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  1. Everyone is pissed at our defense but quite honestly LSU brought it on offense. We will get a lot better as the season goes on. I feel pretty good about this season. I doubt the playoffs are still possible but I don’t think we lose another game.
  2. Dumbest shit in the world is to provoke a dangerous and hungry animal. We are going to destroy LSU.
  3. Holy crap you would make a great odds maker!! Start sending me your numbers so I can make some extra money.
  4. Herman loves preparing his teams for these games. I have seen sooo much shit talking from LSU players on Twitter. They think they have this in the bag. It’s always the loud mouth that gets knocked out in a fight.
  5. Who would you guess is this Friday? Iv been out of the loop guys but can’t wait for Saturday!
  6. We will lose one game and make the playoffs.
  7. I’m glad we didn’t book a power 5 opponent for week one. Get the cobwebs off in time for LSU.
  8. I would rather keep that last spot open and work on rings until the end.
  9. Is this one over. I would have to think that we could flip him if we have the season we are expecting.
  10. I have budgeted to make the trip from Florida for one game this year. Idk which game to go to LSU or OU. I haven’t seen Bevo blvd tailgate yet and it’s probably a espn game day night game. But I have never been to an OU game. money isn’t an issue, which one would y’all recommend?
  11. Milroe has so much pull for the 2021 class that he is going to be an effective recruiting leader for other recruits.
  12. There are a number of players in the league that have had this. He can be back. He needed a redshirt year anyways.

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