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  1. For those worried about injuries, read this article. Urban Meyer has some of the toughest practices in CFB. They call them "Bloody Tuesday." This results in some of the toughest mofos in college football. Worth the read. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.elevenwarriors.com/2012/08/13473/bloody-tuesday%3famp
  2. Here is the latest list of injuries for the Longhorns Sr S Jason Hall (concussion) Jr OL Terrell Cuney (concussion) Jr OL Elijah Rodriguez (high ankle sprain) So DE Malcolm Roach (turf toe sprain) Fr(RS) DL Andrew Fitzgerald (knee hyper extension) So RB Kyle Porter (shoulder sprain) Jr DB John Bonney (knee) Fr DB Josh Thompson (lower leg strain)
  3. Will Baizer and Joe Cook break down the last three commitments that Tom Herman has been able to wrap up. What do they mean for the class and for the program in general. Then they hit on the fall practices they've been to. It's been a tough few days under Tom Herman in full pads, and the injury list shows it. What do the injuries mean, how worried should fans be, and what else should fans take away from the practices.
  4. Beck and Kendall Moore will not be on the roster next year. Beck is a Senior and Kendall Moore is a grad transfer. Next year there will be three current TEs on the depth chart. Two of them sophomores and the other is Garrett Gray.
  5. As Daniel said above, Malcolm Epps possesses some insane ball skills and body control. He does an excellent job of catching the ball away from his body and bringing it in. He's a very big passing threat.
  6. Tim Beck: In terms of the scrimmage, Tim Beck told the media "We're looking for guys, in this stage as we're installing things... We're trying to just grasp, right now, effort, toughness, ball security. Those types of things... We know there are going to be some mistakes, but we want to play really hard right now." When asked who won the scrimmage, Tim Beck quipped, "We ended up running." The worst kept secret in the Texas program is that status of Shane Buechele as the likely starter. Tom Herman has been praising the young quarterback for his vocal and physical leadership recently, and Tim Beck expanded on that, "I think he has a better understanding of the offense. Certainly, his leadership has been better. I think part of it is because he knows the offense." It seems that before Shane Buechele was worried about whether or not he was doing the right thing, but as Tim Beck put it, "Now that he has a better grasp of the offense, he's been doing a better job as a leader." Tight-ends are a huge part of the offense for Tom Herman, and Herman hasn't been quite about his concern for the depth at the position in the past. Tim Beck seems to bring a bit of sunshine to the situation, "Those young guys have all done a good job. Cade, Kendall, and Reese... That group has really changed from the Spring time when you're decimated with injuries and depth. Obviously [the depth] is a pleasant surprise for us." So far during this fall camp, the unit causing the most chaos on the depth chart has been the OL. Tim Beck stood up for his guys saying, "The development of [the offensive line] has probably been the biggest that I've seen since I walked on campus here in terms of attitude and toughness. They play a lot lower. The physicality I've been real pleased with." It is also a well known thing that Texas' wide receiver corp is absolutely loaded. I asked Coach Beck if he's ever had a wide receiver corp with this much potential talent. Coach Beck told the media, "This is a big group. We have Collin, LJ [Humphries], and Dorian [Leonard]. Three guys with size. I've never had that much size, even at [Ohio State] we didn't have that kind of size." Beck was also impressed with his slots, "We have good speed at slot with Reggie [Hemphill], Armanti [Foreman], and Devin [Duvernay]. Those guys are all great burners. And Jerrod, y'all know him. And John Burt! John Burt is another guy who can run. It's rare to have that combination of size and speed." Tom Herman has been tough on the wide receivers, saying that they lack toughness. When asked if they've gotten better, Tim Beck responded, "We've got to keep our physical toughness, but we've got to work on our mental toughness... It goes hand in hand. It's one thing to be physically tough and go hit a guy, but can you do it over and over and over again for four quarters."
