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  1. Texas has a choice . Go all in to hire Urban or join SmU conference and be content to be small.
  2. If both teams play to thier potential, Texas loses. Based on infro. from this blog.
  3. In my many years of Longhorn watching I have never seen recruitingin this bad shape.
  4. Ewers is a big loss unless a new coach can reflip him. Not the first I hated to see go. That would be D Walker followed by B Simms and so on to Bowman and now Ewers . Will be others unless Tom go after this week end.
  5. Ewers is rated above the current QBS, and they might hit the portal. Your right it not only Ewers but mostly who he would bring with him. Hope in Meyer ifhired would bring Ewers back plus a ton of others.
  6. I don't watch them either saw hemight play in local paper. Whitch is about to be thing of thepast. Have not watched the WS either.
  7. Class of 2022 is a long way off. New coach if there is one could reflip recruits. Doubt if offense that Ewers is seeing is Yurcich's .
  8. In the words of DKR Ewers is about to flip what shall I tell him? Goodbye
  9. IMO Buechelle was too fragile for Toms system hurt a lot. If you want to see a fast delevery chack out Rattler. IMO practice does not always determine the best player. Only a game will.. Check out Cowboys thtsweekend might be a Garretsighting.
  10. Speaking of Applewhite he was beat strait up by Sims. I buy the partthat Samfit Toms offense the best IMO Buechelle was the better passer Glad to he doing ok at SMU.
  11. On the RB rotation Texas does a lot of this due to injuries IMO. Alabama, Georgia and LSU espically rotates thier RBS overthe last years. I belive LSU rotated three Geo two and Ala. three. This all from memory so takefor what it is worth.
  12. 1 Been saying for years OL is biggest problem 2 At times Samis very inaccurate espicalyon long passes. 3 WRS havent lived up to thier ratings. TE and Moore best IMO. The rest for one reason or another are disapointing. 4 A win this week end will change a lot of how we all feel.

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