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  1. Copy and paste of that Higs story is complete crap. Come at me. Rip me apart. I don't truly care but that has been easily most look forward to piece he does. It's one of the true benefits to being at HD. If you want to read it and all the gold it provides you should head over and pay the 4.99 instead of waiting here for some son of a b to post. I don't care what is said after this but to be honest, Higs busted his tail this recruiting year and knocked it out of the park. The post nsd feature is just icing on the cake. It is his how he makes his living and some little weasley copies word for wo
  2. Just to add to how much Higs killed it today. He stated last year the last team to speak to Elliott will land him. We were the last ones! Insane job by Higs!
  3. By your own admission you actually pay more than I do... but cool story, bruh.
  4. I'm sorry for confusing you. I meant you guys complaining about Higs and those sites should Gtfo.
  5. I'm laughing too hard at the members ripping Higs and anyone who pays to be on those sites. Gtfo.
  6. Love his work, but dude straight up jacked that from me. I did it during the UA game.
  7. Any HD members having issues getting on the board?
  8. By source did he mean the restroom stall next to jones?
  9. Higs is usually right. Maybe pay for his info and get over it?
  10. I'd also like to say that if you say won't ealborate on a story that you claim to have info on until later and than you decide to elaborate when someone else releases a 9000 word story on it. Seems fishy that your sources aren't anyone but the person that released the story and in that sense we all could claim hI'm as our source.
  11. My phone won't let me quote anyone but as to an argument between the ag and longhorn going on I'm not here to defend any aggy however it is slightly foolish to not realize that there is a very good chance every school cheats to get recruits. I'm not going to pretend Texas is the only school not to. Now, how, hown much, and how much of it does the staff kniw about is up for question but Im pretty sure they all do.
  12. Is your P/W more complex than this one? — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 I un followed it. Stuff makes me uneasy. No, my password isn't THAT complex but it is pretty long and stupid for this reason. He is trying to sale all the usernames and their passwords for dirty cheap which is scary, too.
  13. Did you read anything that was posted? Pretty scary stuff. IT really screwed up if they made it that easy to get into all their stuff. If anyone on that board wanted to and anyone had their password or account compromised law suits could come. If it were that easy then there are some serious issues. Makes me wonder how secure HD, HS, 247, and the rest are.
  14. Thank you old friend. You gave me heart break with bad news and mended it back together with good news. I'll miss you my dear thread... I'l miss you.

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