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  1. well...DKR did have a guy that no one could block...Tommy Nobis...and a guy that no one could tackle...Earl Campbell
  2. How many special teams coaches are we going to have? ....So we go from special teams not given a thought under Charlie to given some thought under Herman to coached by everybody under Sark......I like that. Attention to detail was given lip service by Herman to given priority by Sark....I am excited
  3. Vince Lombardi..(some say the greatest coach ever) said football was 2 things...blocking and tackling!...You block better and tackle better than the other team and you will win... Simple! I have been waiting for over 10 years for a coaching staff to teach this to the players.I am hoping that this is the one!
  4. '14--13 '15--10 '16--17 '17--14 '18--15 '19--13 Thats how many points Mike Leach scored against Coach Pete...kinda like he was saying...Air Raid my ass!
  5. On the UW 247 board I read that their fans are about to riot. He is making about $1.5 mill I think. My heart has been broken before so who knows?...
  6. I looked up Leache's record against UW.....the most points he scored against UW since 2013 was 17.....sounds good to me.
  7. well....being in a phone booth would improve your chances over an open field say....just remember....not everything out there is gonna run FROM you....
  8. if I had a dollar for everytime socialism worked.....I would have $0.00
  9. oh....he may have been offered....I just think the Great Satin told him that he was getting the Bama job as soon as it was politically correct for him to jettison the current guy....
  10. If this all works out it shows me several things. 1. Sark has full control of the program 2. Sark has bastante juice!...These coaches dont just come here for money. They must think something big is happening and UT is the place to be to further their careers....hell the OC and Oline coach from Bama..DC from UGA...Sark is poaching more than a short order cook on free day! 3.we will have an easier road recruiting than the last few years...
  11. How is it we think we could pry him away from UGA....Does Sark really have that much juice? ....Where is that Barrel of Koolaide I ordered???
  12. after he was fired, I could care less where he is hired.
  13. I suppose it would depend on how much that particular job meant to you. If the rewards from that job were such that they out weighed your sensitivities, then you would agree to "take it" If you felt you could not in all conscience stay...then of course you leave.

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