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  1. The other 170,000+ that died had COVID as well. Without contracting COVID, may not have died when they did. But I get the point, as long as it doesn't affect your(general) family and loved ones, it's ok.
  2. I gave up my seats this year. Applied the money to next season.
  3. I went to 2 SL Carroll games last year. Got to see him up close.
  4. Wow. Nice pickup. This kid is for real. Pocket presence. Good arm.
  5. Great news for Isaiah!! Good to see that hard work gets rewarded.
  6. There's a vaccine for the seasonal flu. I'm guessing you have the statistics of the people that die from the flu that were and were not vaccinated. So if you can post those that would be great. We can evaluate them.
  7. Or you could run around shooting your guns outside a police station, drive 100 mph down a residential street, shoot heroin with one hand while smoking crack with the other, drive without a seatbelt, smoke your cigarettes in a bar/restaurant/plane. Damn, your liberties are being taken away one by one. What will you do.
  8. As long as you and your loved ones aren't part of the "close to 0", then I guess it's ok, right?
  9. Certainly, asymptomatics won't be sneezing and coughing often since they don't have those symptoms but they still are talking which can still spread the virus; unless they are taking precautions, i.e. wearing a mask, social distancing. The risk is certainly decreased but it's not 0.
  10. Rioters and Looters - Possible. My statement was based on the protests not the riots/looters. One could be asymptomatic and pass the virus. So checking temperatures may catch the ones that are symptomatic but not the ones that aren't displaying symptoms. It's great that UT has implemented these precautions but the only thing that will stop the spread and play football is for all players to play in a bubble, i.e. NBA, and follow the rules of the bubble. I don't see that happening. Football is a contact sport in any state. If one player has the virus, it'll spread.
  11. The 2020 National Champion will have an asterisk next to their name. It won't be a legitimate championship, IMO. Have playoffs been canceled? I haven't heard.. Walmart, Home Depot, grocery stores in my area all require masks. The protesters wear masks, except the ones that stormed the Michigan courthouse. So are they going to play football with masks? It was reported that one of the kids that tested positive in the Ga High School caught it, believed to be, playing football per his Aunt.
  12. I was at a couple of Duncanville games last year. Yes, he played D during the games I saw. Jake Majors, Ja'Tavion Sanders, Billy Bowman played both ways last year.

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