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    OrangeLarry reacted to Aaron Carrara in Interesting news re:Texas Baseball schedule   
    Thanks for sharing J.  I'm enjoying the hoops season tremendously but can't wait for baseball to start.  
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    OrangeLarry reacted to Hiwood in Quick Thoughts: Texas eliminated from Big 12 title race in 23-20 loss to Iowa State   
    I defended Hermann all season, I gave him every excuse..Today he broke my heart, as did the rest of the team..They talked about getting Bijan touches and there were very little, Sam seemed intent on finding one receiver and when that was gone he tucked the ball and ran, when he needed to make accurate throws on the last drive he wasn't even close..The defense gave up big chunks of yardage when they needed a stop, and they made silly penalties to give them first downs...
    I never thought I would see Texas teams get beat at home on Senior Day, three losses on an abbreviated schedule and all 3 in conference...totally unacceptable
    We should be undefeated...we could also have FIVE losses...we are not a good team, and it hurts like hell to admit that
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    OrangeLarry reacted to 63_Texas_1 in Quick Thoughts: Texas eliminated from Big 12 title race in 23-20 loss to Iowa State   
    I guess I watched a different game. Sam was off on a lot of deep throws. There could have  touchdowns on accurate throws. I admire Sam, but let's be honest: Sam was inconsistent.
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    OrangeLarry reacted to J.B. TexasEx in All Things Politics Thread   
    Crooked Joe & Willie's Ho

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    OrangeLarry reacted to TexCoyote in All Things Politics Thread   
    Take me a few minutes to listen to this video and it will tell you what you need to know about Joe Biden. He is as crooked as they come
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    OrangeLarry reacted to J.B. TexasEx in All Things Politics Thread   
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    OrangeLarry reacted to tejasrulz in All Things Politics Thread   
    Well if you want to go back in history, the majority of slaves sold to the European slave traders were sold by fellow Africans. The tribes would fight each other and the victors would sell the losers. Black people sold black people, I guess boycotting Africa is next?
    BTW, slavery is and was wrong however it's been going on since the beginning of mankind. In fact, it's still going on in some parts of Africa now. Just goes to show you how greedy people can be.
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    OrangeLarry reacted to J.B. TexasEx in All Things Politics Thread   
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    OrangeLarry reacted to DMAC in The Last Longhorn   
    Sam brought us back into the game with his legs.  He was clutch late in the 4th and OT.  That being said his passes 10+ yards are not very accurate the last 2 games.  Its hard to blame him because our OL is pathetic. 
  10. Haha
    OrangeLarry reacted to burkesd23 in Decommitment   
    I have decided to decommit from being a Texas fan for the remainder of 2020.
    A lot of thought was put into this decision, however after the in ability for our coaches to teach basic skills, such as blocking, tackling and not getting penalties I have decided to spend my time elsewhere that is more deserving of my time.
    please respect my decision 
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    OrangeLarry reacted to Aaron Carrara in A few thoughts on the TCU Game...   
    Keeping this fairly short, but Texas lost a game they should have won....  depending on your school of thought.  The Ingram fumble is the easy scapegoat, but as the players mentioned in postgame, there were plenty of mistakes in the game that cost Texas a win. Texas IS the better football team on paper, but the game variables that aren’t literally at work on the football field are on the sidelines.  Those are worth further investigation....
    There are a lot of stats floating around about Texas vs the spread in Big 12 games they are favored to win and Herman’s record with ranked teams vs unranked opponents.....  which are all true.  Gary Patterson recruits players that fit his style of play. He scours the corners of the state and offers scholarships to 2 and 3 star players that get passed up by the larger programs in and around the state - and they thrive in his system.  Today, Herman and his staff got out-coached again by Gary Patterson and out-played by a collective inferior group of talent.
    I posted this on Twitter, but how does Texas not run the ball down TCU’s throat all day, given their depth and talent at the position? The refs were deplorable and game rhythm was shaken upside down because of it, but the Longhorns have Keaontay Ingram, Roschon Johnson and Bijan Robinson - a trifecta of horses.  Texas never established the running game and it hurt them today, like it has for many, many games over several seasons now. I can’t remember the last time Texas had a rusher break the century mark, can you?  And from a game-planning perspective, the run-game should have been a huge component given the strength of the TCU secondary.
    In comparison to Texas Tech last weekend, the tackling was much improved.  Texas still missed some tackles, but it was nowhere near as bad as what last weekend looked like.  Credit to Chris Ash for the adjustments.  The defense played better as a whole, particularly in the second half and Texas actually made several big stops when they needed them.
    The offensive line played well today.  It was a breath of fresh air, but it was an effort that was not taken advantage of, particularly since the running game didn’t have the opportunity to produce. Ehlinger didn’t seem to be his consistent self, yet managed to still throw for 4 touchdowns.  He’s a gamer in every sense of the word.
    It was great to see the Texas tight ends produce.  Jared Wiley led the Longhorns in receiving yards and Malcolm Epps hauled in a TD.  Need to see more of that in the offense.
    I hate to sound trite, but Herman’s teams have typically played to the level of the competition they face.  It’s great when you play a Georgia in the Sugar Bowl or an LSU at home, but it’s risky as hell when you play opponents you should beat handily as a ranked team. A coaching staff’s responsibility is to make their players believe they can beat anyone, regardless of the opponent, and motivate them to do so.
    Tom Herman’s players have bought into his philosophy, but the philosophy has yet to yield consistent results early into year 4.
    The loss today was a huge blow to the team’s hopes of playing in the College Football Playoff, but the Big 12 is still up for grabs.  Texas has 2/3 of a season left to prove they belong in those discussions.
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    OrangeLarry reacted to Baron in Hermann needs to go   
    And aggy hired a coach with a NC. Where has that gotten them? @Eastexhorn
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    OrangeLarry reacted to Sirhornsalot in Hermann needs to go   
    Agree, Herman has to go.
    But at the same time, have you seen a game so poorly officiated in your life? HS officiating is better than that.
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    OrangeLarry reacted to Sirhornsalot in October Landscapes – What kind of Winter lies ahead? Check your Persimmon seeds!   
    What kind of winter will it be? Check your Persimmon seeds to find out!
    Folklore has it that you can determine what type of winter is ahead by splitting a Persimmon seed and looking at the cotyledon
    October arrives and Fall is practically here and winter is on the horizon. What kind of winter could be ahead for us? Well, that can depend on where you are standing in the USA.
    In Texas, one of the folklore signs of the winter ahead is centered on the Texas  and American Persimmon Trees and their fruit, the Persimmon. If you take a ripened Persimmon and remove a seed, split it, you will be able to tell what kind of weather lies ahead for the winter by the shape of the seed’s “cotyledon.” More on that in a moment.

