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  1. Thanks for the props! My sister taught there til she retired, still lives there and gives me all the inside scoop. All the titles came after we graduated, but it still counts. NFL Steeler Ernie Holmes was from Newton, as was Johnny Walker who played at UT quite a while back. Golden Triangle has a lot of history. At one time more NFL players were from Beaumont (my birthplace) than from any other city in the country. Bum Phillips from Orange. Jimmy Johnson from Pt. Arthur. Steve Wooster, Bridge City (Newton played and beat BC this year). Newton started a trend of playing one class up quite a wh
  2. Newton is 58 miles from West Orange. I grew up driving down 87, crossing over into LA to a string of night clubs with live music. I'll find out by tomorrow what other "Golden Triangle" teams will be represented at Jerry World. Newton will be aiming for their 4th state title. Lost to Arp last year in semi's or would have faced Gunter a year ago. Now they do. Will be the toughest game of the year.
  3. Newton Eagles too much for Boling. Newton 56 Boling 28 They will face season-long #1 Gunter. Thur, 7pm. Which I will catch on DirecTV app on FSSWHD if they'll actually put it on the cable schedule.
  4. half time.... 3A II Newton 33 ... can't kick extra points Boling 21
  5. My DirecTV schedule is showing replays of the 3A-II Final game on Fri morning, but nothing for Thur night, on Fox Sports SW (Ch 676 on DTV). UIL shows it set for that Thur night.
  6. I watched the press conf today ... a 1pm replay (Austin time)... it will repeat. If you missed it, recommend catching it. Worth observing personal aspects of the man. I jotted this down... if I have the front end wording correct. "I have a reverse pyramid. I'm a servant leader." -Conte, 12/11/17 His whole theme, as I read it: it's all about The University of Texas -- (implied) before, during and after his time here. It's not about him. His job is to support the student athletes and the University. Period. Humble man with humble beginnings, and apparently his life for the
  7. Hope someone on the staff keeps an eye on Newton Eagle team, Class 3A, Division II Region III. 2019 class RB Darwin Barlow. Has an offer from Baylor. In tonight's game, first play from scrimmage, 9-yard TD. Newton is crushing Waskom. 207+ rushing tonight for Barlow. The game is final. 2020 class, TE/DE James Sylvester also has an offer from Baylor. 2019 class CB/WR Tamauzia Brown is a stud. Has offers from Baylor, Lamar, Ok-State, So. Miss. On 247 Sports, prediction is 100% Longhorns. Horns 247 writer EJ Holland must know something. Final NEWTON 45 Waskom 6
  8. Congratulations Michael!! You can write the book on technique. Just wish you hadn't had to kick 11 times against Ok-State for just over the length of five and a half football fields end-to-end!! 559.9 yards, to be exact.
  9. Rather than seek out an aggie thread, I'll go here. I know WSJ is by subscription and doesn't offer NY Times 10 freebies/month, but maybe this will pull up for you --if you're not a subscriber-- depending on the app you are using. https://www.wsj.com/articles/please-hire-me-to-coach-college-football-1512673093 Please! Hire Me to Coach College Football A lavish spending spree for talent has our columnist once more considering his career options As well-written satire, punking "buy yourself a coach and championship" and wouldn't you know it, aTm is square in the bullseye. Aggi
  10. Jimbo will be coaching against Chad Morris at Arkansas. What if Piggy turns out to be the upstart that Miss State and Ole Miss were off and on the past several years, pushing on Bama, Auburn and LSU. It's still a dog fight to get into the top 3 positions in that division.
  11. I quit using Chrome a while back on my work/desktop computer. Firefox is okay, and Safari useful for some mechanics it has. I do use Chrome on my iPhone. Thanks for the added/expanded info. I've been aware if I look anything up online it starts showing up on the few sites I visit as side-column ads or pop-up ads. Not so miffed by it, per se, as it's intrusive and an eye sore. Makes me stop and think "why are you following everything I do... geez." But not as bad as click-baits on sites, such as "One weird trick to _____" and "You'll never believe what ______ did" -- that kind of moronic
  12. This team will be rested and ready. Aiming to put on a recruiting clinic in H-town. No more chunk plays. I'm thinking Sam will have been read the Longhorn Riot Act that if he so much as lofts a piggy out in space for grabs... he can just forget it. In a fix -- then, two arms folded, clutching the Million-Dollar Piggy as if his life depended on it. Or else. Zero Defects. No turnovers. Nada. None. Zip. Or else. Horns in a surprising offensive showing with 2 FG and perfect in the Red Zone: TX 34 mo 17 Added note: Turn Bret Hager loose the whole game, sans a rest now and
  13. Strange... I was looking up data on a Firestone tire, and Hornsports knows I did that. Often on various sites, the site's ads reveals it knows what I was shopping for on Amazon. Big Brother always watching... Oh, the crazy one... I have a FB page with only two friends as I use it to follow local Austin news station streaming and a few other odd things, aviation, etc.... but get bizzarre Friend Recommendations... likely I'm being punked by someone who has it in for me, I suspect... I use an app to kill those on computer browser, but my phone app allows the idiocy. As to Ola
