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  1. It sure was headed that way through the first 15 minutes. Then again I predicted a 21 point win.
  2. So far... This is the result we all expected. Our boys just needed that second cup of coffee.
  3. However embarrassing this season has become we cant keep firing the HC every 3 years.
  4. Dont worry guys im speaking for NTG. Stop being negative and focus on the positive. We are going to wipe the floor Tech any moment now.
  5. Orlando was very successful at UH. Orlando's defense shut down Lamar Jackson and Louisville and basically ended his Heisman campaign. The one difference to me is Orlando had the luxury of having Ed Oliver on his DL which terrorized QB's and RB's. We havent had a great pass rush guy in the middle since big Macolm Brown. Our Dl recruiting has been shit for years. Koburn is good but he isnt Ed Oliver type
  6. Seriously do you really believe a few posts by disappointed fans on Hornsports is going to run off the Head Coach of Texas? and I do think Herman should get another year but with all the resources we have is Beck and Orlando the best we can get? I dont think so. Herman needs to hire good Coordinators and not just "yes" men. Thats just my opinion and I never wanted Fatterson. I dont think I saw anyone claiming they wanted that turd
  7. Where exactly did I see I wanted to hire Rhule over Herman. FACT: I was the biggest Herman fan on this freaking board in Charlies last year. I was thrilled when we hired Herman. This team is NOT performing anywhere near last year and its not just the defense. Stop making assumptions based on a single comment about comparing two HC's in their third year. Texas has had 2 top 3 recruiting classes back to back. Baylor was 35 & 29 or something like that. Are you saying Baylor has better talent and depth?
  8. Tell that to Matt Rhule https://www.houstonpress.com/news/herman-era-at-texas-has-become-a-clown-show-11389330
  9. Its been a recurring nightmare for the last decade. The let down this year is painful considering how well we did last year
  10. They did 3 years ago. This seems worse though after last year to regress this much. Our OL was man handled today
  11. I was watching the guys at LHN talk about comparing Baylor 3rd year vs our 3rd year and recruiting classes came up. I cringed when I heard one of them say you cant just go by stars because you dont know what you are going to get by just looking at stars. However true this is it reeks of excuses because I dont see Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson making those excuses
  12. I repeat.... Goals and predictions: Preseason: CFP birth, contend for a NC Next Lower Bar: Win Big 12 Next Lower Bar: Winning record vs Texas schools Next Lower Bar: ?? Dont worry guys Hermans got it all figured out. We have RapeU right where we want them. Now if we can get to page 3 in this thread we can be in harmony with the points Hermans offense has scored.
  13. Wasnt a shitshow? We had 2 weeks to prepare for KState and barely won at home with a last second field goal. Then they lose to Iowa State the following week so there is your shitshow.
  14. What Herman outcoached? Say it aint so!! DId you leave the ruby slippers at home? Sunshine pump machine is out or order today folks but fear not NTG, Chapstick should help those chapped lips from kissing Herman's overrated ass. You will probably need it after this weekend. Hopefully not but it seems inevitable doesnt it? I would say you sound kind of Negative Nancy but Realistic Ron is more like it. This team has regressed and not just on defense. Total Yards: Iowa State - 466 Texas - 327 If you couldnt see that after the Kansas game then maybe you should pull your head out of Hermans ass. Preseason was all about making playoffs and contending for a NC. Lower the bar, win the big 12 Lower the bar, In tom Hermans own words "Have a better record versus other in state schools" WTF is that? Oh wait "WERE TEXAS" There is a culture issue in this program. It starts with getting rid of LHN and all the other non football related BS that distracts from actually coaching a football team.
  15. Woohoo we beat Kstate by 3 points in a nail biter. What were TCU recruiting rankings the last 5 years? K-State's? Ours? Least they have coaches that can coach which is more than I can say about Herman
  16. Negative Nancy? F@#K you. I was referring to his salary at NDSU in 2018 when he was hired by Kstate. You might want to blow smoke up Herman ass and think hes the greatest but I prefer to let the product on the field by my deciding factor. I dont care who the coach is as long as they win and IMPROVE. This team is not improved over last years team and if thats being negative then so be it. My god this board is quickly becoming the BON sunshine pumpers
  17. Chris Klieman's salary 300k Tom Herman's salary 5 million How many top 10 classes has Kstate had? Zero Orlando and Washinton have to go. Im done watching this trash
  18. We were doomed as soon we cracked the TOP 10 and Sam was in the Heisman picture. This team underachieves when its supposed to win and then proceeds to get hopes up with the occasional big game win like Georgia. Sam, the OL, and the entire defense have not played up to expectations. Dont even get me started on play calling and the vanilla offense. Classic bait and switch since 2009
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