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  1. Agree, the young man is a stud! He appears to be even a better person which makes it even better.
  2. After crapping the bed against LSU, aggy needs to worry about keeping the commits they have
  3. Count your blessings, we could be aggy and be stuck with Jimbo Fisher.
  4. After losing the 1st set, the Horns came back to beat Iowa St 3-1. Selection show is tomorrow. I suspect Texas will be the #4 seed overall.
  5. The kid is a verified stud. If he isn't newcomer of the year, then it's fixed.
  6. While we're at it, have Art Briles as OC. What a combo eh?
  7. Devin DuVernay and that big OL that had to give up football started at Baylor before coming to Texas. Just reading the last 2 pages of this thread is confusing. I was at the game today but I walked out thinking Texas had won? Was my beer spiked with LSD or something?
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I know I give yall a friendly razzing when yall pick against the Horns in the predication thread but yall do a great job on this web-site. Thank you very much staff!
  9. Texas is #4 in coaches poll, #3 in RPI. Beat Iowa St and they should be a top 4 seed.
  10. What's funny is aggy hasn't beaten 1 team with a winning record this year yet they want to talk trash?
  11. Some things I have noticed. Not having Johnson these past 3 weeks have hurt. He along with Devin give the Horns 2 quality targets that the defense have to cover. Sam also needs to throw to all his receivers. Several times Jake was open and Sam didn't throw to him. One time was his only INT where had he thrown to Jake, it would have moved the chains. Jake caught his first pass/target with a little over 5 mins left in the game. Before then I was wondering why Baylor even bothered to cover him. Sam needs to throw the ball away. Not all the sacks are on him but many are. This statement seems redundant since it's been said many times before. OLine needs work (hello Captain Obvious). The D has actually played pretty well overall the past 3 games. Take away their stupid penalties and a couple of broken plays and it would almost be great. Not that it would have changed the outcome of the game but the PI on Jamison on Baylor's last drive was total BS. Even the commentators, who were highly bias for Baylor, stated as such. Really bad call but not surprised coming from Mr. Muscles crew.
  12. I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that his wife is in town looking at houses. Too soon?
  13. After stumbling in the first set, Texas came back to beat Kansas last night 3-1. The announcers were talking about seeding and they felt that both Texas and Baylor will be top 4 seeds if they win out based on SOS and RPI. The ladies have a tough road game vs Iowa St this week so we'll see after that.
  14. This crew should never do another Texas game ever. Del Conte and Herman should demand this.
  15. If your scenario plays out, it will be Texas at #5. So nothing personal but I hope you're wrong.
  16. I was watching the game thus only posted at half time. The Horns shot well in the 1st half but went cold in a stretch in the 2nd which hurt. Interesting stat of the game, Horns were 9-10 from the FT line (all in the 2nd half) while Georgetown was 21-28. There was one replay where Hamm was pulling down a board and Yurtseven came over his back, hammered his arm and the ball went out of bounds. The call? Hoyas ball. The Horns started getting some calls but by then the damage was done.
  17. Going to be hard for the committee to overlook that both Texas and Baylor, if they both win out, will have very high SOS/RPI. Texas has lost 3 games, all on the road and to ranked teams (#3, #4 & #21) by the score of 2-3. Their wins include #3 Baylor (3-0), #7 Minn (3-0) and #13 BYU (3-1). They also have beaten aggy (3-0) and USC (3-1), both who are sitting between #26 & #30.
  18. The ladies lost last night in Waco to Baylor 2-3. They dropped the first 2 sets then rallied to win the next 2 forcing a 5th set. They are still tied for 1st in the BIG XII and should stay in the top 4 nationally which in volleyball is key.
  19. I'll guess Jake Smith. It's a shame cause I see him taking Devin's spot next year. Of course, he could be homesick. Austin sure is a lot closer to Bastrop than ou or Baylor. Hopefully he will want to stay close to home.
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