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  1. Heard rumors that next two games might not be played. Hope they arejust rumors. Then more players optout Nd might be true.
  2. If available on TV I will watch next two games. Win lose or draw I am for theHorns. Very diasapointing year buthave seen worse.
  3. You are probably right Rattler was holding his wrist when hecame out. And continued to do so duringhis time on side line.
  4. Questions for the board. 1 Was Rattler benched for a short time or was he injured wrist or hand? 2 Did Texas let Hall score last TD. by opening a hole? Read these things happened but IMO thet did not asking others opinion.
  5. Was Traylor the S T coach seems like it was confusing on who coached them?
  6. Why not, season is shot and he is going pro. K. St. might have a chance now. Ever who new coach is hope he can recruit an adquate number of OL . And hire some one who can coach them.
  7. Its going to be hard to win next two games. Two mighty power houses are awaiting up in Kansas. Then we have big gameTomso no worries.
  8. I belive Iowa St. adjusted torun game Yards per carry fell off after adjustment, maybe why Texas guit running the ball. Maybe not? Any way play calling or most part was same old what the f-:(. h
  9. My take on game and Texas. 1 Defense has improved close to championship level. 2 Texas has two excellenr RBS. 3 WRS did a better of catching and fighting for balls. 4 Sam was improved in passingjust not enough. 5 After first quarter play calling was terrible, espically in certain situations. 6Iowa St. is good we will see how good vs OU. 8 Feel sorry for teamespicalySam they deserved better.
  10. # 7 has improved thier defense if Horns make to ship game Sam better beware of #7.
  11. Your right K. St. is in terible shape but willbe ready for Horns.IMO OU is byfar the best Big 12 team really improved, and acouple players back helped.
  12. Better SMU than out of state, losing too many to OOS schools.
  13. He is alive and well over on the spurs site. Seems to me if memory is correct he go in a conterversy with a mod here. Mod is now gone
  14. Looking at the top 36 offense players DCTF mag. Texas has two commited. Oyt of the 15 OL Texas has one. Texas does better on deffense players but not good enough If they had all of ones going out of state they woulg be in top three in recruiting. Texas had a bumper crop of recruits and Tom whiffed another reason for him to go.
  15. Iowa St. will be tough up 35-0 over K. St at he half.
  16. Agree on Scripto Tex liked his writing before he moved t o IT. Also with the arrogance one of several reasons why I left.IT. Also misses Roberts writing he gave OU hell.
  17. DCTF lists him at 6-0 270 4.8 has size and weight so depends on his motor and want to.
  18. Find another DKR easy to say but almost impossible to do.If Meyer is not available maybe take ayoung upcoming coachat a small school. Then hire a media spokeperson to takecare of LHN and otherdistractions. Any thats my best guess. ButI am begining to think we are stuck with Tom for at leastone more year.
  19. Tom holds the play list on side line, who calls plays is a guess.
  20. Of course Tom is intrested he can not get enough WRS. Two transfers already and a walk on. One would think out of all the WR numbers one of them could get open more often. And then catch the ball.

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