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  1. Texas recorded a convincing 49-24 win over Texas Tech in Austin on Friday. After falling behind 14-0 in the game’s first 10 minutes, the Longhorns dominated the final 50 minutes, outscoring the Red Raiders 49-10. It was Senior Day at DKR Texas Memorial Stadium and the Horns’ rally sent a small Senior class home for the holiday weekend as victors. After the game head coach Tom Herman said, “Small senior class, but the guys around them really, really rallied, sent them out the way they not just deserved but earned to be sent out.” Texas certainly made celebrating their Seniors difficul
  2. Each week HornSports will take a look back at the national scene in college football, so mount up and let’s ride out and check the perimeter. *** The Texas Longhorns looked incapable in a 24-10 loss to Baylor. The Longhorns have plummeted since losing to Oklahoma losing four of their last six games. Ohio State beat Penn State 28-17, but it wasn’t as close as the final score indicates – the Buckeyes led 21-0 in the third quarter. Returning from a 2-game suspension, defensive lineman Chase Young dominated. Minnesota and Wisconsin both won which set up a play-in game for the B
  3. The Baylor Bears clinched their first-ever appearance in the Big 12 Championship Game with an exclamation point victory, beating the Texas Longhorns 24-10. The win over the Longhorns comes one week after an epic collapse and loss to Oklahoma. Baylor’s ability to rebound after such a loss is particularly poignant for Texas because it is precisely what the Horns have failed to do since losing to Oklahoma in early October. In UT’s downward spiral there was a last-second win over Kansas and a come-from-behind win over KSU, but even in those games Texas struggled. The fact that the Bears
  4. Each week HornSports will take a look back at the national scene in college football, so mount up and let’s ride out and check the perimeter. *** Texas flopped to a 23-21 loss to Iowa State in Ames. The Cyclones kicked a field goal as time expired and sent the Longhorns home with a loss, their third in the last five games. Rutgers scored a touchdown against Ohio State for the first time in four years, but that didn’t stop the Buckeyes from rolling to a 56-21 victory. Ohio State has steamrolled its way to 10-0 with every win being by at least 24 points. Georgia beat Auburn 2
  5. Traditionally it’s considered common courtesy to wear black to a funeral, and the Iowa State Cyclones wore all black alternate uniforms as they officially laid to rest any hopes of Texas earning a berth in the Big 12 championship game. In Ames, ISU’s field goal as time expired resulted in a 23-20 win for the home team and a third loss in the previous five games for the Longhorns. After starting the season with a promising 4-1 record, Texas has saddled itself with a 6-4 mark. With two games left on the schedule, the Horns find themselves playing to improve their selection odds for the mino
  6. Cameron Dicker was nails once again, and Texas beat Kansas State 27-24 with a field goal as time expired. After playing an incredibly poor first quarter, UT outmatched KSU 27-10 in the final three stanzas. It’s not a regularity that the Minnesota Golden Gophers are unbeaten in November and have a home date against a Top 10 team (as was the case on Saturday). To celebrate the happenings, Minnesota got their helmets shined and filled up the stadium….then the football team did their part. The Gophers played from ahead and got a win over Penn State, 31-26. Some fans doubt Baylor’s perfec
  7. On Saturday, the Texas Longhorns defeated the Kansas State Wildcats 27-24 at DKR Texas Memorial Stadium in front of 97,833. While that sentence is a traditional lede, it doesn’t begin to acknowledge the significance of the final score. Put aside Texas’ remaining three games for a moment and consider that, until today, the season was split into halves. During the first four games, the Horns looked capable of continuing the skyrocketing trajectory set by winning the Sugar Bowl. But the month of October had other ideas. A youthful roster was exposed by a rash of injuries, and the Longho
  8. Thanks, Bear. I got a kick out of NSD. Seeing recruits pledge to Texas/Charlie Strong validated a lot for me. And thanks also to everyone for the well wishes, prayers & support. Dad is steadily declining but isn't in hospice yet.
  9. Thanks, y'all. It's been a long couple of weeks. Dad is in an inpatient rehab facility in North Georgia while recovering from the brain surgery. We met with the oncologist yesterday - Dad is scheduled to start a 6.5 week gamut of chemo & radiation on Monday (9/21). Please keep praying - we need it.
  10. I mid-September, this has a reactionary feel to it. I hope that Fenves et al are using good logic and not letting emotional check-writers have undue influence.
