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  1. Herman better swallow his arrogant pride and hire a real OC and DC and not just "yes" men and let them do their job. Texas just seems cursed since the Mack Brown era. I liken Texas football to a cush federal prison for white collar guys go to ride out there time. The biggest bunch of underachievers I have ever seen on the field. All this BS talk about DBU has to stop. I remember reading so many undefeated preseason predictions and a slew of 1 to 2 losses. Well we have gone below that threshold already. For those following recruiting on a daily basis please tell me how TCU and Kansas can out play us with walk ons and 3 stars. This TCU team is no where near the level of past TCU teams and yet they still own us. There is no excuse for this trash. TCU has won 6 of the last 8 games. I swear to god if I hear that mensa bitch make one more comment about winning is really really really hard im gonna smack him off his perch. Hey Tom try being a fan and watching your team get outplayed and outcoached! its been a f##king decade since I have to seen a good Texas team. Orlando needs to take Lambo and get lost.
  2. Sam isnt Heisman worthy and Texas isnt top 25. Meanwhile Shane has SMU 7-0
  3. We are one slot ahead of Kansas in total defense. Texas - 120 Kansas - 121 Might as well roll Lucas JV team out there to play defense. This conference is a f##king joke. Trash video game football.
  4. We lost alot of experience from last years team. Talent rarely makes up for experience. Texas shouldnt be in the top 25. I am having my doubts on Orlando but not necessarily on Herman.
  5. Honestly I dont know why everyone is shocked. If you couldnt tell that this team wasnt as good as everyone was touting after the LSU and OSU game then I dont know what to say. Especially after the whooping tech put on okie state. Sams has struggled this year, erratic passes, throwing behind receivers. He doesnt seem the same as last year thats for sure. Our defense is aweful and young. Honestly we were lucky this game was this close. I hate losing to those booger eaters more than anyone else but this team isnt as good as last years team. Defensive youth and Sam's inconsistencies are the main reasons.
  6. Not the LSU of old but more like Big 12 offense. LSU is better than I thought, especially with the new passing offense. Our defense gave up way too many big plays but we managed to keep it close with our offense trading scores. The 2 failed red zone made the difference. For all them dumb SEC defense goons. I wasnt impressed with the SEC defense BS. Not sold on our defense. Our youth will hold us back this year.
  7. LSU made the plays when it mattered and we didnt. This defense needs to learn to cover. How these guys are so wide open is amazing
  8. Keep moving the chains and run the ball. We got this
  9. Cosmi owns Chassion. I see they are moving him around now. LOL
  10. Just heard from a credible source Kirk Herbstreit desperately wants to blow every LSU player
  11. Our defense is young and inexperienced and its showing big time. Sam's passes last week and tonight are pretty poor. As for the lil celebration K Chassion, someone please remind that POS he had to stunt up middle to get that sack BECAUSE COSMI is owning that shithead 1v1
  12. From all the interviews, news reports, rumors etc on both Bijan and Z Evans. I consider us lucky to have Robinson. Evans statements a few months back about us not being as good as Georgia and SEC turned me off. You watch any interview with Bijan and you see the excitement the kid has about joining us. He is a great talent and a good kid, very humble, always smiling. Evans can ride pine for all I care. He doesnt want to be here so...
  13. The unranked Coogs with a first year coach scored 31 on you. So do yourself a favor and STFU. Since you find things arent complicated and easy to figure out then tell us why your spooners gave up 241 yards on 42 carries to the almighty coogs. Its not just 5.7 yards per carry, its 5.7 yards per carry.....42 times buddy. Enlighten us with your trailer park wisdom. Hell I could probably rush for 200 on you guys......in a wheel chair.
  14. Not impressed with defense. Ossai and Green were very good, bur other than that tons of wrong angles, juked missed tackles/sacks, blown assignments. You can tell we lost some important players from last year. Dont kid yourself this isnt the defense from last year. Its raw and inexperienced but talented. Sam didnt seem on his passing game. Lots of throws behind or over receivers. All in all was good enough to thump LAT but LSU will require more. Ingrams moves remind me of Jamal Charles. Not as fast but the kid has some sweet moves. The OLine nightmare seems to be over finally. Atleast it wasnt Maryland.
  15. My pick for a breakout a season is J. Ossai. Young man is a beast
  16. No doubt. If I recall correctly wasnt there some buzz around Byron Hanspard that he couldnt read after graduating Tech? If true you have to wonder how that is even possible. Maybe it was someone else from Tech but I believe it was Hanspard. My memory isnt that great in my old age. Dexter Manley of OSU was another
  17. I know this isn't recruiting related but this is hilarious. JW moment was awesome.
  18. The butthurt on aggie forums reigns supreme. I especially love the Wasnt SEC good enough anyways We really wanted this 3 star anyhow Jimbo coaches up his players, dont worry The kid couldnt handle having to work for his spot. We dont go by stars, Jimbo goes after talent (apparently no1 else knows about) So agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggy. So pathetic. If the kid had announced for them does 1-5 still apply?
  19. I just found this stuff out yesterday, so this bad news is fresh to me.
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