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  1. I'm sure aggy is saying right now "He isn't $ec good enough, don't want"
  2. Maybe I read incorrectly but of a 7 person committee, 3 voted yea, 3 abstained and 1, from Mt Vernon, wasn't allowed to vote. Oh well, I've seen it before where a mom and/or dad gets a job in a different town just as their stud son reaches high school. I guess things haven't changed much in the past 40 - 50 years.
  3. Here's an updated story. IMHO, seems a tad shady. Thoughts? https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2019/09/18/two-mount-vernon-players-coached-by-former-baylor-coach-art-briles-ruled-eligible-to-play-at-dec-hearing/
  4. If true, the town of Mt Vernon should be proud. What did they really expect? https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/art-briles-is-already-being-accused-of-cheating-at-texas-high-school-because-of-course-he-is/ar-AAHua3j?ocid=spartanntp
  5. Someone on this board predicted this young man would have a break out season and in the first 2 games Ossai is making that person look like Nostradamus.
  6. He could do his undergrad at Texas then go to a&m for vet school (it is one of the best in the country). Worked for Ted Koy.
  7. It probably wont be a sellout but should have around 90k fans there.
  8. In fairness to Collin Johnson, it seemed he was fighting double coverage on almost every play which made it easier for the other WRs to be opened.
  9. Thread is gone. Care to elaborate what all happened?
  10. Well maybe now you can take that honeymoon! Best of luck to you sir and thank you for all you have done! As someone mentioned above, don't be a stranger.
  11. Great point and one I made to my friends as we walked out of the stadium. I remember his brother (?) or someone posted a video of him last year and it was impressive. Obvious choice for me. His name was called all night long and yes, that should have been 2 INTs with 1 TD. I would love to know what Herman said to the refs after that play when he called them over. Very good write-up over all, thanks!
  12. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if the refs were a Big XII or Conference USA crew?
  13. I just got home from the game so is this the "roughing the passer" call that appeared live to be a defender laying on the ground and using his arms to try and tackle the QB during a pick 6? I can't wait to see the replay because live it appear to be a horrible call! The side judge on the La Tech side was horrible! His grade for this game will be low.
  14. Yea, I'm seeing it down here in the Austin area but nothing official yet. Appears he was on a motorcycle, with a female passenger on back, when a minivan pulled out in front of them on 2222. They are probably trying to alert family before releasing the names.
  15. Any young man who uses music from Phil Collins in his video is alright in my book!
  16. His HS coach is an aggy (nice guy really) so I can see this.
  17. Thank you for the great advice and tips as always Sir! BTW, I always load my spreader on the driveway. Like you stated, easier to clean up!
  18. I've been to many Texas vs ou games, many games at DKR (season ticket holder for almost 40 yrs now) and saw Texas play LSU in the Cotton Bowl when Simms was a senior. Based on the above, I would go to Texas vs LSU this year. Simply because Texas and ou play every year, LSU doesn't visit Austin that often. Sad thing is I wont be able to attend the Texas vs LSU game this year but my daughter gets my tickets. Hope you're able to score some!
  19. He seemed emotional after his decision, i.e. tears of joy. Happy for the young man, HOOK'EM!
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