    Above, a Texas Persimmon
    The Persimmon is a very juicy fruit and sweet and is a favorite of Texans. They’re great right off the tree or in a pie or as preserves. The Texas Persimmon tree of course is native to Texas and only gets to about 20 feet tall under ideal growing conditions. You can find them in the wild as understory trees, living around other, taller trees. Their blooms are sort of low profile, not real spectacular but those blooms end up being a very healthy and tasty fruit.
    The American Persimmon is found in East Texas while the Texas Persimmon grows in the Hill Country, Big Bend and South Texas areas.
    Anyway, as folklore has it, you can determine what type of winter is ahead by splitting open a Persimmon seed and looking at the cotyledon. The cotyledon will be shaped like a spoon, knife, or fork.

    1. A “spoon shaped” cotyledon is an indication that it will be a wet, snowy winter
    2. A “fork shaped” cotyledon is an indication of a mild winter ahead.
    3. A “knife shaped” cotyledon means a cold, windy, icy winter is ahead.

    Texas Persimmon trees (in front) in Central Texas.
    To do this, you will want to use a fruit that was grown in your area. The seeds will be located in the interior of the fruit. So just eat the fruit, collect some seeds. Split open a seed, holding it parallel to the flattened side. If using a knife to do this, be very careful. The cotyledon will be whitish in color.
    Once you’ve split it open, lay the two sides apart and see what you’ve got! I did this and got a spoon shaped cotyledon this year.
    Laugh if you want, but this method is accurate anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of the time!
    Elsewhere, take a look around you!
    A couple weeks ago in mid-September, I stopped by a client’s home to check out a tree we had planted two months ago. My job is to check it each week (and the landscape) to make sure nothing is going wrong as it is all relatively new.
    When I stopped by two weeks ago, I saw something I thought was wrong with the top of the tree, a 200 gallon Autumn Blaze Maple. At first, I thought the top was burning off due to the recent heat we’d had. But upon closer inspection, those leaves weren’t brown, they were yellow, orange and red. I was shocked. This is pretty early to be seeing Fall color.
    I called an arborist friend of mine and shared what I had observed. He confirmed that he, too, had been seeing trees change their color recently. And he agreed, it is very unusual to be this early. He and I agreed. We are probably going to see a real winter this year.
    Pansies and Kale!
    Due to the higher probability of a colder winter, DO NOT delay in getting your pansies and kale planted this year. Both are now available at the nurseries.
    We want to plant the pansies early so that its warm enough to get their roots growing. That will produce a larger plant, thus more and larger blooms. If we wait until its cold to plant, it can stunt the growth of the pansies.
    Once you’ve planted your pansies and kale, and before you water them, sprinkle some Carl Pool’s ColorStar Pansy food around them, then water. This will also help them get developed before the cold weather hits.
    Don’t worry about winter being a little colder or snowy, the pansies and kale can take it!
    Check your lawn for fungus!
    We had an abrupt arrival of fall about two weeks ago. One day it was 104. A day or so later it was 69. Crazy.
    Along with that, the nights are getting longer and cooler and evaporation rates during the day are decreasing. So fungus has a chance to develop and spread throughout the lawn if left unchecked.
    You will recognize lawn fungus by yellowing blades of turf, or circular areas of deteriorating and yellowing turf. These circles will only grow in size. The real problem here is that during Fall, you don’t get much grow-back recovery after something damages the lawn. So its important to recognize and respond in a timely fashion. React in days, not next week.
    One of the ways we can prevent the fungus from getting started in our lawns is to change our start times to morning starts and reduce the run times. For instance, in DFW right now we should be watering no more than twice a week and for only 8-10 minutes per zone (sprays).
    You can treat with a retail product such as Immunox by Spectracide but you will likely need to treat twice (a week apart). The first spray will stop the spreading and will kill most of the fungus. The second spray would knock it completely out.
    You may also choose to top dress the affected area with a compost topdressing. The enzymes in compost will feed on the fungus, knocking it out, albeit much slower.
    Protect your trees!
    If you haven’t had your trees trimmed in a few years, now would be a great time to do it. With what could be a snowy, icy winter ahead, you’ll want to reduce as much weight in the tree as you can so that you don’t have branches breaking or tree toppling over.
