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  1. Question on the competition that Bijan faces weekly. Would you compare the competition to 3A, 4A, 5A, or 6A?
  2. Looks like Professor McConaughey is now official. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/28/entertainment/professor-matthew-mcconaughey-joins-faculty-trnd/index.html
  3. Hager, Nelson, Wheeler. These are guys that put in significant time. Yes, the backups got playing time. The question is, will the new starters who have experienced quality playing time step up and nothing loss on defense. Time will tell. See game 2.
  4. Pre-season rankings don't mean much. Teams have holes to fill on both sides of the ball. The prognosticators have a deadline to meet so that have to write about something. Replacing 8 starters on defense. That's quite a task. We'll know more about this team in game 2. Then we'll see if UT is "overrated" or not.
  5. I'll be driving down from Dallas. Would love to get some free beer but not sure if I'll make it by 8pm though...
  6. I saw Byrd play last year against SL Carroll at the Ford Center That dude was huge and dominating. I'll get to see Duncanville play against Berkner this year. I'm sure they will dominate that game. Hopefully he follows Jackson to UT.
  7. I got my email yesterday that I got RRR tickets. My seats appear to be in the same section that I sat last year. I thought that they switched sides every year. Last year we were on the side opposite the tunnel. Seems like we are in the same area this year. Shouldn't we be on the tunnel area? Sorry, I usually watch it on TV and don't pay attention what side we are on.
  8. Why is he denied? I haven't followed this...
  9. Highland Park plays Plano East in a scrimmage this Friday Aug 23. I will be at both the Aug 23 & 30 games.
  10. Is there any interest on either side with EJ Smith? He's RB at Jesuit. At least he was last year. I'll get to see him a couple of games this year...
  11. I hope that doesn't mean the playbook is too simple...
  12. This is just wrong. A parent shouldn't dictate where their child should go. If his heart wasn't with Auburn, then what kind of effort will be given....
  13. It would be great if there was a video of that or a .gif with ball locked on face and glasses breaking into two flying off....
  14. A 3rd year starter at QB (Without looking it up, the most experienced in the conference). The expectation is that the offense scores at will. Losing 8 starters on defense; let's hope the other experienced defenders can step up and shut down the other offenses.
  15. i saw all those tweets prior to my first post. so i factored it in when i initially posted.
  16. Possible. Was Coburn's tweet independent of Sterns? If so, then it's possible that Coburn too chose to interpret Sterns' as #1. To me, that doesn't answer the original question about Sterns's tweet. If not, then we make the assumption that the two and others colluded to send out a certain message. But that is a big assumption. So unless you are there among them, we're just speculating. I prefer not to speculate.
  17. Maybe. But it's hard to discern intent. There are a couple of ways to interpret this. 1. The program is too hard and not for everybody. This interpretation is meant to be demeaning. 2. The program, geographic location, etc. may not be for everyone. This interpretation is meant to be more understanding.
  18. My aggie BIL reminded me tonight that 3 Allen HS graduates were drafted before anyone from UT. I had no response....
  19. just as long as its the december matchup than the october matchup
  20. Redding. Any relation to Cory Redding?
  21. is there a time frame of when we'll know about mccoy?
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