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  1. Agree. I just dont see him being a leader. He doesn't seem to have the fire in him, hes always subdued and seems timid. For a kid in H.S that "couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat" he has improved under Watson. For this team to get to the next level we need a confident leader at QB
  2. I know I will probably get flamed for bashing Swoopes. Apparently he is the future of this longhorn program to most on this forum. Hes improving, hes inexperienced, it takes time to mature, blah blah blah blah. Swoopes vs JT Barrett Barrett as a first year starter. Barrett leads his team and is in talks about Heisman, while everyone here talks about "the potential" of Swoopes and how Watson will make this kid the next "TEDDY"! LOL QB = Leader = Swoopes?
  3. You mean the TCU team that almost lost to the Kansas Jayhawks? The same Kansas team that has been the cellar dwellar for 3 yrs now? Baylor? Ah the team that just gave up 28 points to OSU cowboys who havent had any offense since they lost their starter QB. Now a true frosh QB is ripping them apart. Yea somehow I can see both TCU and Baylor beating Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss St, Auburn, LSU....(*cough)
  4. Its amazing how many people are just content with mediocre. After watching Brown in his first game beat OU. Watching Colt with his 170 qb rating his frosh year. And hearing how this kid is improving every game is such BS. He played better his first 2 games than he has his last 4 with exception to OSU game. Hes about as consistent as Rose. I bet you where the tagging Rose as the next Phil Dawson after he nailed the 50 yarder. Then sat down after he punked a 27 yarder
  5. Maybe im just spoiled after watching VY and Colt. I wasnt even a fan of Case but I would love to have him back over Swoopes.
  6. You must be blind and therefore doesnt matter at all what you think
  7. What a joke. 5-6 passes from your famed swoopes is like under 8 yards. Swoopes is not the future of this team. Only scabs like you defend such mediocre play
  8. JUCO QB Jake Hubenak - a must! I dont believe Swoopes is not a championship QB. Everyone loves this kid after one good game then he has a subpar game. He has great games like he did in OU and UCLA then has a 30% completion in a 3 game stretch. Inconsistent and awkward. Maybe I have just been spoiled after watching Colt in his first season or even James brown in his first career start at OU We also need a consistent kicker. Rose strong leg makes a 50 yarder then misses a PAT and 27 yarder
  9. Nah hes totally awkward and painful to watch at QB. How many times does he have to run into our RB during handoffs? He did it against twice vs WV and fumbled because of it in OSU game. Everyone says hes athletic but DL chase him down. Hes about athletic as a 3 legged elephant. Besides I believe we heard it all when Watson was talking opening it up in the Spring. Swoopes went what 1-9 his senior season? I just dont see it. The kid has a great game then a horrible game. Unless its screens, curls, flare passes ( ala Troy Aikman at UCLA ) he can barely complete 30% of his passes in 3 games. Hes a good kid but a chamionship QB he is not. I bet he doesnt get the start next year.
  10. I meant Marcus Johnson WR-Z, maybe i was too busy trying to like my own post.
  11. First of all I am not a fan of Swoopes. I wish Texas had offered Barret instead but since we are stuck with him as long as he can play close to how he did vs UCLA, OU or OSU then we have a chance of beating TCU. Hes just so inconsistent. After watching the Aggies defense they better hope to play someone else besides Texas in a bowl. Vance and Strong's D will rip their offense apart.
  12. You know you like, wait it doesnt matter this isnt fb
  13. While I would like to think things are coming together, I am more skeptical than most. I like Strong and believe he is a good guy. My biggest concerns: 1. "Dual OC's" and the spotty play calling. Every game we hear its all about execution. Seems to be the convientent excuse. Such as running Grey on 4th and short instead of Brown(better short yardage). It just seems the second half the other teams make adjustments and Texas just does the same thing. So many 3 and out in second half its embarassing. 2. Swoopes. I am not sold on this kid at all. He makes tons mistakes every game. Against Tech throwing behind Griffin on a slant route which he had the guy beat by 5 yards with nothing but green in front. Did the same thing to Harris yesterday. Its like every deep ball is more of a jump ball, or Texas recievers trying to stop in stride and turning around. Last night in 2nd half: 1st Down - Bobble the ball and fall down barely handing it off to M Brown. 2nd Down - Trips his own rb M Brown during hand off. 3rd Down - Throws a ball almost intercepted after being picked off the previous drive. The kid just doesnt seem to have the motivation or heart if you will to be an elite QB at Texas. Hes not a leader and I dont see him becoming one. People talk about his athletic ability, but hes not smooth or graceful and watching him trying to outrun pressure is like watching a 3 legged elephant trying to run. I hope Heard gets the nod next year after red shirting
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