  7. Today we got to speak with Assoc. Head Coach and RB Coach Stan Drayton and Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck. Stan Drayton: The majority of the topics hit by Stan Drayton had to do with his running backs. When asked about how his general position looked he responded tentatively: "Day by day... We're still not timed up in the run game, yet. We definitely have to go to work in pass pro[tection] in regard to fundamentals and technique. But they're giving great efforts." In this new offense, blocking has been emphasized again and again by this coaching staff. Stan Drayton was asked to rate his unit as pass protectors, and he wasn't happy with them, "We're very average to below. It's fundamental and they're aggressive. That's one of the toughest things to develop for a running back. Teach them how to run the ball with great pad level and lean and then you have to contradict that teaching in the pass pro. They have to be a little more patient, sit back, and reverse arc... We're making strides, but I'm expecting them to be much better then where they are today." Stan Drayton named Chris Warren and Kyle Porter as the most consistent pass blockers. Chris Warren came down with a case of the mumps over the off-season. This led to him missing numerous workouts and losing some strength. Stan Drayton says that although, "It pushed him back a bit... He's made up that time." Many expected Chris to be the bell cow of the running back corp, replacing D'Onta Foreman; however, Stan Drayton doesn't believe he has a bell cow just yet, "I wish I had a bell cow right now... Right now I have a committee of backs competing for a spot. I don't think a bell cow has emerged." But Stan Drayton did say he believes Chris Warren is making strides, "He's respecting the game. He's been a bit of a lethargic player, when it comes to practice. He's becoming a better practice player." For the time being, Kyle Porter the guy running out there with the first team. Stan Drayton told us that this is because they feel he is the most reliable running back they have, "He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Systematically he's sound. He knows exactly what he's doing, so he's able to play fast. He's actually playing faster than everybody in the room because of his knowledge of the system." Stan Drayton has seen improvement in Kyle Porter from his tape last year: "He's gotten better in smaller spaces. I thought he was a bit of a one-speed back. I think he's quickened himself up and become a little more elusive in tight spaces." There are still places Drayton believes Porter can improve, "He needs to become a more explosive back. When he sees a hole he needs to trust his read, trust his eyes, and get to full speed quicker." While Drayton says Porter still has a lot of work to do and that he's not ready to, "anoint Kyle Porter... fundamentally he's got a long way to go." Quick run down of the other running backs. Stan Drayton is really looking for a guy who can get on the white board and draw up the play without thinking. He wants guys who can make those quick decisions. Kirk Johnson's injuries have held him back in that regard. Stan says he's still playing slow and he has a long way to go. Drayton had a bit more praise for freshman RB Toneil Carter, "I get pretty consistent energy from him. He's the one guy who I believe, if he gets a crease, he can hit a home run, but he's still got a long way to go in terms of learning schemes." Drayton says there is still too much processing going on in his play on the field, so they're not seeing what he's fully capable of doing. Apparently, Toneil hasn't fumbled the ball yet this fall camp *knock on wood.* Stan Drayton and Tim Beck are two of the guys who are very much in charge of the offense, so when asked about Tim Beck's coaching Drayton stated: "He designs our offense with every position in mind. Obviously, being the QB [Coach], everything needs to be custom fit for our QB. But he has a very unique way of making sure all the pieces to the puzzle are in place and aligned with that. He's all about learning who we are as a team, and we're not just going to run a system that doesn't fit our talent. He has the awareness to make a scheme that fits our talent. " Seeing as how Texas has had problems with trying to force a square peg into a round hole when it comes to bringing offensive systems to the program, Tim Beck should hopefully be able to give fans a sigh of relief. Stan Drayton expects this team to be balanced with a bit of a lean to the run game, "I don't think we're good enough to be one-sided." Stan Drayton is also known to be one of the high profile recruiters on the staff. They have sent him all around the country to rep the burnt orange. When asked how national recruits respond to Texas, Drayton told the media, "Very respected. They like Texas. They know what Texas is. That's the beauty when you do go out of state and where the burnt orange, they have an immediate respect for the program. They have an understanding of the history, which was very surprising to me. This young generation of kids don't care so much about tradition anymore. They're all about the here and now. But when I went across the country, they had an understanding of our tradition here." The quote of the day came when Stan Drayton was asked about special teams: "Just so you know, here at the University of Texas, if you're a starter that means you're starting on the special teams. We're going to put our best players on special teams. If you haven't earned some value on special teams, regardless of how good you are in your position group, you are not going to play." Wow. What a statement, and change from the philosophy on special teams from years past. Anybody still worried about special teams?
