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  1. You can like Urban or hate Urban, but when he says someone is one of the best recruiters he’s ever been around......you got to listen to that. Urban really recruited well
  2. Saw where Clay Helton is being retained at USC FWIW
  3. We could get Chad Morris right now. Might have to wait on Kevin Steele
  4. I think you can have a fast and correct process both as you can have a slow an wrong process. I want the process to be correct regardless of the time. I just said I’m “hoping” it doesn’t take long because we have to keep recruiting good or the coaching choices really won’t matter. Just my opinion
  5. I hope Herman doesn’t take too long making these coaching hires. We need recruits to see what kind of scheme they are going to be committing too and who is going to be calling the shots. This HAS to be the correct hires but it doesn’t need to take forever figuring it out
  6. Saw where Juwan Mitchell went straight to the locker room and didn’t stay for the eyes of Texas
  7. No excuses but I was looking at our two deep and man we’re a young team and stack the massive amount of injuries it just hurt. I do think we need to see some changes but keep recruiting good and we should see better days ahead. I’m hopeful anyway
  8. I think Orlando stays and they hire an offensive coordinator and maybe a few position coaches IMO
  9. Going to be interesting to see what staff changes are made. I don’t think they’ll do anything until after the first signing period but I could be wrong
  10. I think these referees decided we need to get out of this weather so let’s don’t call pass interference. It’s been both sides and they haven’t called it
  11. Wow a tall receiver on a short DB. We ought to try that......maybe?
  12. At least we’re going to win the most penalty battle again today.
  13. Weak ass effort today. “We got to do a better job of getting them ready to play”
  14. CDC needs to look at this crowd today because it’s the biggest one he’s going to see for awhile. Spending all that money to expand the stadium and put a non competitive product on the field it’ll start being about half full. I’d cut bait and start over myself
  15. Here’s hoping that Tom Herman can put up a game tomorrow like he did when he was at Houston against Oklahoma, Florida St. or Louisville. Those were beat downs. That sure would make this a great Thanksgiving. Keep the Faith!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all the Horn fans out there. Have a great day and Hook ‘em!!!
  16. We really have to continue to try to recruit at the highest level on offensive and defensive linemen. So many games are decided right there. It’s a HUGE advantage when you can rush 3 guys and get home with it or cause a hurry. People are saying Sam held on to it too long but nobody was open. They’re are covering 4 guys with 8 guys. Not going to get much like that. Orlando was having to bring extra guys to try to get pressure. You look at these top teams offensive and defensive linemen and they are able to run the football and get to the QB. Play calling comes in too. I have said for years that Texas run game takes so long to develop. I hope we’ll eventually get there. Most likely some changes coming soon, I would think.
  17. I think they have to get rid of Herb Hand too. This is a total domination by Baylor’s front
  18. Big 12 official having their usual terrible day. We’ve never had this crew when they were not awful
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