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  1. This is how he travels to see his grandson
  2. I guess you don't even listen to yourself....
  3. Wrong. I'm an alumnus. My money still goes to my university. At least you aren't one of the gullible. Some people still believe nothing happened.
  4. It's a picture of CS and some lady. Doesn't mean anything happened.
  5. Can't say that he was mad. It could have been that he was yelling that it was cold; same type of reaction.
  6. Back in the day, 3 for 1 Long Island Iced teas. Can't remember the name of the place we used to go to; been too long. I really like the Tatonka Stout at BJs Brewery.
  7. http://www.ntxe-news.com/artman/publish/article_117374.shtml
  8. Oops, forgot the accuracy police are monitoring. You're right. The "rope" he tied around his neck did.
  9. From a fans perspective it may be a negative for their team. But from the players perspective, it's great. Gives them a way out of a situation that they don't want to be in.
  10. Yeah and the fact that he has Applewhite on speed dial.
  11. You're right. The rope he tied around his neck did.
  12. Baylor has 21 sacks with 3 lineman rushing per the announcer.
  13. Baylor has 21 sacks with 3 lineman rushing per the announcer.
  14. I have my own feed???  😐

  15. You don't put $x million dollars into the football stadium for academia...
  16. So how does this work. It frees up an athletic scholarship but does he still get a different type of scholarship so that he can finish school???
  17. The dotted line doesn't really mean much anymore. Players sign, they come, they don't like something, they Bru.
  18. Will Herman still be calling the plays? If so, then what's the point?
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