    Christmas lights!
    If you’re going to have Christmas lights professionally installed this year, contact your installer this month and meet with him/her to create a plan. Meeting early like this will ensure you get a proper timing on your installation.

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    OrangeLarry reacted to HornSports Staff in Staff Predictions: Texas vs. Texas Tech   
    The #9 Texas Longhorns (1-0, 0-0) bring a two game winning streak against the Texas Tech Red Raiders (1-0, 0-0) as they travel to Lubbock for Saturday’s Big 12 opener for both teams.  The Longhorns are the favorite by almost 18 points, but does Texas Tech have enough to pull of the upset win over Sam Ehlinger and Texas?
    The HornSports staff shares their thoughts and score prediction for tomorrow’s game at Jones Stadium in Lubbock.
    Jameson McCausland
    Texas matches up well in this game. The Longhorns appear to have a lot of depth at receiver and displayed an explosive passing attack week 1. Meanwhile, Texas Tech had no answer for Houston Baptist offensively and looked very lost at times. The only way the Red Raiders will be able to stay in this game will be getting into a shootout and getting a turnover or two. As long as Texas takes care of the ball and doesn’t shoot itself in the foot, they should open Big 12 play with a victory.
    Score Prediction: Texas 45, Texas Tech 24
    Tristan Larsen
    Fun stat – The over has hit 81% of the time in Texas Tech’s last 11 games as an underdog. The over/under for this contest is 70, so expect a high scoring affair. Despite the fact that Texas Tech barely held on to beat a Houston Baptist team, they should show up to play against one of the premier teams in the Big-12. There’s no secret that the Big-12 is struggling this season – Oklahoma and Texas are carrying the load for the conference. Sam Ehlinger and company in this shortened season are on a mission. Despite playing just one half against UTEP, Sam Ehlinger threw for 426 yards and five touchdowns. Expect similar numbers from the Heisman hopeful in Lubbock as Texas makes easy work of the Red Raiders whilst covering the 18 point spread.
    Score Prediction: Texas 51, Texas Tech 20
    Devon Messinger
    Lubbock can be a scary place for the Longhorns, however Sam Ehlinger’s performance should keep the tortilla throwing to a minimum. Texas Tech quarterback, Alan Bowman, is set to face the Longhorns for the first time in his career. In order to give the Red Raiders a chance, Bowman will be forced to go toe-to-toe with Sam Ehlinger.
    In their season opener, the Red Raiders allowed 572 passing yards against Houston Baptist. As a result, guys like Tarik Black and Joshua Moore could have a huge game for the Longhorns. Furthermore, Texas’s defensive front will have the challenge of stopping running back, SaRodorick Thompson, who had an impressive performance in Tech’s opener. With all that being said, the Longhorns have to easily win games like these in order to be considered for the College Football Playoff.
    Score Prediction: Texas 48, Texas Tech 20
    Early season predictions are always a crapshoot, especially after the Longhorns play arguably the worst team in the FBS. However, Texas Tech almost fell to a poor FCS team which included giving up 567 yards to a guy named Zappe. This is a great opportunity for Herman and his new-look Longhorns to prove they’re finally prepared to play on the road and aren’t satisfied with allowing inferior competition to hang around. Texas’ ability to get the ball to multiple WRs should be more than enough to leave Lubbock with a comfortable win, but the run game and pass rush need to show their faces for good measure. The year is young and many questions need to be answered, but Texas by double digits.
    Score Prediction: Texas 42, Texas Tech 20
    Aaron Carrara
    In Tom Herman’s press conference on Monday he made mention not to judge a team by its Game 1 performance, win or lose.  Tech struggled against Houston Baptist and Texas cruised to an easy win over a poor UTEP team.  Both teams are known for their prolific offenses, and through one game, both sit in the Top 5 in total offense (Texas #1 and Texas Tech #5). Lubbock is typically a hostile environment for opponents and the Longhorns have had some tough games over the years at Jones Stadium.  But I expect Texas and to be up to the task and take care of the Red Raiders handily, thanks to the consistent play of Sam Ehlinger.  Tech quarterback Alan Bowman will get his shot at Texas, and talented running back SaRodorick Thompson is expected to play despite an arrest last week for street racing.  Expect a big day from the Texas offense and a ground game that produces more than we saw against the Miners.
    Score Prediction: Texas 49, Texas Tech 17
    Wanna win a HornSports Lid from Last Stand Hats?

