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  1. I’d say pull the scholarship. Whatever CDC decides to do it is never going to be good enough. Let them transfer, but I’ll guess no school is going to be perfect. I am to the point I don’t care if they shut the crap down. I already could care less about the NBA and NFL. Pretty good college education to walk away from. My parents couldn’t offer to pay that for me to go to college and if I was a good enough athlete to get it for free.........I would damn sure play
  2. I couldn’t find much on him. I guess Shaka likes him. BTW did Shaka ever hire another assistant coach to replace the one that left?
  3. Looks like we’re getting some traction with Arden Walker, DE 6’4” 245 out of Cherry Creek Colorado. Got another CB for Texas.
  4. Aunt Jemima and now this. My world is rocked
  5. What gets me is alot of the players I have heard making statements haven’t been here very long. I don’t want this to sound combative, but before they decide to come here they research, take multiple visits, meet all the players, meet all the coaches, tour the campus, meet professors in their field of study.........see everything and come here and then in a year or so everything is terrible. I really wonder why they came here. Is Texas perfect? No. But it is one of the top educations in the country with some of the best facilities in the country and people treat them like rock stars. I don’t think any place is going to be found to be perfect. These kids have a great chance to get a degree from The University of Texas. I would have loved to go to Texas but my parents couldn’t afford to send me there. This statement isn’t to get into a confrontation but if a kid isn’t happy here I would like to see them transfer to someplace that can make them happy. I want the kids that want to be Longhorns be here. There’s plenty of kids that would love to be here. Anyway we’ll see I guess
  6. I am wondering about this coronavirus and football. I know several schools have had so many cases that they have shut it down. Herman said it cost $1M + to get everyone back and all the testing and different things they had to do to get setup. How’s these lower revenue schools going to be able to afford it? What happens if the 4th game of the year your QB test positive and he hung around with close contact with your RB and a couple other starters and they all have to be quarantined? That’s two games they’ll have to miss. This could get crazy if that virus doesn’t settle down. We better be working our second and third team guys and have alot of guys ready.
  7. No SHA Hornsup said it didn’t happen so it’s a fact but everybody else word is a fairytale opinion. This is why we can’t have conversation in this country. Some people won’t truly listen to the other sides point of view. I’ve watched Hornsup bash people on here for two or three days and he’s always right and everyone is is wrong or whatever is said isn’t good enough. I’m cool with DButs because he’s been on here a long time talks alot of good football and isn’t so damn combative. Thanks and Hook’em
  8. Kamala Harris bashed the hell out of him for being a racist on national television. Left him speechless/stuttering, but now she wants to be the running mate and when he can’t make it for 6 months and they put him on medical leave, abracadabra she’s the president. It’s magic. Everyone on that debate stage was calling him racist until Bernie was going to get the nomination and they had to team up with the safest and all got behind Biden. Same as in 2016. But darn they were all behind Blasey Ford to against a guy that had been a federal judge for a long time. #Metoo was everywhere. Run Kavanaugh out of town now, but they got verified proof against Biden sexually harassing Tara Reade and many more and nobody’s heard one damn thing from any of them. Not one damn person would speak up. They’re a freaking joke and anyone being honest with their self would see it. It two sets of rules in society nowadays. Good luck with Biden.
  9. This i saw. I’m not saying it’s true or false.
  10. Oklahoma State player demands a change in policy - 1) Earrings 2)Du-Rag/Wave-Cap 3)Ability to Sag pants 4) Hair 5) Music - Music previoisly could not contain curse words, derogatory language toward women/race - These were damands, all agreed to by Gundy #NoSarcasm
  11. Good deal. I don’t. Everyone has an opinion.
  12. Here’s some more of my ramblings and then I am going to shut up (for awhile ) 1. I don’t like demands and I don’t think that is any way to get anything accomplished. Demands are if you don’t do what we want then we aren’t going to do xyz........They are supposed to be one team, one voice. They all peaceful marched and that was damn good, but keep working at it. You are apart of a team and demands aren’t good. 2. EVERYONE that loves and sings the Eyes of Texas are not doing is as a racist jester. It is a school song for THE University Of Texas. 3. I’d like to see some honor for Julius Whittier. He came on that campus and had to endured alot and persevered. That’s the mark of a Texas Longhorn. 4. Let’s just say CDC said ok we’ll do all the things you “demand”. Where does it ever be good enough? What if several don’t like something and more demands are made? Or I’m not going to practice or I’m not going to play. What if they said Darrell Royal was hard on black players and he used a racial slur one time? Now we want the stadium name changed or we aren’t playing. What’s the sacred cow? Where does the line get drawn? 5. This is a double edge sword. Texas isn’t going to be able to field a team without black players and if whites stop buying tickets and going to the games it’s going to stop too. You can’t run CDC’s with half a stadium and student tickets. This will be interesting to see play out, but I really wish things would be worked out a different way.
  13. Most of if not all the things will probably happen, because really very few of the coaches, AD staff or any other administrators are even from Texas so they don’t really have a care about any of this. I am all for listening and everyone trying to understand other people’s views, but some of these are young underclass men, so why did they even come to Texas if everything is so bad? Most likely the big money donors will decide most of it. CDC is all about the dollar. They cut the dollars off from coming in then the new stadiums and nice things don’t get built.
  14. I don’t see how teams that have way less revenue is going to be able to survive. Cost are going to be enormous
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