  8. Today was faster than what we saw last Friday for the first day of full pads. I feel like that is expected. There was more tackle to ground and pads popping than we've seen thus far.
  9. No changes to the depth chart. Elijah Rodriguez is still the starting RT. We didn't get to see the beginning of practice today, but we did see: - Start with TEs blocking, OT chop blocks, OG hand placement, DBs picking up fumbles, DL sled, LB positioning, and QB/RB hand offs - QB and WR routes, 2v2 D vs O (TE&T vs LB&DE, T&G vs DT&DE) - Same with DBs covered by WRs. - CB&S vs WRs in routes and blocking The most noticeable thing was the popping of pads all practice. They let the boys fly and no one held back. Even Tom Herman got knocked to the ground. Reggie Hemphill came up limping a few times. Elijah Rodriguez and Garrett Gray were taken to the locker room mid practice. We'll be getting a full injury report today before noon. Y'all, Collin Johnson is the real deal. He caught everything and made it look easy to contort his body. The freshmen TEs are ready to hit, but I don't think they're ready quite yet for game action. They can catch the ball though. Note on Gary Johnson: people asked me to look at him and his size. I do have to say he looks a little small out there. Taquon Graham does not have his stripe anymore as was reported. He's the first freshman to have his stripe taken off. There was a some extracurricular activity! Kirk Johnson got into it with *I think* Marquez Bimage. Johnson did the "hold me back," thing and Tristian Nickelson ran into the middle of the defensive huddle and started pushing people around. Tom Herman and Todd Orlando had a nice chuckle.
  10. I've been hearing that Josh Thompson is show that he's the real during camp. Reese Leitao is also getting some praise. And everyone knows Taquon Graham has been making a name for himself this fall.
  11. Alabama won a National Championship because of their special teams. That was what got them over the edge vs a good Clemson team.
  12. Reese Leitao looks like he can put on weight, but looked good in the drills he ran in. Gary Johnson seems fast and well built. Not stocky, but well built. Good thing is that works well in the Big 12, but I'd like to see him in live action before I say he's good or he's bad. I actually haven't seen much of Delance this Fall. I think right now he's fallen a bit on the depth chart.
  13. I think the coaching staff is happy with Naashon right now. He appears to be one of the better run stoppers on the defense whereas McCulloch is apparently having troubles in that department. I think there will be a lot of mixing and matching them through out the year. As a fan, I don't think you should worry about who gets the 1st snap of the game and who gets the 2nd. The two are battling back and forth right now with no clear victor in sight.
