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  1. Horns are looking good! I hope Turner stays more than 1 year!
  2. It is called the SEC point curve. We call it something else in my neighborhood.
  3. I loved Holmes' reaction after hitting that last second shot against Kansas St!
  4. Didn't he just commit to Iowa St a week or so ago? If Wickline wants him, I want him. He did a hell of a job yesterday with 5 players!
  5. Could mean that John Burt will keep his commitment as well. Something tells me he just wants to be close to home which I understand. Auburn aggy out aggy'ed Texas aggy.
  6. I thought the exictment was due to their recruiting, not this year's team?
  7. Before I saw any of the respones, my answer was DT - Malcom Brown. After seeing the responses, it's the same answer. He's having a great year.
  8. Any word on what Ketchum thinks of West Virginians? I laughed
  9. A&M is going to be torched next weekend. FIFY
  10. Up 34-13 late in the game. Our punter shanks it, Strong meets him at the side-line and chews his butt. Yep, I likey!
  11. I just saw it twice but I thought it was a clear fumble. I just heard that the kid broke his ankle on that play which is a shame.
  12. I hope that Ol Miss WR is alright but that should be an Auburn touchback. They just said it was.
  13. Saw this on another board so I can't take credit but he's probably thankful he doesn't have to wear that butt-ugly uniform!
  14. If I was only younger, taller and better looking, Molly McCage would be mine!
  15. Newbie here. Thanks for the welcome. ou sucks and Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU. Did you also know that Shipley and McCoy were roomates?
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