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  1. Exactly, I’d rather have LVB & the kid committed to tOSU
  2. is this Ringo or Ransom? Don’t play with my emotions BC lol
  3. Saw on surly horns somebody said on IT that the staff did a bad job of recruiting Jaxon at first. He’s always liked UT and he went down to UT his sophomore year with a carrolton DB and the staff was showing more interest in the DB rather than Jaxon. The guy said he got a text from Jaxon’s dad that said they’re interested in listening to Texas’s pitch. He’s been building a relationship with Mehringer and so far it’s been going good
  4. Straight savagery from Herman, what thread on surly did you see that in?
  5. @Daniel Seahorn where does Texas stand for Landon Jackson?
  6. He was so confident earlier lol. We need Alford at Texas, he’s a good field safety
  7. Super K said Alford is still leaning towards Texas even with all the CB’s for A&M

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