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  1. Baylor is going to kill us. They will destroy both our 2 offensive plays repeatedly.
  2. Maverick?? Someone's parents were in love with top gun....
  3. What does that say about our 2nd, 3rd string players?
  4. Will he be able to suit up because we need someone to put pressure on the qb...
  5. When will the cries come about SMU back in the same conference as us? They are 8-0.
  6. I'm guessing we'll be out coached this weekend too
  7. The real BJ Foster? Or the one that has been playing???
  8. And when the 3rd and long happens, pressure on the QB is a MUST
  9. We will after we lose to baylor, iowa st, kansas st and we win a spot in the J&J pampers bowl against SMU
  10. Foster is not OK. Did you see him just touch-push tackle? We are really hurting on D.
  11. kansas is beating us in the sack war tonight. we won't get 1 tonight.
  12. If this team is trying to impress recruits, it doesn't look good....
  13. I was at the game. I know exactly what happened. We got run up and down the field. If it weren't for Hurts' mistakes, it would have been a 21 point deficit instead of a 7 pointer.
  14. Ok. So what I learned from this is a player can lead with the side of his helmet and hit the other player in the helmet and it won't be called. So if the facemask hits first then you aren't leading with the crown and shouldn't draw a flag...
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