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  1. Nope. Georgia failed fake punt on 4-11 with 3 minutes to go at mid field was mind blowing.
  2. I for one would be ok with that, Officiating sucked almost as bad as the Pickens crew a couple of years ago.
  3. I do not understand that logic at all. Without this game ou would have won the conference title straight up anyways even though we beat them in RRR
  4. This game summary: Numerous missed opportunities. We gave ou too many chances and didnt close out when we had had opportunities. Shot ourselves in the foot with god awful penalties. K Boyd was ou leading yard gainer in the first half. Buh-bye OL, no push or pocket
  5. Our defense is pathetic. Give up 42 points at home you deserve to lose. We cant stop the run or the pass. Total joke
  6. The score was alot closer then it should have been. They missed 2 FG's. I liked that Texas moved up into the top 10 but didnt believe we belonged there YET. This loss is the on the Defense. Sam looked tentative to me but still to give up 38 points and expect to win is unrealistic.
  7. I had a bad feeling coming into this game. Okie State scares me and no one was giving them a chance. Texas played poorly and they lost. Dropped balls, stupid penalties and run fits 101. This team isnt good enough to overcome that. The offsides on the punt was BS by the refs but still we cant let 1-3 flags determine the game. We spotted them a 3 score lead and this is what happens.
  8. Phantom calls or not, good teams put away lesser teams. We didnt. This isnt on the refs. We played like shit and deserve to lose.
  9. The last 10 years of Texas is losing games we should lose and losing games we shouldnt lose. This year they got half of that fixed, the prior. The latter still lurks. Kansas, Tech, Maryland, etc Sorry but it seems Texas has these flat games. No pride at all.
  10. Texas doesnt look like a top 10 team at all. Their S&P ranking is 38 or so and its showing. This game has a Maryland feel to it. No Defense. No Spark on offense.
  11. You are not the only one. Ugly win but its a W. This team scares me because they seem to play up to or down to the level of the competition.
  12. Yup, 3 point win or 21 point win both count the same. I will take this anyday. Still cant believe we blitzed GJ on Kylers TD run. Crazy!
  13. I dont want to hear one person talk about how great our defense is again. blowing 21 point lead
  14. I said Herman was a Fraud but who here didnt think that after losing 2 openers to Maryland and a shitty showing vs Fresno St.
  15. Besides HoeU this is the one game I wanted us to win. For 4+ years TCU and Patterson have been a thorn in our side. Good game. After the pathetic showing vs Maryland and Fresno St I thought it was over. Then again Herman lost some of those at UH as well....SMU is a prime example. Keep momentum up. Hook em
  16. This officiating crew sucks monkeys balls. Seriously how was that PI not called he was draped all over him. Total bullshit
  17. Very physical game on all fronts after a slow start. Great win. Now play the same way vs TCU please.
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