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  1. We should know something on LJ no later than Monday.
  2. If they don't learn to bite their tounge, this too will be a disaster. Don't over-buy into the post. Their money will continue to flow regardless.
  3. Lol, I'm talking demands and Herman was out, period. They can fund buyouts all they'd like. The staff hires will be through the system.
  4. Sark gets it, BMD's need to stay the HELL out of his way! Banks AHC/STC/TE is huge! It's a million dollar hire that should prove worthy of every penny spent!
  5. Odom is whom I thought they would go after when Ash was hired. He would be a fantastic addition.
  6. Heck, I'm just happy to see Herman get the axe and I hope Sark can handle the pressure cooker that is Texas.
  7. Baylor says they're out of it. He's been on board for nearly two months.
  8. There is a reason the last hire hasn't been made and he is on the recruiting trail.

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