him as a sort of mercenary. I will try and find out what I used to know about this. When you get this old you change from saying I wish I knew then what I know now to I wish I knew now what I knew then....
  18. this is great.... I dont know who anyone is talking about and I am still excited.....
  19. lets see.... Best mascot.......no... best dog mascot......no best mascot in the secsecsec......no best dog mascot in the secsecsec......no gets first choice to sleep in any aggies bed.....YES!
  20. ........so by my count, aTm is 1-4 against non secsecsec P-5 foes, but is 9-11 against the secsecsec 2 things come to mind there....a few posts ago, someone posted that aTm is winning 54% of conference games since joining the secsecsec so they must be getting worse in their last 20 games.....hmmm(Sumlin>Fisher?) the other thing is aTm win percentage much higher against secsecsec than non secsecsec( P-5).....proof positive the secsecsec myth is about to be exposed...
  21. is there a brace that protects for that high ankle sprain?
  22. What I will NEVER understand is why a season old injury is not dealt with in the off season. This is not a new injury. Why , oh why did the staff wait until now to deal with this? or......did he get hurt when he came flying into the fray to defend Sam from Oaissi?
  23. Hell....we were THE University back when Woody was coaching. Pissed Baylor off to the point they started calling themselves ...THEE University...
  24. I saw a glimpse of a tidbit that said during the scrimmage a few fights broke out....They said Sam and Ossai got into it and Eagles(I think) came flying in to defend his QB. Anyone else hear about this? Not often the black shirt gets into fights.
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