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  1. Future starter...no discipline but he may have to rub Drake & Johnny down after their workout & do some hip hop rapping for his playas..."hey my name is Kenny came here on a ath a letic grant you might find me at the club passed out in a potted plant..."*
  2. Johnny Johnny Johnny thank God youre an Aggie not a Horn
  3. That's gotta be embarrassing as hell. Once this site's base increases it's really gonna be better here...seems like the smartaleck I'm cool by demeaning your post personal attack crowd which dominates OB these days aren't here or aren't tolerated. It's refreshing. OB being down today? Wow. Bad business.
  4. Best wishes Mr. Jackson for your play, made some great catches before his injury. THIS is why it's important in choosing a school. Bryant Jackson will have a degree from THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS... Harvey and Alaka? They'll just ALWAYS be Aggies. ALWAYS!!! (That's a LONG LONG LONG TIME)!
  5. You could have seen Colt in the drum yesterday... BEST fajitas in the world all the trimmings... beat the skirt steak to a pulp, (trick like w/ chicken fried steak to make it tender and yummy) seasoned and marinated home made queso, guacomole, Clint's salsa (good stuff), sauteed onions and peppers, w/ chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
  6. Would see Shannon and Mary Lou back in the day at church...good peoples.
  7. I would almost bet Mack said something to the effect... remember this is a great school, you didn't commit to me, you committed to the University of Texas. However, if you feel you need to look at any other options know that I'll always be willing to assist you in any way I can. But remember Texas is the school you chose for a reason. Now, I don't know what Mack said... but I'm betting he never told the kids to "hey, I'm not gonna be here now go look around!" I'm eager to hear what other commits have to say regards this matter.
  8. Yeah and they also won like 10 National Championships... "an Aggie never lies, cheats, or steals.." (unless it's posting b.s. on their Wall of Shame, which has so much b.s. it's unbelievable)
  9. Everybody's heard about the former Alabama running back from Florida who apparently in the full view of God and everybody was cheating, who was getting extra benefits. RSJ's dad says he was offered a substantial sum of money for his son's signature. There have been more than a couple of reports of the Aggies now fully invested in $EC recruiting tactics, not to mention the blatant FU Johnny Manziel gave to the NCAA last year and then basically skated. What, if anything, are you hearing regards the Aggies and their paying/providing extra benefits to players? (Historically ANY time they've be
  10. Do not agree... eternal scoreboard is good for me and Aggie doesn't deserve to play the University of Texas in football. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK AT THE RECORD!!! They never were a "rival" they couldn't live up to their end of the bargain. F! Em! And feed em fish heads!!
  11. Thanks for the reason and sanity... we're not that familiar w that around these parts. And thanks for what you're doing! That's a pretty famous place you're walking these days... staging base for the SEAL take down of the Sheik... HOORAH!!
  12. LOL... recent 3rd place finishes in their division... yeah "that natty?" ain't happening. Duder... enjoy Collie Station.
  13. Well don't let common sense and calm intrude into the situation. Sumlin's culture of rap, lack of accountability, contempt for degree pursuit, and other lackadaisical issues will lead to demise.
  14. No sir I'd love to be though! Be safe in your travels & thank you! My old boss is there living large in the Palm

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