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  1. UT-48 : UTEP-14 I think Herman will play a lot of young guys and therefore the score won't be up to the betting line of 43.
  2. I apologize that I have not been following this closely enough, so can somebody help me understand. If a player opts-out due to COVID-19, is his scholarship simply added to the 85 total already allowed for next year? That would mean UT would be allowed 85 + 4 scholarship players next year? If the B1G and PAC-12 didn't play at all this year (essentially all players have opted out involuntarily), will each team be able to carry their current 85 players + 25 recruits on their scholarship rosters next year?
  3. Austin American Statesman says Omeire is out for the season.
  4. Perhaps there are those who hold out hope the Brockemeyers will eventually flip to the Horns and the picture is a reminder of that hope. Or perhaps the picture is a reminder of the ultimate futility of life.
  5. Perhaps the school song should be determined by a vote of the student body.
  6. Seems like the bowl games are also a reward for the players, recognizing a year's worth of hard work.
  7. I like both of those match-ups. I think they will both be good games.
  8. Tom Herman is still young as a head coach in his 5th year. I think he has a lot to learn and often gives me that impression at press conferences. By contrast, Campbell is in his 8th year and Rhule is in his 7th. I'm not saying Herman is the answer, just that he is probably still on a learning curve and may yet improve to become the man here.
  9. In each game one of the 3 guards has had a big night, first Jones, then Coleman and now Ramey. Maybe they can turn into a reasonable facsimile of BMW.

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