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  1. Still haven't seen WLM. Does the W key not work on your device? Well firefighters and chefs are not under daily assault are they. So yes it is appropriate. Didn't think that needed an explanation given the current state of affairs but anyways there you go.
  2. Police. Not really a race but its appropriate
  3. We can go one further. You can say WLM too and PLM. I''ll go first. BLM
  4. New York Times..... Its gun violence obviously. Has nothing to do with the war on police and failing mayor. Its probably linked to Trump and Russia somehow.
  5. China reports suspected case of bubonic plague in Inner Mongolia https://www.foxnews.com/world/china-bubonic-plague-inner-mongolia
  6. Trump isn't God. Its a virus for god sake its not like customs can impound it at the airport. I mean I get it, some you guys hate Trump and that is fine. I remember Biden saying Trump was Xenophobic for travel banning China but now Biden says he would done it sooner. The guy is a genius, Biden would have probably figured out a way to help China profit off US deaths. Not to mention the poor sap probably wont even remember his own name in 6 months from now. If trump cured cancer, I am sure some you would blame him for putting doctors out of work. The hypocrisy of local governments citing people for attending church services during the lock down but allowing thousands to protest in the streets is no problem. I wonder why? Both benefit the Democrats agenda. Keep the economy suppressed and cause civil unrest.
  7. Happy Independence Day Everyone!!! The USA = Love it or Leave it!
  8. Christ is my savior. I don't care what color Jesus is, why should anyone else? Its like building your dream home then deciding to demo it because you don't like the color of the drapes. It just wrong man. White Supremacy and Racism has been used to excuse bad behavior and radical socialist ideas that its lost its affect. I am speaking for myself. The more this kind of stupid crap happens man the more the average American realizes this isn't a race war. Its war on America itself. Wipe away its history, the good and bad, and dismantle it from within like a virus. Let me be very clear I am not talking about actual racist issues. I am talking about the groups that use racist issues as an excuse to destroy this country. The wolf in sheeps clothing man.
  9. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King says statues of Jesus Christ should be torn down — but just the white ones https://www.theblaze.com/news/black-lives-matter-activist-shaun-king-says-statues-of-jesus-christ-should-be-torn-down-but-just-the-white-ones
  10. They will say that is different because most them were killed by other black people. Not sure why that matters. If BLM wants to do some righteous work then they should protest at gang and drug dealer homes in Chicago. But you wont see it is my guess. @83Dee has it right, its a play on words. If your against the radical ideas of BLM then you are a racist and dont think black lives matter. The two can be separated. I do find it kind of humorous how the word WOKE is used because its my opinion they are asleep to the bigger picture.
  11. I follow the markets everyday. DIS and NKE are up since the March lows because of exposure to the China market, not US sales. Those are just a few examples. These companies are only thinking $$$ in China they couldn't care less about the USA. DIS films and theme parks in China. Why do you think every movie is now superhero garbage. Because that's what China wants and these companies will bend over backwards for the China Communist party to get a piece of it. Watch Mackie about 1:20 mark.
  12. Ah. I didnt realize he was on probation. I guess that plus the impairment contributed to the poor decision.
  13. Here's just a wild and crazy thought. Maybe Mr Brooks shouldn't have tried to avoid arrest, assault the officers, steal a taser gun, shoot the taser at the officer, and run from them. All for a DUI which would have been alcohol counseling probably. Would anyone here had done that? I know I wouldn't have. As for Floyd. The cops deserve what they have coming to them. No excuse whatsoever, that was murder.
  14. People that hate America can move to Cuba for all I care. I have niece that has told me on numerous occasions she hates what the USA stands for and wishes we were more like the EU. I asked her has she ever lived in EU? She replied no obviously. Then I said how do you know then. Hint some teacher told her so. Indoctrination begins very early.
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