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  1. 12 games in a season. In the pros what counts is December. Get into the playoffs. Then that. In college three months. Sept early games. Heat in half the country. Then October and set the table for a run. Then late Oct / early Nov for one or two crucial games. What was it, 3 Top 10 teams lost a week ago? These night games late in the season at K-State, Okla State and Texas Tech -- add Iowa State too I guess --- have to become a circle on a calendar same as TCU and OU. What's missing in Ok-State games is an attitude that you NEVER will lose to this bunch. If this game means nothi
  2. I forgot to add.... you have to hear my prediction in full Scottish Guy voice and inflection. Only way it works. I think he calls every game Texas 63 to nothing. I just added the rest.
  3. I'm aligning with Scottish Guy (have not listened to 104.9 lately but assume he's till around). Longhorns 63 Cowpokes 0 Black and Orange cross midfield just once, 3 min before halftime. Horns get 5 turnovers. Two pick-6. One kickoff return for TD. Run game exceeds 270 yards. 4 passing TDs 2 on the ground 2 INT 1 special teams ------- 9 x 7 = 63 Horns punt once. Convert 9 of 11 third downs. Breakout game with 7 explosive plays of 20+ yards. Register 8 sacks. Win TOS: 37 to 23 And that's all she wrote.
  4. Agree. Yet my hope -- should this rematch come about -- is that the area of most improvement over the Cotton Bowl game, is Todd Orlando figuring out a way to stifle Murry. #1 and #5 and that running back.
  5. Horns #6 AP Prime Time at Stillwater. ABC. Herbstreit & Co. (right?) Horns' Product-on-Field in full display. Storm Trooper Whites. ala Rose Bowl 2006. Bring it. As in please, Todd Orlando, bring the heavy beast-mode wood.
  6. Need all guns a blazing next Sat night on ABC Prime Time. Visiting team at Purdue -- ABC tonight, Prime Time -- that Coach Herman once helped coach to a natty, is trailing the Boilermakers 28-6 early in 4th Qtr. Gotta go on the road ready for war, this late in the season.
  7. The team has an extra week of practice to fine tune a game that fits Shane. Work on routes, timing, etc. Hopefully work on running game more than previously. This coaching staff should be able to carve out a suitable offensive game plan with Shane, if that's what you know will go with and have extra practices. The hard part is generating the moxie and "It" factor Sam has proven he brings to the game. Hope the staff has the moxie to use acupuncture. All kidding aside.. moxie acupuncture!! Know who used acupuncture a lot? Jerry Rice. He used a lot of Chinese medicine treatments for rec
  8. Ground game goes over 200 yards. 3 INts. Huge TOP advantage. Confidence abounds. Texas 52 Baylor 10
  9. Get through the next two... WVA keep it clean... ESPN Game Day likely comes to Austin for visiting WVA 3-Nov. Great. My birthday is Nov. 1st!! If they do come, they should set it up on the East Fountain near the stadium, not South Mall. A likely spot that weekend is Alabama at LSU, but LSU loss to Florida takes a little out of that. If things go well, WVA at TEXAS would be a serious top 10 matchup. No other big game with Clemson, Ohio State, or others that Sat, except Bama at Baton Rough. Maybe a matter they have been to State of Texas 3 of the first 6 weekends.
  10. Good thinking. Reading it, occurred to me that when we see the outcome of other games by an upcoming opponent, we (home/fan) viewers cannot tell how physical the other teams were playing. Meaning, I have no idea how physical the play was, man-to-man, for all 60 minutes on each player an OU player faced throughout the game. My observation so far this year, is that the program is developing into a physical brand of football -- to go with better and better fundamentals at all positions, to include the defense actually getting INTs instead of almost. If Sam can keep the ball in play where he
  11. This year is somewhat ruined with a weird guest process. Have no idea who came up with that. If that pattern were not in place... Staubach? Out on a limb.. GW? He lives there. Bit of a sports guy. But, no, need to leave politics out of it. Not up for a C&W singer. No Mavericks owner.
  12. 6 Season Games / Weekends 3 'Game Days' in State of Texas Two -- include 3 BigXII Programs One -- at a little town off Hwy 30 somewhere, remember a sign at Roans Prairie on the drive home, near where I cut off 90 on the way to Hunstville, something like Brine?
