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  1. One thing that's interesting is how private this coaching search is. Really no substantial news has leaked to the public, it's all just speculation, a few rumors, and educated guessing. That's actually nice for a change.
  2. Scotty Walden from USM is someone we need to look at as a OC. Dude is a fast riser and he will be big time soon. I've seen him at some clinics and his presentations are more packed than most P5 OC's presentations.
  3. Was told today that we"ll know yes or no before midnight on Saturday. Said UT's offer was on the table, Herman and GH already met face to face, and now it's USC's turn to counter. However, my gut feeling is if we don't hear something by tonight GH will be staying in Cali- that's just imo tho.
  4. Allen HS football lost a young man Saturday night to a senseless drive-by shooting. He was a great kid. Please share and consider donating to the gofundme (link below). https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2019/11/17/1-person-found-dead-in-shooting-at-plano-home-police-say/ https://www.gofundme.com/f/funeral-services-for-marquel-ellis-jr
  5. decommitment season is upon us. I feel like aggy
  6. Every coach in their district ruled in favor of the kids to play. Doesn't seem very shady to me. This stuff literally happens all the time. I also said in a previous thread when the WR aggy commit for Tomball was ruled ineligible, the UIL constantly rules players eligible or ineligible all the time. The only time yall hear about it is with a high profile recruit (like wr for aggy) or some other reason (briles). Nothing to see here except click bait, and I'm not a briles supporter.
  7. Came in the Winter, was here all spring and summer, and still cant crack the depth chart to get playing time. Coaches wanted him to wait, but the mircowave society needs it now. Good luck to him.
  8. Anybody know anything about this DC team coming down to play Duncanville? Ranked #13 in nation, Dunc ranked 6th.
  9. After seeing Cortland Ford (4* OT from Cedar Hill who decommitted from LSU back in the summer) up close, we do not want to take him. He can barely move.
  10. Kids get denied eligibility all the time. We get at least one denied every year, and you almost never hear about it. The only reason Demas is a big deal is because he's a high profile recruit. If the behind the scenes details were made public you'd understand why it's a 6-0 vote in favor of him not playing. If the UIL becomes lax in this area the integrity and popularity of public school athletics will in the state of Texas will collapse and it'll become a Florida/Cali/Louisiana type where private schools and pay to play dominate the high school athletic landscape. Also worth nothing about 90% of transfers are granted eligibility to play for the new teams and this is nothing new. It's been going on for years.
  11. Been out all summer with family. But I'm back and going to try and start posting more. Smith-Njigba is a freaking stud. He is an absolute take and he could honestly play any WR position. He is Garrett Wilson-like.... He's not huge, he's not a bunner, but he is a ball playing jack. If the ball is in the air, Jaxon is coming down with it. I've seen him up close and personal a few times.
  12. I'll try and break it down. Rule #1: It's impossible to trace cash. Rule #2: Everyone has that "uncle" who gets the money and then gives it your momma or whatever family member that needs it. Rule #3: The money is usually used to pay for bills, car payments, rent, etc. Rule #4: The recruit usually doesn't ever see the money and in some rare cases doesn't even know about it. Rule #5: If you buy flashy things, or stuff that brings attention to you, the money runs out.
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