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    tejasrulz reacted to North Texas Golfer in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Yes, it will be a bad look. If, and when, it actually happens. Getting fonged is not the same thing as committing and/or signing. Pretty sure that this time last year, Collins was fonged to aggie. 
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    tejasrulz reacted to North Texas Golfer in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Damn, you give up easily. I mean come on man. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from dillohorn in ***Game Thread: #1 Baylor at Texas***   
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in *****Game Thread - Texas vs. Texas Tech*****   
    Twice in one day

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    tejasrulz reacted to Sirhornsalot in *****Game Thread - Texas vs. Texas Tech*****   
    I could be wrong, but I don't think he gets fired. Too much money to buy out, buy out staff, replace with more too much money to hire new guy and staff. Plus, that 5-star out at Vandergrift says Shaka goes, he won't come.
    All that said . . . fire shaka
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
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    tejasrulz reacted to TexCoyote in **National Signing Day Thread**   
    I want to start playing every week the way we play against Utah and Georgia....... and in spurts other times (see Tech Texas game 2nd half). Hopefully with the last class and now this class we’re on our way to seeing that. I don’t like 21-20 games. I like beatdowns. We will see soon. 
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    tejasrulz reacted to HornSports Staff in 5 -Star Cedar Creek DE Alfred Collins commits to Texas   
    Texas just landed a National Signing Day goldmine.
    The top uncommitted player in the state made it official on Wednesday afternoon when he signed with Texas after an up-and-down recruitment that saw the Longhorns in the thick of things the whole way.
    Collins chose Texas over Oklahoma and Alabama after whittling down to those three last week. Other schools in the running in the last month have included Baylor and LSU.
    Baylor made it interesting in late December, causing Texas fans to worry a bit on how solid of a possibility Collins could become, but following the departure of Matt Rhule, Collins eliminated Baylor from contention.
    Collins is ranked as the 62nd best player in the country, according to 247Sports Composite rankings. He is the 2nd overall strong-side defensive end and the 8th ranked recruit in the state of Texas.
    Name: Alfred Collins
    Position: SDE
    High School: Cedar Creek
    Hometown: Bastrop, Texas
    Height: 6’5″
    Weight: 284 pounds
    Vertical: 29.3″
    40-yard dash: 5.00 sec
    Shuttle: 4.44 sec

    Size – Collins is already a monster at 6’5″, 284 pounds, but he still has room to fill into a long frame. His potential to grow under an offseason program at Texas is sky-high, but even at his current size, he poses a challenge for the majority of the players in the country.
    Hustle – In watching Collins’ film, you can quickly see that he is not one to give up on plays, even if it is on the other side of the field. To have a defensive end that plays until the whistle, no matter the result, is huge for any team, but at the college level, it can be a game-changing trait.
    Strength – Collins hasn’t had many issues against 5A talent in the Austin area, but after seeing his performance at the All-American Bowl against some of the nation’s elite talent, he still was as dominant at the point of attack from an upper-body standpoint. Size, you can’t teach, but with strength, it takes a disciplined kid willing to get in the weight room to improve. Collins has just that.
    Getting thru the Double-Team – Some of the biggest issues that Collins faced during his time at Cedar Creek was maneuvering through the double-team on a consistent basis. If his dominance translates to the next level, he will have to get better at fighting off two linemen on the pass rush.
    IQ – Collins is a smart player, don’t get me wrong. But at the power five level, there are some things he can improve on in getting to know the game and making correct decisions. He is still relatively raw from a knowledge standpoint, but can improve under the correct coaching.
    Alfred Collins is Texas’ third defensive lineman in the 2020 class, joining Vernon Broughton and Sawyer Goram-Welch. Texas searched out a dominant defensive lineman in this class, someone that could be reminiscent of Breckyn Hager or Charles Omenihu, and it seems as though they have just that in Collins. With proper development, Collins could be the best defensive lineman Texas has seen in the last decade.
    Collins will enter Austin as a bit of a project, but with a ton of upside. If you were to rank the ceilings of each player in the Longhorns’ 2020 class, Collins would arguably have the highest of all. In working with defensive line coach Oscar Giles and the return of a four-man front under Chris Ash, Collins should be able to succeed on the Forty Acres with ease.
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Coot in **National Signing Day Thread**   
    Collins picks Texas!
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    tejasrulz reacted to TFloss32 in **National Signing Day Thread**   
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from NEOkHorn in **National Signing Day Thread**   
    Collins picks Texas!
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from UTfish in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Long read but very interesting, thanks for posting.
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    TFloss stated on a the national signing day thread that this was not a real offer. 
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in **National Signing Day Thread**   
    Princely picked Florida
  15. Haha
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    tejasrulz reacted to HornSports Staff in 4-Star Athlete and East Texas product Kelvontay Dixon commits to Texas   
    The Longhorns have landed yet another SEC flip at the wide receiver position, this time in East Texas play-maker Kelvontay Dixon. Dixon, who plays for Carthage, committed to Arkansas in last summer after being heavily recruited by then Razorbacks running backs coach and former Texas Tight Ends/Special Teams Coach Jeff Traylor. Traylor, now head coach at UTSA, has a strong East Texas  prowess which played a significant factor in Dixon’s interest in Arkansas. But the Longhorns worked their magic, ultimately flipping Dixon from Fayettville to Austin, where he will join his older brother Keaontay Ingram. He becomes Texas’ 18th commit in a loaded 2020 class and joins Dajon Harrison and Troy Omiere as the wide receiver commits in the class.
    While Dixon’s services are mainly used at the wide receiver position, the four-star athlete is extremely versatile in offensive skill positions. He ranks as the 15th best athlete in the country and 342nd best player overall according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.
    Player Information
    Name: Kelvontay Dixon
    Position: WR/RB
    High School: Carthage
    City, State: Carthage, Texas
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 183

