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  1. Whitmer is afraid you might infect your stock in your pond on your own land. Someone might want to tell her COVID-19 only affects mammals but she probably doesnt know the difference. Goofball Emocrats.
  2. Public companies shouldn't be given a government bailout. They have other means of raising capitol such as selling bonds or secondary offerings. Its absurd how our government rewards incompetence. Buy back billions of dollars of your own stock every year then require tax funded bailout to keep from laying off employees. I didnt file for PPP or unemployment., We saved our money. This bullshit is very much like th financial crisis in 2009 where we help the irresponsible people buying homes they couldnt afford and bailing out corporations because of their bad loans, etc. As a small business owner we have prepared to weather the next down turn and now our tax payer dollars are going to Boeing because they were irresponsible for a decade? F@#K them. Not to mention Delta and the other airlines. They ask for help now but I swear the baggage fees and flight cancellation fees etc F@#K them too. This will be around until there is a vaccine and will probably spike again. China screwed us all. They could have been more transparent. They could have cut off international flights into and out of Wuhan when they cut off their own domestic flights. I agree though at some point the economic damage from this will be far worse than the virus itself. We lost every job since 2009 in just a matter of weeks. That damage will take YEARS if not another decade to come back. Every crisis brings about more government trampling on your right. The patriot act was abused and this tracking bullshit is no different. Some people couldnt care less about their right and privacy, I am not one of them. /end rant
  3. You could see the effort by our guys for sure. Ingram, Sam, Ossai, Graham, Adimora, etc. Loved seeing Jaquess(sp) LB bring the old school beefy LB back for a day. As Griffin mentioned, we out schemed Utah. Roach also mentioned in post game they basically learned a new defense the last few weeks. Utah didnt seem prepared but then again we came out with a better scheme and intent. Great way to end the season. Hopefully we can find consistency next year
  4. I keep hearing this but Utah has not beaten anyone notable. They were steam rolled by Oregon and us the last 2 games Outside of Oregon the PAC12 has been terrible as a whole. Only 3 teams have a winning record in conference play. Seriously 9 losing records in conference play? Even USC got steamrolled by Iowa and they were one of the 3 teams. We played lights out with a very aggressive defense. My first reaction was "Overrated..." /chant. Its either that or you have to wonder what the hell is going on. If we can trounce Utah like that where was this team the last 6 games. I cut off LHN after they started "You have to be excited about next year...This is a great stepping stone" That sounds familiar after last years Sugar bowl. My notes - Ossai was a beast. Unleash the beast kiddo. - DevDuv made some amazing catches. You will be missed - Jamison has some jets. Kind of reminds me of Ramonce Taylor
  5. Our defense, wow. Where was this type of swarming defense all year long?
  6. It was just last year when everyone demanded we back up the money trucks and give me a contract extension!
  7. Just remember the honeymoon factor. Everyone begged Vance Bedford to stay after year one, when he was interviewing whatever that was. Look how that turned out. Everyone loved the Mehringer hire. The Orlando Defense. Wickline.... On and on and on the merry go round goes. Its just the norm to over inflate new coaches and worship them until 3 years of suckage then we cant wait to fire them. We are quick to make excuses with injuries, youth, blah blah until the pain threshold wears us down then we fire them and rinse and repeat this Groundhog day shit all over again. The truth is our OL was not improved. Just let the results speak for themselves and ignore the fantasy hire hype. But alas we will all do the same thing with Ash and whoever the OC is. It just our nature as deprived fans. Hopefully it will be different this time but leave the hype at the door. The saying for us should be "fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice....oh screw it I will let you continue to fool me for another decade." Stay committed to the school and not the coaches.
  8. Reading this thread hurts my brain. So much speculation, despair, joy...its like the bipolar GF I had in HS
  9. I heard from a sources source that GH could be or may not be hired. This game is like pissing in the wind. We will know when we know until then its clickbait, gossip, rumors and teenage emotions running wild. Try to enjoy the holiday season.
  10. I would take a pay cut to get out of California. People in California are just weirdos. Spray painting grass green, rolling blackouts, can never water your grass. Plus the people kind of act like aliens. Just flat out weird.
  11. Thank god I am not the only one that sees this. This should be a sticky.
  12. I wonder if this had anything to do with the Eagles transfer rumors
  13. No big surprise though. Kansas PPG is 95th in the nation with an average of 23.5 PPG yet we gave up 48 to them
  14. I criticize Herman, and rightfully so, but I dont think we should fire him....yet. I would give him 2 more years unless next year is a complete dumpster fire. BTW no I dont think making a bowl game is a dumpster fire but considering the preseason expectations, this year was shit and everyone knows it. FFS we beat Georgia in last years sugar bowl game only to beat Kansas by 2 points. Kansas State by 3 points. Sorry but Kansas is 1-8 in conference and 3-9 overall. They are no Baylor. This team has played down to almost every opponent's level since the ou loss The second half of this season wasnt good and he is the HC. My allegiance is to the school not any HC. Hermans arrogance probably has soemthing to do with it as well. Im fine with him being a Mensa ass as long as this team is playing up to their potential and he didnt get it done.
  15. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure Devin Duvernay got out of his LOI after the Rape U Briles incident to sign with Texas. His brother then transferred later. Here it is: https://www.espn.com/college-football/recruiting/story/_/id/16420869/former-baylor-committ-devin-duvernay-chooses-texas-reopening-recruitment
  16. Yea I have been craving this kind of effort and execution since the ou game. Something has changed. Even the effort is noticable which wasnt there in 1st qtr
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