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  1. I'm a little late to the 4-man or 3-man defensive line discussion but here is what I remember from when Ash replaced Orlando. Many felt that high school DL recruits preferred the 4 man line because they had more opportunities to showcase their skills and make plays rather than eat up blocks so others could make tackles. It was a recruiting strategy as well as a system preference.
  2. Win ugly or die hard, and old ugly is better than old nuthin'. Hookah Horns!! UT 10 -- 6 KSU
  3. I think Sterns was hurt a lot last year and earlier this year with a turf-toe. His numbers have not be equal to his freshman year's numbers and he has caught a lot of flack for that and for his social justice stance. I don't blame him for wanting to go somewhere else and start over. And if he can get paid for it, all the better for him.
  4. I have a bad feeling about this game. The WVU d-line is likely to blow up the UT offense causing chaos all game long. But, I WANT the Horns to win, so I think they will. Is that magical thinking? UT 29 - 23 WVU
  5. UT-48 : UTEP-14 I think Herman will play a lot of young guys and therefore the score won't be up to the betting line of 43.
  6. I apologize that I have not been following this closely enough, so can somebody help me understand. If a player opts-out due to COVID-19, is his scholarship simply added to the 85 total already allowed for next year? That would mean UT would be allowed 85 + 4 scholarship players next year? If the B1G and PAC-12 didn't play at all this year (essentially all players have opted out involuntarily), will each team be able to carry their current 85 players + 25 recruits on their scholarship rosters next year?
  7. Austin American Statesman says Omeire is out for the season.

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