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  1. I too thought Smart was a great hire, just shows you how much I know. However the ou and Tech games this year opened my eyes. I still think due to the $$$ they will bring him back however the percentage of him coming back is getting lower and lower as this year plays out.
  2. Yea, that was pretty telling. In all the others I have been sent, the basketball team has been mentioned. Not a good sign for Smart. In my original post, I forgot to state it was men's basketball since the women's team was mentioned. However, I think yall knew what I meant.
  3. In Del Conte's latest email ( I receive because I buy football season tickets), a lot of sports are mentioned except basketball.
  4. Good 1st half by the Horns. A. Jones was on fire, the team was playing good D overall and they kept the fouls low except for K. Jones who had 2. Very bad 2nd half by the Horns. As hot as Jones was the 1st half, he was that cold in the 2nd. To make matters worse, no one was really able to pick up the scoring in his absence for most the half. Coleman finally was hitting but he couldn't do everything. The game plan was so predicable in the last 30 seconds, let Coleman drive the ball, that Tech knew what was going to happen and blocked his shots (one should have been a foul which caused me to yell some pretty choice words at my TV). Speaking of fouls, at one point in the 2nd half Texas had 12 or 13 fouls called against them to 2 for Tech. Some of the fouls were valid, some ( a couple on Sims) weren't. Tech had 12 fouls total in the game and 3 or 4 of them came in the last 40 seconds when they had fouls to give. Tech was 17 of 22 from the line, Texas 7 of 8. Those 10 points are the ball game. In regards to Sims, he didn't get the ball much cause they were covering him tightly and having an additional player slide over when he did get the ball. The problem was nobody helped him when he was double teamed (one time I saw 3 Tech defenders on him) except once where he did get an assist. When you're double teamed in b-ball, there has to be an open man. That is fundamental basketball and on the coach. Texas' D is pretty solid, minus the fouls, however the O is weak, very weak. Smart needs to hire an assistant with a good offensive mind. Because as much as most people want him gone, with his contract I'm pretty sure he's coming back.
  5. A must win game for Smart and the Horns. The big question is which Texas team will show up?
  6. I watched it on KXAN Live and a lot of Texas shirts in the crowd, including the lady (I assume principal) who was running it. Watching the above video posted by TFloss, it appears he can play some round ball too!
  7. Long read but very interesting, thanks for posting.
  8. Noticed he has a Texas-EX hat on his table, I'm thinking that may be a bad sign for the Horns.
  9. TFloss stated on a the national signing day thread that this was not a real offer.
  10. I wasn't able to watch the game but Texas not winning this one is not a surprise. Looking at the stats Texas got out-rebounded yet again. Both Texas and KU shot 16% on their 3s. On the bright side, Texas committed fewer TOs than KU (8 to 12) and Texas covered the spread (14.5, lost by 11). Yea, I know I'm grasping on that last one.
  11. Not a fan of jerrah at all so if his grandson does come to Texas, I hope the kid is nothing like him!
  12. Sims had a great game. I'm not sure he came off the court the 2nd half nor should he. With Liddell and Hepa hurt, he is key. As I stated above, with him off the court in the first half, Texas was lazy on the boards and Iowa St had a big run. Kai Jones had a pretty good game but there were moments you could tell he is a freshman. Williams, 6'6" guard, needs to play more. He played well on both sides of the ball. This would have been a bad loss for Texas/Smart. Texas needs to go at least 1-2 the next 3 games however I would love to see them upset Baylor at home.
  13. Sounds like the same problem from last year, no hitting.
  14. 31-30 at the half Iowa St. At one point it was 21-13 Texas but Sims went to the bench after he received a horrible foul call on a defensive rebound. With him on the bench Iowa St went on a 12-3 run to take the lead 25-24. Texas is playing some good D but while their offense is shooting well and actually driving to the basket, they have turned the ball over 10 times so far! I've noticed that some of the other players not named Sims are a tad lazy going for rebounds. Smart was showing some fire and was yelling at them during a time-out. He needs to do this more often. He's their coach, not their buddy.
  15. Not sure I understand the love of socialism in this country but we're slowly heading there
  16. That sucks, I was actually thinking of going to this one but wont be able to now!
  17. Smart will be back next year, his buy-out is too large. I can't nor wont root for the Horns to lose because I want a coaching change. Nice road win, now lets win at home on Saturday.
  18. I believe I read a couple of times this year that he let his feelings (i.e. bad attitude) show up at games.
  19. He only received the 5th star cause he is leaning to tu/sips, it's rigged! - aggy
  20. Imagine the wife, she lost her husband and oldest daughter to the same tragedy. May God be with her. The death toll originally was 5, now they're reporting 9 people were onboard with some of them possibly being children.
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