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  1. Racists are the first ones to call someone a racist. Sooo........ if the shoe fits.
  2. Didn't watch. College football committing suicide just like pro sports?
  3. I'm hoping I can see the game through all of the social justice crap
  4. Tried to watch it but it turned in to a social justice ad. Turned it off. Just play football.
  5. Wish Big Bend NP would open up fully so I could go there like we used to do every summer. Such a quiet, beautiful place to reflect on life.
  6. We were always together. Never apart. People always said we were one person. She was concerned about my well being every moment of the 30 years we were together. She did everything from our finances to handling all of the electronic gadgets. I can barely use the flip phone. I didn't realize how much she did until she is not. I took her for granted and thought she would always be there. Miss her smile, her love, and her oboe playing, so much. I 'll never take life for granted again. Time will help, but right now I feel lost. Thankfully I have my sister and son to help. Thanks for your concern.
  7. Tell your spouse and other family members that you love them every day. You will wish you had said so some day.
  8. If UT finishes at #23 in year 4, that is a disaster.
  9. Hope you are right, but I won't lose any sleep over them.
  10. If they had really wanted to come to UT they would have said so long ago. Their heart is just not into being a Longhorn. Recruitment of them has been another soap opera. Move on.
  11. Horns have to beat LSU and ou. If they don't we'll be right back to 2019.
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