  13. It's a complicated issue of a double-lung transplant. Here's a quote below, and link to that article. Seeing him on the sidelines at last year's Newton title win over Gunter, and his interview after the game, was telling. His quote in this Beaumont article, was given then, too. That he would not take a $200K job in Houston over his job in Newton. He talked about the kids (they all do) the town, community.. about the same any place, and he's not your tough-guy coach. Not quitting coaching, to live a life that could end any day. And going for a repeat. "Johnston is still dealing with health
  14. On Jasper Radio calling Newton game, at Newton, I heard... After the game, all the Gilmer players went over and wished coach W T Johnson well. Coach Johnson was unable to travel to the West Orange game; that game coached by his son. Announcers said it was the classiest thing they had seen. Says a lot about Gilmer coaching staff, too; they'd have told their team, in preparation, about both the players and coach they were going up against. Texas High School football is one of the great American traditions. Nothing else like it in the country. For some reason, the crew on Fox
  15. I want #26 healthy as can be carrying the rock against OU for 20-25 carries. Do not want #17 running trick plays. We had no explosive plays today. Why try them unless by design to setup the secondary and LB play? If that is the case, then okay. Also why did #11 connect on long passes in past two games but not today? Road vs. Home? Something was WAY off, not just a little, today. I believe the big difference in momentum was K-State QB change. But... good side of that, is the guy was very quick and will help film planning for OU. Guys on Final Drive on LHN said do not fl
  16. A glass half-full thought just occurred to me. I was trying to imagine a package of plays designed for first several series, since the defense is an unknown for their exact scheming that game day. (same as they face with our defense). What do you run when you don't know how the opponent will play that day? But... in a way, the early part of the game is just that: finding out. Because it then occurred to me, that the plus side of a slow start is that the said "slow start" is a comparison to the later-on play, in particular the entire second half. It looks slow because it does not cont
  17. Agree. Both USC game and this one were not enjoyable first halves. Both for similar reasons. On the plus side, TCU's quarterback play and protection eroded late in the game. Texas seemed more physical, even fresh, the last 10 minutes of the game. That near-6 minute drive took it all out of'em. Patterson is not going to like film when he watches that. Our DBs are melding fast. And this was twice we've had to play a first half without a stellar defensive player: Maryland and this afternoon. Best part of the game besides the win, I felt we took control of the game as it drove to and thr
  18. According to a new MaxPreps "list" ... Newton is now ranked #8 in the state among all classes, 6A - 2A. Have no idea how they surmise all that. A problem looming for this Fri, 14-Sept, the game with WSO is being played there at Dan R. Hooks Stadium in Orange, 7:30 kick. I think a planned game between these two got rained out .. was it last year? Or year before? Whenever another storm came through. I'm trying to find out if it will be streamed online. My sister still lives in Newton, is retired NHS teacher and in contact with those who would know. We'll see. And do not ever remember Sept
  19. So, it's back to playing for bowl eligible, is it. Here's the thing. If UH made the run they made over 2 seaons and beat 5 (6?) ranked teams including FSU and OU... where is that level of play with this bunch of talent? Is there a problem strapping on that Horn helmet? and TEXAS on the front of that jersey? And the new 4-game red shirt rule. You can play four games and not lose a year. Cameron Rising needs to get game experience. All three of those QBs should see the field this weekend. Well, why not. Shane for sure.
  20. My hometown high school, defending 3A-II champs, Newton Eagles, are ranked #1 in the Nation by MaxPreps, in small school category. Three of their studs have given a verbal to TCU. The running back in that trio, Darwin Barlow, has an offer from USC as well. He is in the backfield of a super all-state team that is comprised of all six Classes. Newton's uniforms bumped up a notch this season and look pretty sharp. The skill position guys look to have 0% body fat!! They play #1-ranked 4A-II West Orange Starks on the road in two weeks, and after that host Gilmer, another 4A-II powerhouse. In a
  21. Where is the U. Houston offense Herman had going there for two years? Also what's wrong with up tempo all the time? It's come to my attention the new red shirt rule allows four games without losing a year. I'd like to see Cameron Rising on the field. If they don't lose a year, why not get game-speed experience? At least. Changing fortunes go this way: 0-1 Horns host Tulsa, 7 pm kick, on LHN 1-0 Aggie hosts #2 Clemson, 6pm kick, on ESPN Herman better realize the rest of the season he's got a recruiting class on the line. In four of the next five weeks he faces USC,
  22. On the same page here. Not sure if Herman plans to coach football or just talk a lot of football. If the team was over-thinking on the slow start, can see where they got the habit. Is Vince Young available to be an offensive coordinator? He has to be the best player-coach I've seen. Far as I can recall, he took over the team when Mack decided to get out of the way and turn him loose. Two that I miss (when remembering the best of times): Greg Davis and Duane Akina. Life was pretty good when they were around.

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