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  1. People think a new OC will fix all the issues. It really doesn't matter who the OC/PC is because Herman will not give them control of his offense. He is too arrogant and bull headed to admit he is over his head here. His good cop bad cop mentality with his assistants and players is not working. He has lost the locker room, and is going to lose good players to the transfer portal and lose recruits. Just fact of losing is not the issue, it is how we are losing. Too arrogant or too stupid to realize that taking points when available is acceptable. We have one of the premiere kickers in the
  2. LJH said in interviews it was not all about the money. So why not come back and finish what he started? Get his degree and try and to help his team make the playoffs? Question for the board. Would Bru still have came to Texas if LJH stayed another year?
  3. EJ's wife is expected to attend medical school in the Midwest and he would have had to relocate from Texas next year, so he will move to the midwest and cover another team. I would not think it would be SMU, but could be wrong.
  4. I would love it if the Giants drafted Kyler and he said "nah, I am playing baseball"
  5. I would hate to be a writer of a site you don’t believe in the team you write about. Get some stones. UT 40 zerou 37
  6. Does anyone have any info on how to get in to game day? This will be my 5 straight trip to Dallas for the game and would love to go to game day.
  7. 27-24 horns. Will be a dog fight. This is the kind of game a 1 point win would be good. I like the fact we have “we haven’t won there since 2002” thing going for us. We had redemption games the last few weeks. Just hope they play like it.
  8. I watched part of Major's press conference. He took a page out of Herman's playbook and thanked the High School coaches for making Texas High School players great. Lots of love from both to High School coaches.
  9. Strong: "The program is on a solid foundation." just wow
  10. Breaking News: Election Schedule: To reduce lines at the polls, Republicans are scheduled to vote on November 8, and Democrats are scheduled to vote on November 9. Thank You for your cooperation!

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