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  1. My thoughts are any OC who is considered an up and comer should just wait as the risk of being one and done are to great plus he will not get total control of the offense. I just think Tom will not want to be outshined. I still remember the two Coaches we hired from Tulsa that were the Coaches who could run Art Briles offense as if it was Art himself. one and done for both plus that one year took a lot of shine off each . The OC said it was a decision he would not repeat again if I remember correctly.
  2. I was harsh on the Longhorns at the beginning of this game , but they came together and just took control of the game. Even with this win I am still not in favor of them playing in a Bowl game .
  3. Did Whittington play much this year as I know he got injured early in the season. If not would this be a red shirt year then?
  4. Ingram seems to have just disappeared as he is not being used at all today.
  5. Wow , how much will Duvernay be missed next year. Seems like he made up a lot of plays that were successful for us this season.
  6. I don't see Texas firing Tom and I do not think Tom will get rid of Todd . Beck I can see being encouraged to apply to be Head Coach at New Mexico or some smaller program up north. I don't think Tom really wants to fire him or even demote Beck.
  7. This team is ready for the season to end . You can tell how they are playing . They do not want to go to a bowl game and they should not if Tech continues to out play them. I believe many of the players just want to be done then make a decision as to transferring or not.
  8. Captain Hookem please pass that crack pipe your using my way. Don`t bogart it all.
  9. I a sorry but there should no bowl game for this program. They experienced the Sugar last year so let that be there bowl experience instead of some no name bowl with empty bleachers.
  10. This bothers me too and that is A&M is playing at a much higher level than we are and that is going to have a big effect on recruiting. Jimbo looks to be improving the AGs in year 2.
  11. The AD needs to set the tone. Right now comit that this team will not participate in any bowl as they have not earned it. Go ahead and inform Tom that there will be Coaches that will be relieved after the Tech game and Tom can either except or resign. I only say this because everyone says he will not be fired so he damn sure better feel the full pressure of his lack of performance as the Head Coach.
  12. It's foolish to hope that Herman will mature into a better coach. Year three should be where we see if we are progressing or not. Well, we are not and that falls on Tom.. Finish the season but then it is time to make a change. If I saw any indication the team was improving then change might not be needed, but with rumors of team infighting, it is just is not going g to get better.
  13. Herman has to go and Texas just like USC, Florida State, Auburn, and probably South Carolina all have to hire a new head coach and staff. I just do not know who that super coach is other than Urban but I do not think he is ready to dive back in to the water right now. Another college that will be hiring is Arkansas as they are done with Morris.
  14. The LSU team we played in September has continued to improve on both offense and defense each game , but we have not. As I look back on last year I realize how huge a role Little Jordan Humphry played in us having a successful season as he rescued this team on so many 3rd down situations .
  15. I bet we get beat again and it will be by KState,, Baylor, Iowa St, TCU, one of these teams will play us as if it is for the national champion and we will be flat.
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