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  1. Thanks for the clarity, I think I’m confusing him with our other juco LB transfer.
  2. I thought had a few snaps in one game? I guess not enough to keep him happy.
  3. Thinking of you and your dad sho. If he is anything like you we all know he is a great guy! Positive thoughts to him.
  4. Jus saw Whittingham on the sidelines. Has he had his surgery yet? Congrats to Ingram on another TD. Hopefully gaining some confidence. Needs to find the seam when the blocking isn’t as good as that TD run though. Roschon is a good change of pace back, has some shake and acceleration.
  5. Shack needs some serious tape on his ankles. Or just better luck.
  6. Let’s try again, phone locks up posts at times....agree, wasn’t on his game last week. Don’t recall how well he played vs Georgia. Just remember the victory.
  7. And their weight room doesn’t have AC.
  8. Sounds reasonable to me, except when our QB or RB gets clipped and is ready to come back in the game. There is a need to stop the BS that slows down an offense on purpose. If a player is poorly hydrated that is his problem, sit the series and let the game go on. To surmise, it’s great when the other team is negatively effected but ours is not
  9. So the tail wagging current LSU players haven’t commented on the ac thing? Seems they would be the first to shout out something especially after winning the game in reported adverse conditions. I really don’t think those guys shut down all of their social media accounts and were actually able to keep their mouths shut. The social media dig is not exclusive to the LSU football team FYI, it’s an entire generation.
  10. No problem, the Patriots will sign him to a one year incentive laden contract. Hate the Patriots.
  11. Will be interesting to get some info on this...
  12. Coach O said the visitors’locker room didn’t have A/C. Said he confirmed this with La Tech during their game as well. Anyone in the know?
  13. That is a much more respectable loss.
  14. De he return the pregame water he stole from our sideline just to be a turd? Jackass.
  15. Confidence with our offense yes. I guess the defensive showing at least let’s us know what to work on...of course let’s the future opponents know what to target as well. Someday soon we will have both sides of the ball clicking!
  16. Clemson only won because aggy didn’t want to be there and the game wasn't important
  17. Interesting how our strength has shifted to offense after years of mediocre offense and decent defense. Waiting for comments from recruits or about recruits who attended the game. Good atmosphere is a huge positive I would think.
  18. No, usually it takes 74 points to beat lsu...didn’t you read the cup?
  19. ^^^see above post, not downplaying our good offense. Just tired of hearing about the great LSU D.
  20. Not trying to degrade our good offensive showing, just saying that all of the LSU folks kept gloating about their nfl caliber defense.
  21. You can coach from your couch if that clown at Liberty can from a hospital bed. Go for it!
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