    Three Best Traits
    Versatility – Dixon has the ability to line up at every skill position for the Longhorns as he has lined up in the backfield, slot, and wideout in just about every game for the Wildcats this season. A true athlete that can play where he is needed is crucial when the team is banged up.
    Speed – Having a trackster on your offense is never a bad idea, but having a three-time state medalist trackster on your offense is a difference-maker. Having anchored Carthage’s third-place 4×100 relay team in the spring, Dixon’s length gives him a speed advantage over the majority of defenders that he will line up against.
    Special Teams – We saw early in 2019 how the unreliability of a kick returner can be near-disastrous, but with Dixon joining the team in 2020, his impact in the return game can be seen immediately if the coaching staff chooses.
    Areas for Improvement
    Size – While still a little less bulky for a true wideout, Dixon could use some muscle in his upper frame to help with 50-50 balls against Big 12 defenders. An extra 10 pounds would be huge for Dixon’s development before making it to Austin.
    Route Running – Despite not being a true wideout, it is likely that that is what he will become at the next level. His route running skills need a bit of work before reaching campus, but with improvements in footwork and explosiveness on cuts, Dixon has the ability to reach that level before the season is over.
    This lines up to be the perfect marriage of a versatile skill player and an offense that uses guys all over the field. Texas has brought in similar players to Dixon in recent years with Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Jordan Whittington, and Jerrod Heard – all possessing a great ability to play at different positions and thrive. Early on, Dixon could be seen in more slot and running back situations, but he has the potential to be a star wide receiver in his upperclassmen years.
    Final Verdict
    Dixon joins a loaded wide receiver room alongside Harrison and Omiere. By the time he reaches upperclassman status, the wide receiver corps could feature him alongside Jake Smith, Marcus Washington, Malcolm Epps, Al’Vonte Woodard, and Kennedy Lewis. The Texas staff and new OC Mike Yurcich must be thrilled with the weapon that they have acquired in Dixon as he is primed to have a bright future on the Forty Acres.
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from primal defense in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Not a fan of jerrah at all so if his grandson does come to Texas, I hope the kid is nothing like him!
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    tejasrulz reacted to Sirhornsalot in February Landscapes – Don't let Mother Nature tempt you! Winter is not over   
    Don't let Mother Nature tempt you! Winter isn't over!
    Warmer than normal temperatures cause some to want to get their spring on early
    Another mild, sometimes spring-like winter comes and goes in Texas. Right?
    Not so fast.
    The weather we’ve seen in January has left us wanting to go outside and get our hands into something. Anything. Its been unseasonably warm and with above average rainfall for January. You’ve been cooped up this winter and can’t wait to get outside.
    Let me caution you that its way too early to begin spring plantings, way too early to fertilize a lawn, way too early for just about anything we’d normally do in spring. Even though it feels much like spring right now.
    In fact, the National Weather Service will be issuing a Winter Storm Warning for much of Texas this week. That is Texas weather in a nutshell. Crazy.
    What would happen if you applied fertilizer to your lawn at this time of year? It would likely stunt the growth of your turf for the first few months of spring. While it would be green, you’d likely see shorter blades and strange/deformed growth. And thats really a headache you want to avoid.
    Grass, like flowers, requires sunlight to really gets its growth going. During winter, we don’t get much and what we do get is at such an angle that its benefits are limited.
    What would happen if you planted spring flowers during February or March? They’d likely die during the first cold wave that sends temperatures below freezing. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it many times. A homeowner, anxious to get the curb appeal going, runs out and spends $500 on spring flowers and a day or so later he sees a freeze. Ugh.
    Yesterday, I saw a homeowner removing the burlap wraps from his Palm trees. Now, with the expected winter weather, he’s probably racing out to put those wraps back on.
    Be patient. Stay on the usual schedule. Old Man Winter always has his say in Texas. It only takes one of his visits to wreck an early bird in the garden.
    So what should we be doing this month?
    Hopefully, you have your lawn and bed pre-emergent down by now. If not, do it now.
    This is a good month to put down new mulch if you didn’t do that in Fall. If you have Live Oaks near your beds, then hold off until the March molt is finished (leaf drop) otherwise you may be blowing a lot of that mulch out when you go to remove the Live Oak leaves.

