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  1. I agree with you. "it's early in the season". I like what I've seen so far but let's see what they do with better quality opponents. They need to get to the dance. The NIT should never be a goal for Texas basketball.
  2. I had a class with Edwin Simmons. He rarely showed for the class but his Angel showed up every class ( wow!). It was a small class and after 2/3 of the semester was over, the professor stopped in the middle of the lecture and asked the Angel "Who are you?". I think he realized she wasn't on the roll. Edwin did show up for the final. After about 10 minutes he just blurted out "Hey man! Can we make a deal?".
  3. Yeah, I think we're only allowed to slap them upside the head. We can't actually tackle the QB when he is between the tackles.
  4. My favorite--Midleton Rare, A good Irish whiskey. It's gotten a little too expensive to buy in an Irish bar. Other than that I prefer whiskey or bourbon over tequila, rum or gin.
  5. I don't care who the coach is. I want wins. I'm not interested in excuses. I'm interested in results. We could hire Mr. Ed for all I care. As long as win at least 10 games a year, I'm happy.
  6. And that's why they play the games. Otherwise, everyone would be 12-0.
  7. Texas -23 I'm not sure if I would bet on Texas. Too many questions marks after last game. I know this is Kansas but if you can't tackle, it don't matter who you are playing. Plus Kansas has nothing to lose. I expect them to pull out every trick in the book.
  8. Not having missed tackles would have changed the momentum. This has plagued us all season. I think I heard, UT leads the nation in missed tackles with close to 50.
  9. hmmm. 12 regular season games, and at least 1 extra game at the end of season. 12 - 2 baby!
  10. Have a little faith, baby. Have a little faith.
  11. I'll agree on Hager and possibly Wheeler. Coburn though may become a much better player than Nelson, but not this year. Physically an 18 year old versus a 22 year old, there isn't a comparison. A good, experienced lineman should be able to handle a green freshman no matter how talented. Give Coburn a couple of years in the weight room and some experience and he could be dominant. I just don't think it's going to be this year against the better teams.
  12. Geez, has it been 13 years since Street played in Austin? Man, time flies when you're getting old. I think Troy and Huston are great additions to the team.
  13. Yeah and at #31 is the powerhouse...Wisconsin-Whitewater. Who you might ask? yeah my point exactly.
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