  14. Tom Herman Quotes and Notes: Really really good day today. I was anticipating how we would respond to putting full pads on. Four really tough and long days leading up to it, and the guys came out with a lot of juice. It was hot. The last couple days we hadnt seen the sun very much, but the sun was beating down on us pretty good today. Credit to Coach McKnight and his staff. The defensive players in our tackle drill and our O-Line on our inside drill had much better pad level than they did in the Spring. Much better knee bend and hip explosion. We're not a finished product by any stretch of the imagination. We have a lot to clean up, but our body position and our pad level was encouraging. Reggie [Hemphill-Mapps] was help out. Precautionary. We're treating it still as a migraine, which I think it is. He was cleared to go into meetings and all that stuff last night. We just didn't want him in any contact today. I should know later today if he'll be good to go [for tomorrow's scrimage]. If we keep progressing he should be back on Monday. Do the players understand the importance you place on pads? Yeah we talk about it all the time. We had a team meeting last night. They grow up in this generation of 7on7, which is good. There is nothing wrong with that. It builds certain skills, but it's definitely not real football. They understand the importance of putting full pads on, tackling to the ground, training as real as we can and that simulating real game situation is how you get better. And they believe in that and understand the importance of it. On Kyle Porter running with the 1's and if that is because of Chris Warren's injury? Kyle did everything we asked him to in the spring. He stayed relatively healthy until the Spring game because he rolled his ankle. Chris has had a great summer. It's kind of like the question I was asked about defensive ends yesterday. Whether you take the 1st snap or the 4th snap at running back, we're going to need to roll guys at that position. Chris has done what we've asked him to so far and so has Kyle. But I think it's only fair that a guy who makes it through the entire Spring practice, and does it well, that he gets the chance to jog out there with the 1's. Rating RB group as receivers? Good not great. Probably Toneil [Carter] would be the most fluid ball catcher with then Kyle, then Chris, and Daniel. Was there anyone who surprised you with the physicality? I think our two young tight ends coming out of the Spring, because they weren't here. It was good to see them throw their stuff around in inside drill and team settings. They need to get stronger, but they certainly weren't scared. On scrimmage set up The whole scrimmage will be 1s vs 1s and 2s vs 2s. We'll go a couple hours probably. I would think each group in scrimmage one would run anywhere around 60 to 70 plays. We don't have all our special situations installed. We don't have 2-minute in yet. We have a very bare bones red zone and goal line package. It'll be a lot of put the ball down on the -25 and play football. (My question) We've noticed the players have the stripes on their helmets. They've usually been red and we know those are the newcomers, but now we're seeing guys like Shane Buechele and Kyle Porter have black stripes on their helmets. Are those only to see line of vision? Correct. That's very astute. (Tom Herman said I was astute) The red stripes are the newcomers. Kind of "pledging" if you will. They're not quite members of the family yet. They have to go prove it on the practice field. At some point they'll get the stripe off. The black stripe for our QBs and RBs. We want to be able to see on video where is the center of their helmet to see where exactly are they looking. Now, granted, I can look at you and my head be this way (looking away from me with eyes focused on me), but in a helmet that's pretty tough to do. So the red stripe is sort of a mental thing for the players? I think it's just that when you get here, you haven't been through everything that the veterans have been through. So to just hand them the keys without earning anything, I think we'd be doing a disservice to the veterans. They don't get treated any different, but we make a big deal when they earn the right to take off the stripe and become a full-fledged member of our family. How long does that usually take? Sometime after tomorrow. Sometimes a couple weeks. Do guys separate themselves in the coaches eyes more during scrimmages? I don't think so. For us, the scrimmage setting is good because it allows coaches to get off the field and allow us to go through game-like situations, game-like executions, and game-like procedures without a set drill... It's just 11 on 11, go play football. But it doesn't carry anymore weight than an individual drill on a Monday practice. On Elijah Rodriguez starting at RT. Why did he insert his name into the battle? Because he's good enough. We're going to put the best five offensive lineman out there. Zach Shackelford has come back really well. Right now if we had to play a game, those five would be the best five