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  1. I say we get together, drink some beer and listen to some good music like blues. Your call.
  2. Fake news cause we all know aggy doesn't lie, cheat or steal
  3. Ditto. Had me some much needed beers at the alumni center at halftime.
  4. Yea, the protesters/rioters have no blame in the latest raise of cases. https://www.kxan.com/news/coronavirus/officers-testing-positive-for-coronavirus-at-alarming-rate-austin-police-association-says/
  5. The local news in Austin is down playing the protestors, rioters and looters role in the latest rise. I'm sure it's a combination of things but the fact they don't want to put some of blame on them is downright false.
  6. I was at the Texas vs USC game played in Austin earlier that year. Texas won but Cheryl Miller was and is the best female basketball player I've ever seen play. She was amazing.
  7. Have they came out and stated you can't catch COVID twice?
  8. I saw them during the 2112 tour as a backup band for Blue Oyster Cult. That my friend was a great show!
  9. Well since we're going back in history, my people (Native Americans) would appreciate yall getting off our land. Thank you. To lighten things up a bit, here's what I suggest to replace "The Eyes". As an ex-drummer, I'd love to hear the drum section during the solo.
  10. That tweet is damn near extortion (def: the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats). Before you accuse me of "white privilege" please note that I have more minority blood in me than Caucasian. Oh well, if they cancel football I get my season ticket money back.
  11. Only if they kiss. She is getting retested Thursday. Funny thing is she's a nurse and we were worried she'd catch it at work.
  12. Daughter's boyfriend had several friends who were exposed to a person who tested positive, So he and my daughter got tested, he was positive, she was negative. The doctor stated even though she tested negative, it's just a matter of time before she tests positive. So both are in 2 week quarantine now.
  13. He uses his arms, i.e. wraps them around players, when he tackles. Is that even legal?
  14. You impersonate Neil Peart and I'll be impressed!
  15. This aggy post is so typical, my words are in bold. To compare fairly, you need to throw out tu's record before scholarship limits. If you do that the head to head record % is 50-50. (Throw out the records/years before scholarship limits and they would have ZERO NCs. Texas has won 1, lost a title game and was in the hunt a couple of other years, 84 & 09. aggy had a shot in, uhh, I'm thinking, nope they never did.) Also, TAMU doesn't need tu as much as they need TAMU. SEC has better pay, competition, exposure, and atmosphere. All of those things add up to better recruiting in Texas, which takes more top tier talent away from tu every year. They know it and they need the rivalry to increase their marketing to recruits. If TAMU were to play tu again, they could actually use the game to lure recruits. (Texas needs aggy? No sir, that claim is ridiculous!)
  16. I know 2 people who tested positive, a high school friend and a friend of a relative. I also have a buddy (travels a lot for business) who believes he had it in Nov/Dec before they knew what it was. All have recovered, my high school friend was hit the hardest.
  17. I might be biased but I don't think there were 16 receivers in the NCAA better than Devin. The Ravens got themselves a player.
  18. This is surprising to me. Smart has officially been put on notice with this move.
  19. Section 14 (ticket has "tunnel" printed on it though, Californians are weird). It was and still is the best football game I have ever been to. Before the game, the USC fans were almost apologetic we traveled all that way to get our arses kicked. Little did they know.
  20. Told yall. It's all about money. Be that said, he better have a better year in 2020-21 or it may be his last in Austin.
  21. If you were a fan of the Allman Brothers Band, which I was/am, check out The Allman Betts Band. They are Devon Allman (Greg's son), Duane Betts (Dickey's son) and Berry Oakley Jr (Berry's son) along with others. Pretty good stuff.
  22. Van Halen yes, Sabbath not so much. Guess it was an off night for the boys. This from a person who is a bigger Sabbath fan than a Van Halen fan.
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