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  1. Perhaps the school song should be determined by a vote of the student body.
  2. Seems like the bowl games are also a reward for the players, recognizing a year's worth of hard work.
  3. I like both of those match-ups. I think they will both be good games.
  4. Tom Herman is still young as a head coach in his 5th year. I think he has a lot to learn and often gives me that impression at press conferences. By contrast, Campbell is in his 8th year and Rhule is in his 7th. I'm not saying Herman is the answer, just that he is probably still on a learning curve and may yet improve to become the man here.
  5. In each game one of the 3 guards has had a big night, first Jones, then Coleman and now Ramey. Maybe they can turn into a reasonable facsimile of BMW.
  6. Texas - A whole lot OU - Not quite as much
  7. Seems like I remember this name from Spurs Talk. Welcome and thanks for the continuous content.
  8. A tweek is worse than a twerk but not as bad as a thwack.
  9. Watching his film, he seems to kind of squirt through holes and out of tackles and changes direction more than once in a short space and time. I like it.
  10. If LSU is ranked #4 and UT is ranked #24, LSU should come to Austin as a big favorite. I would be very happy to have that happen.
  11. If the young man wants to play football elsewhere, I think he should be able to. If I had no problem with granting him a waiver to play at UT after first committing to USC, then I have no problem with granting him a waiver to play elsewhere after committing to UT.
  12. RIP: PFC William Hardwick - 11/24/66 2LT Danny Gilstrap - 2/22/68
  13. I enjoyed the game. I usually get stressed out watching this team but tonight's game was much easier on my blood pressure. They kept a big lead almost all the way through. Now on to NYC and TCU. I'm happy for them.
  14. You don't have to like the opponent to enjoy the game. In fact, the more you dislike the opponent, the more fun the game is. Only my opinion.
  15. First, I feel confident that Bru McCoy is an outstanding player who will be successful at whatever position that he plays. I do have a question about the designation of "athlete", especially for a two way player like McCoy and how those ratings are determined. If he only played offense or only played defense, would he be rated as a 5 star at either LB or WR? Or could he be a high 4 star offensive player and a high 4 star defensive player, but since he plays both ways, it adds up to a 5 star athlete? I read somewhere that he projects better at LB, but since he will touch the ball more on offense, he would help the team more there. Does that mean that he could be a 5 star LB and a high 4 star WR? It's just the term "athlete" doesn't give me a solid picture and being a bit obsessive/compulsive I search for firmer ground to stand on.
  16. I picked UGA to win based primarily on the Bama / Sooner outcome. I was happy to have been incorrect.
  17. 83Dee There is a very large OL out of Indiana with a UT offer, Dawand Jones, who seems to list UT, Florida, USC and tOSU as his favorites. I don't know if he is projected to tackle or inside.
  18. I thought I had put in a prediction of ISU winning by a point, but as I scrolled through the responses The Universe seems to have made it vanish. So who am I to argue with The Universe? UT 41 - 40 ISU
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