with Shackelford at center, McMillon at right guard, and Rodriguez at right tackle. What it does allow, is it allows Denzel [Okafor] and Tristain to get reps at left tackle as well. As I've said before, most teams I've been on you've got about seven or eight offensive linemen that you feel good about putting into a game, which is usually your five starters, one tackle who can play left or right, and one interior guy who can play guard or center. They're still improving and we don't play a game tomorrow, so they will have every opportunity to go earn that spot too. But it will be a good battle. Right now those five guys plus Denzel, Tristain, and probably Pat Hudson are all eight guys we have to find the best combination to go jog out there. On Jake McMillon being the most underrated versatile guy on O-Line No underrated by me. I really like being around him. He is versatile in terms of his ability to play center and guard. Really smart guy. Powerful. He's able to hold his own against the Poona Fords of the world. On Herman being more complimentary of guys than he was in the Spring means they are starting to meet expectations I've felt that too. I've gone back and watched a few of these. Yeah, I guess that's the only conclusion that you can draw. Again, I'm glad we don't play tomorrow. We aren't a finished product by any stretch of the imagination, but for the most part, they've been doing what we've asked them to do. The two things I still wish were a little more polished now than they are would be there are still some busts on defense not communicating and some assignment errors on offense. But we talk to them about this all the time. Especially at this time of the year, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Go really hard, be really physical and we'll correct those mistakes. Now, if it becomes a pattern and those mistakes continue to repeat themselves then we've got issues, but right now, this time of year it's about going hard and being physical. For the most part they've done that. Does it make you nervous to be happy with them this early in camp? Yeah [laughing]. I don't know if I'm ever happy. That's pretty exaggerated. You're proud of the guys for doing that. So we're a very honest and transparent program. When they're doing well they're going to be told keep it up and do better. When they're not meeting expectations they're going to be told that too, and be taught how to do that. Was there an install today? Goal line and red zone was the install today, as is pretty much every year the first day we put on pads. We want to put them in as physical of a situation as we can and short yardage, goal line, and red zone are football in a phone booth. We were glad to see guys responded well. What do you and Coach Orlando need to see from Jeffrey McCulloch to feel good about putting him in a game for Naashon? They've each got their strengths and weaknesses. I think Jeffrey's got to be more consistent against the run. I think his strength is rushing the passer. Naashon is the opposite. He is pretty good against the run. He already knows where to be and how to be there. But we need a little more production from him rushing the passer. Both of them are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It'll be a good battle the whole camp.
  15. Today media got to sit in on the first full day of pads practice. Tom Herman has now had a bit of time to evaluate his team, and the depth chart has evolved a bit to show this. A few notes before the depth chart: The red stripes on the helmets represent newcomers to the team. However, fans may also notice that Shane Buechele has a stripe on his helmet. I was told this staff has put stripes on the helmets of each QB to see their vision lines on film. I have not seen other teams do this, but I think it's smart. The fatigue of the first week of practice is starting to become noticeable. Certain players like Reggie Hemphill-Mapps were sporting green jerseys after he was feeling dizzy and had a head ache in Thursday's practice. Practice today started with the circle drill right after walk throughs. They then went to special teams to really kickoff the practice. Afterwards they broke off into individual drills. From there they did offensive and defensive run through. We left as they were going into unit drills. Depth Charts OFFENSE 1st Team: QB - Shane Buechele RB - Kyle Porter TE - Andrew Beck Slot - Devin Duvernay X - Jerrod Heard Z - Collin Johnson LT - Connor Williams LG - Patrick Vahe C - Zach Shackelford RG - Jake McMillon RT - Elijah Rodriguez Everything seems similar to last time until you get to that right side of the line. Zach seems to have reclaimed his spot, Jake McMillon is in his spot from last year, and a newcomer to the RT battle has taken the spot in Elijah Rodriguez. Personally, I am a fan of this set up. 2nd Team: QB - Sam Ehlinger RB - Chris Warren/Toneil Carter TE - Kendall Moore/Reese Leitao Slot - Reggie Hemphill-Mapps X - Dorian Leonard Z - Lorenzo Joe/John Burt LT - Denzel Okafor LG - Alex Anderson C - Terrell Cuney RG - Patrick Hudson RT - Tristian