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  1. They all look good on paper now we need results on the field. Bring on spring practice reports.
  2. Is the three Srs. returning? Oakfor might have announcedbut nothing that I have heard on other two, IT commented that they were unsure and added names that might not come back This is where the 14 number comes from I am counting Ship players.
  3. IT has several LBs listed as DL. I count 11 OL and 12 LBs. Either way it will work out in spring practice.Also if you will check IT has Estelle listed at WR doubt if he plays there Sark has commented on too many WRs.
  4. Four star from Calif. decommited from USC. Will the Calif. connection pay off?
  5. Per Sark there is eight spots open room for several that might help. At present I count more LBS on roster than OL
  6. No matter how it is announced I am ready for a four or five star recruit.
  7. Just another of the many reasons I am glad Tom is gone. Now need OL help and posiably RB to add depth
  8. Marshall late riser but well thought of. Hope they take a long hard look at Stewartat WR. Speed and more speed.
  9. If they pull Allen I will be suprised d. Looks like they are after the top names in state.
  10. Stanford = tree huggers they have won out on several OL in the past.
  11. Looks like the Texas staff are trying to fill what Sark called a position that needed adressing DE. Looks like Tree huggers will strik again May a portal or grad transfer for OL. Good to see new staff is making a move.

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