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  1. Some of those sacks were on the RBs (not picking up the blitz), some on the OL and some were on Sam. Even though the ou DBs were holding the Texas WRs most the game, he has to throw the ball away rather than take a 7 to 8 yard sack.
  2. Even the TV announcers stated that should of been targeting by the ou defender on Sam. Their DBs also held all game long but why wouldn't they since the refs weren't calling it for the most part?
  3. Tech was robbed by the refs on that "illegal snap" in the first OT
  4. Riley inherited a lot better team than Herman so I'm not ready to throw in the towel on Tom just yet. Riley also has had hired guns at QB every year he has been the HC. Be that said, ou was the better team today on both sides of the ball. However, I didn't see Texas quit where in years not too long ago, they would have.
  5. The ou DBs have been grabbing the jerseys of Texas WRs all game long without too many flags so why stop now?
  6. Kind of hard to use both hands when an ou defender is holding one of his arms back and of course, no flag.
  7. My quick thoughts, take for what they're worth. ou dominated the 1st half and yet Texas is only down by 7 thanks to the Texas D On the safety blitz where Sam was sacked, the ou defender was holding, correction, mugging Colin on that play. Should have been a flag and 1st down Texas Texas needs to put a spy, who is fast, on Hurts. Texas should hit Hurts hard and often as long as they're legal hits Sam and the O didn't have a good 1st half (hello Captain Obvious), they have to come out better the 2nd or it could be a long day
  8. I'm impressed the okie above knew the meaning of "obtuse". Of course, he probably learned it while watching The Shawshank Redemption but still.
  9. I noticed those 2 guys wide open too. Today wasn't Sam's best day yet he still did a good job on the road and picked up the W. Jamison should start if he's not already. His one INT was SC's Saturday's Best INT, amazing play by him! How can you not love a kid like Roschon Johnson?! Someone on here picked Joseph Ossai to have a breakout year. Good pick Nostradamus! Loved the play where Cosmi scored!
  10. Man, publicly announcing they are fine with sucking on Bama and Georgia's teet! aggy with no shame! Top of "the BDF"? They won it 1 time! aggy delusion and yes, I know that's redundant.
  11. Some aggys I know took yesterday's game hard. They were drunk by game's end and it was all doom and gloom. aggy really thought they were going to be special this year.
  12. Agree, I thought Brandon had a great game minus the one obvious brain fart trying to field that punt. I also thought the OSU QB played really well for a Freshman. He keeps progressing and he will be special his JR and/or SR year.
  13. For night games I would. Day games you have the sun in your face and if it's hot, it can suck.
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