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  1. I'm ready for baseball season already, i sure hope they are better than they were two years ago. cant believe the state of UT athletics major programs right now. i could always count on baseball to at least be respectable and they shit the bed like no other in 2019.
  2. That reads like an italian mafia gangster list.
  3. Lets see, Boise St.: he was born in Boise, played qb at Boise st. and is now the head coach at Boise St.; he wins, very high percentage of long term job security, gets to play in high profile bowl games as much or more often than Texas does, beats OU about as often as Texas does haha (Im kidding but that was funny) [when we suck this bad, you have to have a sense of humor.] pay is good enough?!?! this I dont know, hes getting paid 1.5 right now and it moves to 1.85 in two years. Thats still a lot of money even though 5 million is a lot more here. vs. Texas: Austin, where they wa
  4. Hes a good coach, i honestly hope he stays there, some don't agree with me but I think a stronger big XII helps us.
  5. Thats someone I haven't thought about but I don't think hes ready yet SHA, hes a great choice though, I would definitely bring him on though as the offensive coordinator here and groom him. Maybe the next lincoln riley.
  6. I know I kind of chuckled at this being an option. You remember when he first came to UT and they were talking to him about some of his play calls at Gilmer? He named his plays after popular names from the andy griffith show?!?! hahahaha, one was called "Ernest T." , one the "Barney" and one "Aunt Bee", he also named some after other popular shows. I can see it now - Jeff Traylor, the new head coach at Texas, playing Alabama in a prime time night slot and oh, what was that? I think I just heard him call a play called "squeal like a pig" or "battle of the banjo's" or "Elizabeth, this
  7. 1. I like the list but I don't know whats going on up at Penn St.???? those guys are 1-5 so far this year! I used to like Franklin but whats going on? 2. Dan Mullen - ummm.....not leaving Florida. 3. Matt Campbell - Im pretty sure he can see the dysfunction plenty from where hes at, why would he come here when he can get to the big XII championship game more often at Iowa st.? Thats an Ouch but true 4. Tom Allen - Where the heck did he come from? Ive watched a couple of their games, those guys play, but so did the kids for TH at Houston before he came here, I would have to
  8. Age shouldnt factor into a decision for the next guy, Nick Saban kills that theory otherwise the rest of your post is spot on. Either we think they can do it or not, i dont care if hes 21 years old or 69 like ol saint Nick.
  9. youre one of the only other person I know that mentions the dysfunctional culture besides me, i mentioned that on a post a couple two or three months ago before the wheels fell off this year and was attacked. Apparently 3 coaches in 10 years with the exact same issue with players isn't enough evidence for some people.
  10. Well, i watched it. I like how he mentions the parity in the conference this year. Uuuuummmmm, but OU is probably going to win the conference again this year, OU has been in the championship game every year since 2000 all but 3 times ... parity you say? hhmmmm.....right...oh he means other than OU, yeah, there has been a different team every year facing OU lately.
  11. No, i didn't get to see it. I'll look for it to see if its online some where but enlighten me please. lol I mentioned on the fire herman thread that they should replace him temporarily with the Softball coach. I honestly think he would do better. or the womens track coach i honestly don't care, I want anyone else or no one at all.
  12. I'm referring mostly to Unions, I really dont like them but they are a necessary evil.
  13. So, after 4 years on the job for anyone that supports this guy, this is an acceptable level of performance for this amount of time on the job? If so, please send me an application, i want to come work for you. I'm a great employee, i can guarantee that I will never be last in any category I manage though.
  14. Thats cause your a feeble minded liberal. Liberals like horns up dont give two shits about America nor are they intelligent enough to understand the complexities of helping the poor.....hes ok with allowing rampant immigration (like most democrats)but not one democrat mentions doing ANYTHING about the rampant homelessness and mental disease prevalent in that particular part of the populace...you know the poor that you mention? and homeless? that are rampant in democratic controlled states and cities? Allowing uncontrolled illegal immigration stifles pay and benefits for the lower income A

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