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Everything posted by TexCoyote

  1. Nothing about this game has changed anything. Baylor should never play close to Texas
  2. They need to get Kerstetter’s ass out of there. Dumb ass
  3. I like this referee crew. They’re getting the calls correct
  4. We’re relaxed now. Can’t put anyone away. It’ll probably be a close game
  5. I’d sure like to see Ehlinger not take a bunch more hits today
  6. Ehlinger is limping. Something from that previous series.
  7. Man I never have like that play where the QB rolls left away from his arm. Hardly ever works well
  8. AND NC St drives down and scores with about 2 minutes left
  9. Y’all see North Carolina? Had 8:32 till half, drove the field running the ball, 1st around the 10, run stuffed, QB run nothing, incomplete pass, field goal kicker misses a 22 yarder. Man I remember those days
  10. You know coaching hires that work other places don’t seem to work at Texas. I’m not for sure what it is. The culture? I just don’t know. We been pretty much down for 10 years. I’ve said in early post that I don’t want to get another young up and comer. Those just don’t hardly work out here. I want as close to a for sure thing as we can get. You’re not going to probably get an NFL guy that is currently successful. The only sure college guy that i see is a studio analyst right now. If anyone see any more for sure things, I’d be glad to hear it
  11. This is a make or break for Herman today. If they come in and lose and have their usual 10+ penalties, a blocked punt, couple of turnovers........then it’s just not going to work out. If this is the case, I’d probably do it now and let Urban come in and talk to all the commitments and give recruiting a shot in the arm.
  12. Yes that was a homerun moment for Trump. Did anyone think Biden may have had the questions before the debate. The moderator didn’t say no one has been given the questions in her opening like every other debate. It almost seems like he had rehearsed answers ready. Isn’t it crazy that American citizens can’t even get a fair debate anymore. Thanks Donna Brazile
  13. Well said. I agree. The only thing I would say is the rich do need to pay taxes. Jeff Bezos the richest person on the planet pays 0 taxes. I even heard he got a 120 million dollars rebate so not only didn’t pay taxes, he got paid. NOTE: I get that he produces alot of jobs and money for millions of people, but there is no reason these people like him don’t pay anything. I’m sure there are millions of rich people like him that pay nothing.......I.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and thousands of other countries. Everyone should have to pay something. I have no expectations that this will ever
  14. I can’t for the life of me see how anyone can look at Biden and think he is what we need running our country. People don’t realize how socialism works. We don’t need to be dependent on the government for every in our lives. Democrats know Biden wouldn’t make it a year in office. He’s a place holder for Kamala and the far left radicals
  15. Herman is a pretty good recruiter but I may be wrong it seems recruiting is not moving well this year. For some reason at Texas a coach can’t win with less talent. We get alot of 4 stars, a few 3 stars, and an occasional 5 star. No coach here has ever seen to be able to do more with less so recruiting better stay high or we can no chance on the field. Of course on the field effects recruiting so they kinda work together. One thing that gets me and I have commented on before is we seem late on a lot of recruits. We make less offers than all the elite programs. Herman said he wants an offer from
  16. Urban is a very high level recruiter. Probably one of the top recruiters in the country IMO

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