  11. " I know the press covering UT athletics lacks the testicular fortitude to ask direct, pointed questions of Steve Patterson out of fear of having their credentials revoked, but I would love to hear from Steve why this makes sense for the university." - R. Duke Steve Patterson regularly declines interview requests. There are plenty of media members willing to ask direct questions.
  12. Watson, Swoopes & the OL were the whipping posts this week, but against Rice it's the defense that needs to improve. If the D struggles against the Owls, then Cal will carve them up next week. Tonight each unit needs to take a step forward from last week's effort (and the coaches need to not call the game like they're trying to protect the inexperienced players). As Strong is fond of saying, "It's a process. We have to get better each week." Texas 26 Rice 20
  13. I haven't made it back yet, so I don't have a DVR in front of me...if memory serves on the 2nd play, Heard got a shotgun snap, hesitated (like he didn't know the play), then hurriedly tried to make the read exchange with the RB (almost fumbling it). By the time he had the ball secured, the Irish linemen were converging. You're correct, there was plenty of blame to go around on the play.
  14. I understand the coaches decision to play Swoopes when they were still in the game. Swoopes is a better choice for a pass-oriented chance at a quick strike. When the Irish hit the TD pass that made it 24-3, the coaches' thinking should have changed. Texas wasn't coming back at that point. Additionally, if that's the reason they stuck with Swoopes (as given in post game), the play calls did not match that intent?
  15. Seeing so many freshmen on the 2-deep was a sign of trouble, butt not one that would indicate what happened last night. What happened in South Bend wasn't a personnel problem.
  16. Losing 38-3 without turning the ball over is troubling.
  17. Submitted Today, 10:58 PM in Texas Longhorns Football by Matt Cotcher @mlcotcher FINAL SCORE: Notre Dame 38 – Texas 3 First half: Notre Dame 17 – Texas 0 Second half: Notre Dame 21 – Texas 3 First half observations After an easy 3rd down conversion to Chris Brown, the Irish came up one foot shy on their second third down and paid for it by jumping offside on 4th down. Johnathan Gray and Marcus Johnson both expressed their frustration with how long the sideline took to get the 3rddown call to the field on Texas’ first drive. On the Irish’s first touchdown and their first d
  18. A few thoughts & expectations from the press box... 1. Ty Swoopes gets 80-85% of the work. 2. Jerrod Heard will dazzle on a few runs, but prove coaches right with a turnover. 3. Johnathan Gray will be the one running off tackle, and Swoopes (when he keeps it) will stay inside. I expect Zaire to run inside also. 4. The defensive front has a ton of pressure on them today. The inexperience in the back 7 will be in the wrong place on multiple occasions. If the front is neutralized, then the Irish will strike for a few big plays. 5. A tweaked offense and a hurried tempo will
  19. submitted Today, 11:03 AM in Texas Longhorns Football By Will Baizer The 2014 defense was the team’s identity and the reason Texas won six games despite losing their starting QB and most experienced offensive lineman. In addition to being the centerpiece in all of the Horns’ wins except one, the defense kept Texas in games vs. Baylor, OU, and UCLA. In 2012-2013, the Texas defense was a nightmare, but last year’s defense finished 25th in the nation in total yards allowed while playing the majority of the game due to a struggling offense. Last year, Charlie Strong was also able to wake
  20. submitted Today, 04:45 PM in Texas Longhorns Football By Ryan Bridges Offensive Line KEY LOSSES: None RETURNING STARTERS: Marcus Hutchins, Sedrick Flowers, Taylor Doyle, Kent Perkins KEY ADDITIONS: Connor Williams, Patrick Vahe KEY BATTLES: Connor Williams vs. Marcus Hutchins This year’s offensive line is the definition of addition by subtraction. Gone is Camrhon Hughes, who started the second half of the season at right tackle. Joe Wickline has options to replace Hughes including junior Kent Perkins and senior Marcus Hutchins. Perkins is widely seen as the Longhorns’ best lineman - h
  21. Welcome - glad you here, man! Good to have you around!
  22. We're compiling the whole staff's predictions for the season for an article this weekend.
  23. ....are you taking the over or under? Tell us why... "Push" is not a valid answer here! (My question = my rules!)
  24. IMO, no, a football coach should not be a moral authority. That guidance should come from the family unit. But in 2015, the world is looking to public figures on issues of right/wrong. In that sense, Charlie Strong has a firmly entrenched set of convictions that I, personally, think society can benefit from.
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