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  1. yeah....they just cant announce it until they have Evans safely signed...….don't want to run him off....you know....."ok Evans...this is gonna be the guy opening holes for you....never mind he is too lazy to come to practice...."
  2. I stand by what I said. I think if everyone is responsible, no one is responsible...... That said, I think we are saying the same thing. Nothing wrong with several people are responsible for different areas, but someone has to have the ultimate responsibility.
  3. seems to me if you have 3 guys, you have no guys.I want one guy to head it up and be responsible.
  4. Dee...that is worth pointing out.....thanks
  5. well....I have to split hairs as I don't have so many anymore. My hair isn't turning gray. It is turning loose.
  6. That's BS....it isn't short, but it is quick....
  7. I have been waiting on a report from you.I am amazed that this has not gotten more "run" so to speak.
  8. seriously...!!!..They leave off Earl and try and tell us there were 53 players better than Nobis??? In no universe is that credible!
  9. a struggle and getting worse???...If I was 198 I would think I won the lottery and I am not 6'2"... However, when someone refers to my ...uh...girth...I just say..."this is not fat! It is the end result of the amazing over abundance of our country!"
  10. Whoa!!!....fans freak out?....are you crazy??? Everyone knows Texas fans are as calm and level headed as a Zen Master eating toast.
  11. uh....If Earl Campbell is not one of the top 150 players, the list is not worth reading......
  12. I read somewhere that Charlie Strong had been fired at South Florida. He is a great guy, but he just couldn't handle the top job without an all world QB. I wish him the best of luck. He is one of the good guys.
  13. actually, it seems like over the years there have been several players that UGA either cut loose or didn't sign because of grades.....and other secsecsec teams snap em up. I think there was a QB that did well at Bama that UGA cut loose. Nothing new here on Evans. If aTm didn't take him Bama or some other no ethics secsecsec team would snap him up.
  14. Dillo….you beat me to that...nice catch....
  15. I can find no information on this. I thought there was a thread in here about it, but if there is I cannot find it. I thought it was played today so I wanted to see how our guys were doing. I am stumped.
  16. Hope my small but demented following has enjoyed the read this year, certainly have enjoyed writing the Cheap Seats. I have enjoyed it greatly, but I resent being called demented when everyone knows what I am is crazy
  17. OK, OK....I can somewhat see the indifference angle from Utah(although I figured they would more likely come out with their hair on fire trying to prove a point) , but this pisses me off. We start a walk on guy at LB and he is great....we play Ossai where so many posters said we should all year and he is great....WTF was our highly paid DC doing all year that he could not see what his assistants saw??? This whole season has been a waste as far as I am concerned. We had so much opportunity that was sadly squandered. My huge hope is that Coach Herman gained much insight and knowledge over this experience.
  18. on the topic of coaches.....I understand that Merringer is gone?....I have read that he was poison in the locker room and that he was instrumental in tipping plays to the other bench?...I wish someone would elaborate on that unless it is internet BS...
  19. thanks for that. I had a brain lock. Ash is whom I was thinking about. When I am wrong, I am wrong.
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