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  1. I have decided to decommit from being a Texas fan for the remainder of 2020. A lot of thought was put into this decision, however after the in ability for our coaches to teach basic skills, such as blocking, tackling and not getting penalties I have decided to spend my time elsewhere that is more deserving of my time. please respect my decision
  2. I usually defend Sam but his decisions today have been awful. Funny thing in football, when you get a first down you get 4 more downs.
  3. Only redemption of this poop show would be a blowout win on Saturday and we all know that isn’t happening.
  4. Receivers had quite a few drops that I feel impacted the game as well.
  5. @Sirhornsalot I don't understand the Overshown situation. He is known by us, because we follow recruiting. Outside of that no one knows who he is, because he hasn't done anything on the field. It would be a bigger statement for him to play and make a name for himself to use that as a platform for his message.
  6. He isn’t coming to Texas 100% crystal ball to Georgia, I don’t know anything but just putting he pieces together
  7. Warren and Kirk have had major injuries which leaves porter as the only guy that has been healthy and coming into the year he was hurt to. I'd say for a freshman running back looking to play early there is as good a chance as any. Never know how things will shake out.
  8. Looks electric, I didn't see any deep passes. How's the arm strength.

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