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  1. Can't tell from that angle but if the ball went backwards (i.e. backwards pass), does it matter?
  2. I 2nd Banff, great place. If it's your thing, do some rafting on the Bow River, beautiful river. Lake Louise is nice too, very beautiful area. If your wife is into shopping, drive to Edmonton to visit the world's largest mall (it was when I went). Don't worry, has lots of bars so you'll be good. Speaking of drinks, if you drink and/or smoke, be prepared to pay the Canadian sin tax. Someone has to pay for that free stuff up there!
  3. I'm almost 40% Native American and about 25% Mexican in me, the rest is of European decent. BTW, you I like, you can keep your land/house. Yes, she's an idiot. An idiot that got to vote. Remember that old saying "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it". I want her inheritance. I mean, it's mine per her own comments, no? At least 40% of it.
  4. So how many democrats here want to give me their land/house? I'm native American so please give me options of whose land/house I want to add to my collection. BTW, if you're white, per this woman's description, you're a terrorist!
  5. But Biden/Harris' slogan was "Unity Over Division"? I'm sure they'll fix this. Serious note, doing stuff like that will get people hurt, maybe killed.
  6. Agree. Every Texas fan loved it when he flipped from the other UT to the real UT. It was terrible the way some Texas fans treated him. They blamed him for the Applewhite/Simms controversy when the blame was all on Mack. On a side note, don't forget that some Texas fans thought VY should have been moved to WR. So maybe we "fans" don't know everything after all? Except of course those on this board.
  7. His white friends are probably ashamed for being white so they probably agree with him. I have some like that, it frigging amazes me.
  8. Didn't Tressel get fired because of a losing record vs Michigan? Or was that Cooper? Too lazy to do the research.
  9. BTW, white people aren't the only ones pissed off about what is happening. Other people who are considered minorities, myself included, don't like what is being seen. BTW, ABC & CBS's web-site front page shows nothing about what happened in DC. Expected of course.
  10. True. Were do people think most soldiers come from, rural or urban areas? People are not going to shoot their own. I thought I'd be dead by the time this country imploded, however it's on the fast track to do so.
  11. Disgusting to watch, pisses me off. I wouldn't blame a soul if they pulled a weapon to defend themselves from that.

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