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  1. I don’t think he can see the TelePrompter. They need to move it up or get him some glasses
  2. these people aren’t right in the head. Taxpayers waste
  3. Fauci said at the front that you don’t need to wear mask and then he said you do and then he said you don’t........Fauci has been wrong more than he has been right and so has the CDC. So Democrats are loving that they can blame it on Trump. This is China’s fault for letting this get loose......intentionally. Democrats bitched because he shut it down too quickly and then they saw the numbers and bitched because he didn’t shut it down quickly enough while Pelosi’s dumb ass was at Chinatown saying come on down. Bottom line is Trump could cure cancer and they would say it took him to long. Nothing
  4. Biden in 2016: "I would go forward with the confirmation process as chairman. Even a few months before a presidential election... just as the Constitution requires."
  5. Wow I finally agree with Hillary on something
  6. Herb Hand is retweeting Bryce Fosters tweets alot. Maybe there’s still a chance we get him or at least we haven’t given up
  7. I read some stuff on Josh Moore and I can tell you i am really happy for the young man. He got in trouble and could have just quit, but he was sorry and kept his head up. He kept working and stayed engaged in the program. He did his suspension and came back ready to play. We have seen enough to tell that he’s a really good player. He’s a good young man too. What I like is that he didn’t try to lie or blame anyone else. He said he got what he deserved. I am definitely a Josh Moore fan. He’s got a bright future.
  8. And Biden accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade. Nothing happened on Biden’s but I’m sure they’ll do a $30M dollar investigation into Trump. Kamala believed Biden’s accuser when she was running against him, but OH it’s silence now that he picked her. There are two sets of rules in this country and everybody knows it.
  9. Biden was only considering black females for the job. What happened to choosing the most qualified person regardless of race???
  10. I hope we kick UTEP around pretty good and send them home with a pocket full of money and then get ready for conference
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