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  1. Currently our top offer that is not committed in 2016 at OT that we have a shot with. I think it's between us and A&M
  2. I’m joined by good friend David Arnold of Wolverine Sports Radio. We discuss 2017 quarterback recruit Sam Ehlinger committing to the Longhorns, as well as whether or not Texas will make the switch from Nike to Under Armour. Plus, the latest on the NCAA's denial of DuVonta Lampkin's NLI appeal.
  3. This is all too exciting. I'm currently trading texts with Camron Buckley (the WR who got the offer from Texas at the same time as Sam)
  4. The next one should be posted tomorrow. And no Q&A, that's what this place is for. I'd be interested in exploring live show options and then converting that to podcasts. If you have questions and whatnot you want me to address for our next show just post it here or tweet at me
  5. Thanks! Any comments/criticism/questions/anything at all is welcome!
  6. This was just all around terribly handled. His family handled this very poorly whether or not the coach who recruited him is still there or not. The coach who is there is the guy who was still in his top 5. I understand the frustration. I hope the kid still does well and gets the education he deserves.
  7. Originally broken by the good guys over on OB, but I've been told by other people confirming the story. Duvonta Lampkin is currently in a holding pattern until the school official denies him. Therefore the NCAA has denied him the ability to get out of his LOI, he cannot transfer and play in the same year, and will likely end up a JUCO.
  8. Yep. Hes friends with my brother and sister. I'll get some info on him
  9. hahaha! I grew up here in Austin and went to St. Stephen's Episcopal school. I played lacrosse there and now go to school up in St. Louis and play lacrosse up there.
  10. Hey guys how's it going. I'm a life long Longhorn fan and live just down the road from the University of Texas, but I'm currently going to school up in St. Louis. I started out the head moderator over on www.reddit.com/r/LonghornNation and am still devoting time to keeping that running smoothly. I basically try to contribute to every Longhorn's site I can get my hands on, but y'all will be getting my undivided attention, aren't y'all so lucky. I've been doing my podcast for about 5 months now and it's surprisingly gotten me to Big XII Media Days and then here. I'm overjoyed to be hanging out with y'all. Ask Me Anything. I'll answer.
  11. Think Swaim and you'll have a pretty good understanding of what kind of player "Gold Coin" is and will be
  12. Jeff Traylor already making a difference on the recruiting trail. He's been working his butt off and constantly updating Charlie Strong. Charlie even quipped about him during Big 12 Media Days something like (and I'm paraphrasing here) "He's trying to remind everyday he's working hard. I sometimes need to tell him that he's calling too much." ...I need to take another listen to that 1.5 hour tape of Charlie Strong's breakout session at Big 12 MD... Anyways what Texas really needs to do now is go after a pass catching TE since we lost Jack Stoll to Nebraska (wasn't very high on the kid anyways... don't know if that's b/c he goes to my ex-gf's HS or because all I saw he catch were flat routes). Peyton "Gold Coin" Aucoin is a very good blocker. He will straight up beat the crap out of whoever is lined up across from him, but he is NOT a down field pass catching threat by any means. This is awesome for Texas b/c Shawn Watson loves to use the TE and we are thin at the position. We needed him bad. UT wasn't playing any games with this guy. Great pick up. Hopefully LSU doesn't come knocking on his door.
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