    Correct pruning, as illustrated above.
    – One item I’d like to discuss in more detail, however, is the trimming of Crape Myrtles that regularly occurs this month. February is the month most folks get their Crapes trimmed because new growth will start emerging in March. 
    I do not endorse the hacking method of trimming Crape Myrtles. This is the sight you often see each year where the trunks are cut abruptly before the first branches. The end result looks like sticks sticking up from the ground. This is an awful look and an awful habit.
    Crapes can be “knubbed” approximately three inches above the knuckles. Otherwise, Crapes should be trimmed the same way we trim other trees.

    Incorrect pruning, above.
    Crape Myrtles are one of those species that feature an irregular growth habit. To maintain their beauty and shape, the irregular growth has to be removed. Irregular growth would be limbs that grow across the inside canopy to the opposite side, or are laying on top of another branch, etc.
    – Around the last 10 days of February, you will want to feed your beds. I prefer a granular time release product that ranges in the 10-5-4 nutrient ratio. Using a time release product will ensure that you’ll get those nutrients to your landscape plants around the same time they begin coming out of winter dormancy. Just toss the product by hand, making sure not to let it sit next to the trunks.
    – If you’re hoping to install a new landscape or redo your current one, this is a good time to initiate contact with your preferred landscape contractor. Get the consultation done. Get the estimate and design drawings done. Get the decisions made. That way your installation will be a timely spring installation. In many types of projects, permits may be required for the job. So that process can take some time as well.
    – If you have a small vegetable garden, now is the time to get your onions planted. Don’t wait any longer. Plant potatoes around Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to plant the potatoes with Potash mixed into your soil!
    – Now is a great time to plant a new tree. No matter the size, it is beneficial to get them planted now so they’ll have the spring to get acclimated before the brunt of the summer sun begins taking effect. The larger the window of time between now and July 1, the better.
    If you have any questions, fire away!
    (Mark’s column each month is sponsored by Stagecoach Trailers, Inc., of Naples, Texas. Find them at www.stagecoachtrailers.com)

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    tejasrulz reacted to TexCoyote in *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. IOWA STATE*****   
    Good win. Down most of the way and fought till the end. Happy for the team. I really don’t care what it looks like if we get the W. I’ll take those W’s anyway we can get them 
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from UTfish in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    Not sure I understand the love of socialism in this country but we're slowly heading there
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Baron in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    Not sure I understand the love of socialism in this country but we're slowly heading there
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Earl Nobis Jefferson in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    He only received the 5th star cause he is leaning to tu/sips, it's rigged! - aggy  
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    tejasrulz reacted to Aaron Carrara in Texas Baseball Season is Almost here   
    Its gonna be 
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from UTfish in Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash in Calabasas   
    Imagine the wife, she lost her husband and oldest daughter to the same tragedy. May God be with her.
    The death toll originally was 5, now they're reporting 9 people were onboard with some of them possibly being children.
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    tejasrulz got a reaction from Sirhornsalot in *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS VS. LSU*****   
    I don't believe Texas will spend $23M to fire a basketball coach so we are stuck with Smart for at least a couple of more years.
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