Nickelson Chris Warren seems to have worked his way back into the two-deep after missing a lot of the offseason due to illness. The coaches seem to be playing with the offensive line trying to find the best mix of guys. The WRs are just... stacked. You could put anyone in there and I'd personally be satisfied. Also just because you don't see their name up here does not mean they won't play (especially at the WR position). DEFENSE 1st Team: DL - Malcolm Roach, Poona Ford, Chris Nelson Rover - Malik Jefferson MLB - Anthony Wheeler BB - Naashon Hughes NB - PJ Locke CB - Holton Hill and Kris Boyd SS - DeShon Elliott FS - Brandon Jones Nothing new here 2nd Team: DL - TaQuon Graham, Gerald Wilbon, Charles Omenihu Rover - Breckyn Hager MLB - Gary Johnson BB - Jeffrey McCulloch NB - Antwan Davis CB - Davante Davis and John Bonney SS - Chris Brown FS - Jason Hall Looks like the coaches finally flipped Hager and Johnson. Also, Gerald Wilbon taking that nose guard position is noteable. Press Conference Take Aways (full transcript below): First day of full pads! Tom Herman has not given a lot of credence to playing without pads, so now we've gotten to the point where Tom Herman and his staff will start to really be able to evaluate their team. Tom Herman really puts a lot of weight on making sure the players understand the importance of putting on the pads and believes, "They understand the importance of putting full pads on, tackling to the ground, training as real as we can and that simulating real game situation is how you get better." Herman seems to be pretty comfortable with where his team is right now so far in Fall Practice stating that compared to where the team was during Spring he's very encourage: "The defensive players in our tackle drill and our O-Line on our inside drill had much better pad level than they did in the Spring. Much better knee bend and hip explosion. We're not a finished product by any stretch of the imagination. We have a lot to clean up, but our body position and our pad level was encouraging." With the physicality comes break out guys who impress coaches with their willingness to throw their bodies around. For Tom Herman, those guys were the freshmen tight ends, Reese Leitao and Cade Brewer. Tom Herman stated that, "It was good to see them throw their stuff around in inside drill and team settings. They need to get stronger, but they certainly weren't scared." And if you noticed on the depth chart, they made their way into the two-deep. I'd expect them to get some early playing time due to necessity. Most have noticed that Kyle Porter has remained the starter at running back. While Chris Warren could work his way into that starting job, I have a good feeling that Kyle Porter will be the starter for the program come Maryland, unless Warren really impresses. The coaches really respect Porter and his work ethic, along with his durability. Tom Herman made this apparent when he told the media, "Chris has done what we've asked him to so far and so has Kyle, but I think it's only fair that a guy who makes it through the entire Spring practice, and does it well, that he gets the chance to jog out there with the 1's." However, the running back position will be a running back by committee. Tom Herman stated that while Kyle Porter and Chris Warren have done everything they've asked them to, "Whether you take the 1st snap or the 4th snap at running back, we're going to need to roll guys at that position." Now a lot of fans have been asking what is going on with the stripes on the helmets. My assumptions have been verified by Tom Herman. The black stripes on the helmets of guys like Shane Buechele and Kyle Porter are to help the coaches see on film where the guys center of vision is. The red stripes are, as Tom Herman put it, "Kind of 'pledging' if you will. They're not quite members of the family yet. They have to go prove it on the practice field. At some point they'll get the stripe off." The players are not treated any differently or like "pledges," but Tom Herman makes them work to "take off the stripe." They are not a "part of the family" until that stripe is off. This process could take a short as 1 day or as long as never. Now for the big news. Elijah Rodriguez is now the unlikely front-runner in the battle for right tackle. We asked Tom Herman why Elijah was starting at a position he has yet to play, and he told us, "Because he's good enough." Tom Herman really wants to get his best football players on the field, not matter how he does it. We've seen this in recruiting and now we're seeing it in the depth chart: "We're going to put the best five offensive lineman out there. Zach Shackelford has come back really well. Right now if we had to play a game, those five would be the best five with Shackelford at center, McMillon at right guard, and Rodriguez at right tackle." Herman mentioned in the Spring that usually programs have seven or eight guys their comfortable with on the offensive line. Those guys seem to be the starting five I have above, along with Denzel Okafor, Tristain Nickelson, and Patrick Hudson.