    Guess the correct final score and win one
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    OrangeLarry reacted to TexCoyote in All Things Politics Thread   
    This is 100% what the Democrats do. If you were to look at everything they have accused the Republicans of doing, they are currently doing or have been doing. I’ve watched this for a long time and I mean 100% of the time this is true. And they get away with it 🤷‍♂️
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    OrangeLarry reacted to TexCoyote in All Things Politics Thread   
    These Biden’s are as corrupt as the Clintons............NAWWWW but runs them a close second 
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    OrangeLarry reacted to DMAC in All Things Politics Thread   
    I am halfway expecting Biden to deflate on stage.  He looks like he is going to collapse any moment.  Such a weak ass candidate.  I mean we have seen corrupt or bad candidates before but Biden is like death on a 24 hour extension

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    OrangeLarry reacted to Sirhornsalot in All Things Politics Thread   
    If the Democrat/Socialists allow Biden to take the debate stage . . . here's my debate prediction . . . . About midway through, Trump will say something that will make Biden's blood pressure soar. He will have an epic "moment" where he doesn't know where he is, or says something that doesn't make any sense, or just utter some grotesque noise in protest. If you've watched his encounters with the public in the past, you know this is his MO. When triggered with a question or comment that really rubs him wrong, he simply loses control. Get your popcorn out. lol
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    OrangeLarry reacted to joeywa in Please keep Coach Gus in your prayers   
    Received an update on Coach Gus.
    He is doing well and recovering at home. He may need to get the engine tuned a bit more, but they’re letting him get completely recovered first. 
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    OrangeLarry reacted to joeywa in Please keep Coach Gus in your prayers   
    Update: Coach Gus came home today. He still has some work to do. Please keep him and the family in your thoughts and prayers. 
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    OrangeLarry reacted to joeywa in Please keep Coach Gus in your prayers   
    Coach Gus is being released tomorrow and will head home. Still a ways to go with rehab but this is a positive sign. 
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    OrangeLarry reacted to slowjackrabbit in Please keep Coach Gus in your prayers   
    Best baseball coach at Texas in my lifetime which dates back to Bibb Falk.
    Take it  to extra innings Coach Gustafson,
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    OrangeLarry got a reaction from Bear19 in MAC postpones all fall sports, including football...moves to spring   
    I think this may a wise decision.  I don't believe the other conferences will complete a full fall schedule.

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