  14. Looking forward to many more years of Junior leadership.
  15. On Cowherd this morning, in the second hour after "Kristine With the New" Joel Klatt summed it up first ten minutes of that half hour segment. The committee is a joke and makes excuses for what it wants, which isn't "which teams are deserving?" -- making this kind of selection not what the college football fans deserve. He pointed out that the two conferences that have three teams in, play only 8 conference games, the other three Power 5 conferences play 9. Bama played a shit schedule non-conference while -- as pointed out in posts above -- USC played Texas and Notre Dame. I th
  16. By ignoring two P5 conference champions, the committee made it completely subjective declaring "best team" as a label for a decision, and a list of 'bullets' for determinations. Says who? The Playoff Fairy? To make such subjective analysis flies in the face of getting away from season-ending polls of long ago. Zero improvement and screws with traditional bowls, flying in the face of a conference race to the finish, mocking fans and public in general. I'm betting Ohio State / USC in the Cotton Bowl will get a better rating than Clemson-Bama. By dusk Jan 1st the national viewing audien
  17. In the old days the team relied on senior leadership and Jr/Sr depth chart. Of course I can trace my days back to Shorthorns. The new Soph class hitting the varsity was a big deal. Either you couldn't head to the NFL early, or you had the sense not to go and get your head bashed in by grown men. With, what, a thin bar in front of your nose? No indoor stadiums either. Well, Astrodome came along fairly soon.
  18. Fan exhaustion mixed with some satisfaction from cross-regional/national games played Wed thru Saturday will leave fan interest spent by Jan 1st. In the old days the Sugar Bowl was New Year's Eve, pitting top teams from key conferences. Jan 1 a mid-day Cotton Bowl followed by the Rose Bowl, ending with the Orange Bowl. The matchups meant something given their representation. Ratings are not going to be good for New Year's games this year. The others end Saturday, NFL takes over Sunday, and by Monday ... Oh, and if you were a Horns fan in Dallas you went to a New Year's Eve dance
  19. Here's SBNation with a just-now update... but is yet to be complete. Shows Aggie playing both Wake Forest on 29th and Miss State on 30th. Knowing Aggieland, anything's possible these days. Cotton Bowl should get a good rating and viewership. Orange Bowl should be viewable if you're into the Turnover Chain. Putting the Final Four the last two games... how many will have had enough football by sun-down New Year's Day... Wednesday, December 27 Independence Bowl, 1:30 p.m. on ESPN: Florida State vs. Pinstripe Bowl, 5:15 p.m. on ESPN: Boston College vs. Iowa
  20. Using Google "distance" pages... Tuscaloosa, AL to Athens, GA is 274 miles, takes little over 4 hours to drive. The distance and time is like Austin to Jasper. Athens, GA to Clemson, SC is 74 miles, takes about hour and 25 min to drive there. About like Austin to Waco, give or take. So three of the four finalists would fit between Austin and Shreveport, Louisiana. I imagine Colin Cowherd will talk about the 'regional' aspects of the Final Four on his show tomorrow. He has before. It's a national audience, and the networks and sponsors will be trying to appeal coast-to-coast
  21. I heard over and over today that the 4th spot went to Alabama because they were the best team. Of those closest to filling the #4 spot. But no one explained the criteria for "best team." Coach Saban kept referring to their "body of work." ESPN put this on a screen: Strength of Schedule 11th, USC 36th, Ohio State 40th, Alabama vs FPI Top 40 5-2, USC 4-2, Ohio State 3-1, Alabama And of course, Alabama won neither their division nor conference. The so-called playoff is going to be a hard sell from now on. Admittedly the Big 10 and Pac 12 beat each other
  22. ESPN staff keeps repeating that the committee disregarded all politics and simply put in the 4 best teams. Flashback to pre-BCS era...

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