  16. August 2nd Media Availability Notes: Today we talked with Tom Herman, Malik Jefferson, and Jerrod Heard. Tom Herman explained some of the concerns fans have with holding guys out of practice by stating, "We're being fairly conservative in terms of length of practice." He called this 5 week camp process a "5-week marathon." Good news for the Longhorns players as Tom Herman promised them that he will be allowing them to see the locker room for the first time tonight and use it prior to practice tomorrow "...if there are no issues." That means no trash anywhere, no missing water bottles... none of that jazz. When asked about the quarterback situation Tom Herman admitted that Shane Buechele is getting the majority of the 1st team reps, "It would be silly for me to hide the fact that Shane gets more reps with the ones." However, Sam Ehlinger will still get reps with the 1st team until a starter is named 2 weeks out of the Maryland game. Despite a bit of upheaval, Herman seems to be confident in the running backs. Right now Kyle Porter seems to be a Herman favorite due to his toughness. Second team seems to be a battle between Toneil Carter and Chris Warren. Warren is getting back into the swing of things after getting better from a case of the mumps. I'd expect the RB position to be more of a platoon than last year. Most were wondering where Edwin Freeman was on the 2-deeps that came out of the first day of practice. He was the most consistent and arguably best LB on the team by the end of last year. When asked about Edwin Freeman, Tom Herman told us, "I love him. He keeps his mouth shut and goes to work. He's backup mike right now to Wheeler and really pushing him. He;\'s doing everything right." So now we know Edwin Freeman is your 2nd string MLB and Hager is fighting for the back up spot. Here is where one of my favorite quotes from Tom Herman was said. Tom was asked why Craig Naivar is the right guy to coach special team. Coach Herman gave maybe the best description of Coach Naivar I've ever heard, "He's got RedBull and Dr. Pepper in his veins." Before this he talked about how Craig Naivar is a guy that he trusts on the staff, "He;s done it forever. He;s had success whenever he's done it and has done it at many different levels. He knows the way I like to do this and the way we are going to do things." With the commitment of the #1 JUCO TE in the nation, Dominick Wood-Anderson, Tom Herman was asked if he thought he would have this type of momentum in recruiting before even playing a single game. It seems this is exactly what he was expecting: "I thought it could. We did it at Houston before we'd ever coached a game as a group. I think there is a lot of testimony to back up how we do things." He also gave a lot of the credit to the players for the current momentum the class fo 2018 has been able to build, "Our players do an excellent job of recruiting, which is really cool because theyre going to tell the recruits and their parents the truth. They don't sugar coat things because theyre not trained that way... When you have players selling your program and the way you do things, it really resonates." At the end he pointed out that the University of Texas is in a prime place to be in the recruiting position it is in right now, " We're still in Austin. We're still one of the top 25 academic public educations in the country. "
  17. As I understand it, they like Elijah Rodriguez, who played well in the 132 snaps he took last season. After surgery on his ankle over the summer, Shackelford will have to work his way back into a starting role whether it be center or guard.
  18. He got a case of the drops his Sophomore year. Now there is so much talent surrounding him it's a case of, "who do you want him to replace?" Honestly, I wouldn't put a ton of weight on this early depth chart right now. I assume it will change and maybe Burt can work his way back on. The WRs will be rotated often during games.
  19. The thinking behind this is that they like Naashon Hughes and Jeffrey McCulloch better at B-Backer. They like guys like Malik Jefferson and Gary Johnson at Rover. MLB will still be sent into the back field quite a bit in this defense. It's more a way of finding the best way to get him on the field.
  20. Just reiterating what Daniel said. Texas is currently focused on getting him on campus before day 1 of classes.
  21. He didn't look huge to me. Looked about normal height. Maybe a little short comparatively. Nothing noticeable. I'll take a harder look Friday.
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