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  1. I agree and Ill take it but I want to see more than just one season of it or to me its just an anomaly since we always seem to have the higher ranked classes pretty much every year.
  2. And that’s the last I’ll mention it, I’m excited about today and hopefully we get the guy in the trench we could really use.
  3. Nah, I’ll follow but mentioning where we are in comparison to OU should b left off cause we’ve spanked their ass in recruiting several years in a row only to get our asses handed to us when it counts on the field. How about just mentioning where we place? Top ten, top 5 etc obviously the recruiting ranking compared to OU and for that matter Baylor, TCU or Iowa St doesn’t mean squat if performance on the field doesn’t match it? No? I mean if I was with a rival school the first thing I would mention was “how about you get back to us when you can compete with Baylor or Iowa st first” Just my two cents but I’m a little old school.
  4. Man, I know we need good classes but I really don’t give two shits about the ranking comparisons, show me the f##king hardware. OU has won the conference 5 years in a row, they have scoreboard. I don’t know about any one else but enough with the aggy and OU class comparisons until that other freaking stat, the one that actually counts, changes. just a request to the board, not trying to call any specific person out.
  5. Think we can steal Mack Brown from North Carolina again? we will get our asses handed to us again for the first 4 years by OU but in year 7 or 8 we will win the national championship again.
  6. I'm real interested what Herman does with his staff after the season. If he doesn't make any changes I assume he will be out of a job by this time next year.
  7. This is laughable....another 3 star that owns Texas....James Lynch.
  8. I'm sorry, i'm not a former coach, why in the F@#K does one throw the f##king ball short of the 1st down when you are down by 21 points and its 3rd down?
  9. Ive seen him throw his check downs on 3rd down almost everytime, and its come up short pretty much everytime. The rest are good questions, i was thinking the same thing about the slants.
  10. it seems like every qb we play against has an all world game, they throw the ball exactly where it needs to be and the DB is right where he should be and they just make the play. geez i've never seen so many accurate qb's in the big 12. alot of gamers in this conference and I don't think its just poor play by the longhorns, we suck, just giving credit to some really good passers in our league.
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