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  1. Fodder for Reading. Off Newton Sports FB Page. And this is a special town. About the time our family moved there, heard about the local barber stopping in middle of a customer to conduct a wedding. He was justice of the peace as well. The Newton County Herald was as fine a weekly wipe as you could hope to obtain. When I moved there it was printed in cold-set type. Lots of memories. Thru the 50s, with just under a thousand population, had 3 car dealerships, a movie theater, hospital, county court house and two drugstores. One with a fountain. So.. now this: People say "Boy, those Newton E
  2. Class 3A Div 2 Semi-final -- next Friday, 7pm Porter's Texas Drive Stadium Newton vs East Bernard edited, Fri, 12/7: correct game time is 7pm, not 7:30
  3. 2:06 remaining in 3rd rain starting to come down I hear They should pull the first team, prevent injuries, mishaps. Newton 72 Daingerfield 12
  4. Barlow, scoring with 18 sec to half... is now Newton 46-6
  5. Class 3A Div 2 Newton 33 Daingerfield 6 closing in on end of first half Eagle defense has been stout and fast/opportunistic with 2 to 3 interceptions. On radio, can't track exactly.
  6. On my above post on the top 10 SEC teams... I give that conference credit on gaining 10 solid bowl matchups. All are matched up with solid programs and coaching. Iowa is no slouch, and Purdue moved up a notch this season. NC-State provides solid competition, as does Virginia. Penn State, and so on. Really good bowl lineup. Most interesting of all, the top two SEC teams go up against OU-Texas, the two top finishers in 2018, and the classic rivals at the Cotton Bowl every October. I honestly believe every opponent (of the SEC team) in these 10 bowls can give the SEC team a run
  7. Added note on significance of the Quarter Final matchup between Newton and Daingerfield. From an Eagle FB / fan page. Too bad this is a Quarter Final and not a Final. Will be played tomorrow, Thur. Sirhornsalot has declared the winner of this game should take State. So this could be for the Title. Tomorrow night. There are 8 teams left in 3ADII pursuing the title of state champion. The Newton Eagles and Daingerfield Tigers have 10 such titles between them. 10 times hoisting that coveted state champion trophy. 10 times of being crowned as the best in the state. Those titles are s
  8. Word from my sister, still living in Newton, retired teacher. I also thought of fan travel, both to and from the game, those getting back very late into the night. "My friend, _______, that works in the high school office is going with me to the game. I see on the news that the rain will start on Friday in the late afternoon and is to be bad from that point on until noon on Sat"
  9. Not sure either. Newton historically doesn't mind the weather. Former Coach Barbay would said he'd play in the mud in a cow pasture. For years bragged "we ride the Yellow Dogs" -- regular school buses. No charters. I'll get more info on it.
  10. This turned out to be Beer Talk. Randon beer talk. Here goes... How will the Horns stack up against Georgia? Better.. how would Georgia stack up against... Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma State...? Can't say. A 3rd of SEC's regular season is against cupcakes. Heavy on the sprinkles. Below are the 40 non-conference games played this year by the top 10 SEC teams by year-end rankings. Top 5 in each division. SEC teams play 8 conference games; 6 from their division. Players may go their entire career and never play half the teams in the other division. Only in a confe
  11. Due to rain forecast for Friday, the NEWTON - DANGERFIELD game has been moved up to THURSDAY night same time, 7:30, Lufkin's Abe Martin Stadium.
  12. There was no press conference today. I'd like an injury report. I'd also like to know if anyone is already in the (Gawga dog) house violating team rules. and So on. If all are healthy and all able to make the trip, no suspensions... my early take is that a team like Georgia may be better to plan and coach against than the Ok-States / WVAs / and OUs. Focused assignments that are easier to play Fast & Loose than in the Big12. Analogy.: Buckle up the chin strap and get after it in a wrestling match -- or chasing rabbits? Which is harder to just let 'er rip?? It's possible the ph
  13. Game set. Newton vs. Daingerfield Friday night at Abe Martin Stadium, Lufkin. 7:30 kickoff. Tickets $9 for adults, $6 for students
  14. Was Dangerfield Newton beat for their 2nd title. Year 1998. Game played in Nacogdoches. This time they meet before semi-finals.
  15. ... 6:55 left in the 3rd... Newton 62 Troup 13 -- having just scored. Was 62-7 at half. Announcers saying the Newton coaches are not aiming to push the score but need to give the players the work as they'll have tougher games coming up. To think teams play 6 games --another half a season -- to get to the title game, all the way to Christmas.
  16. Interesting, the year he played was the last OU game I attended. Of all the OU games I never remember where I sat, but do for that that one.
  17. I'm hearing NE Texas is due stormy weather between 2pm and 6pm tomorrow (Fri). Centered in I-20 region with the edges of it down toward Nacogdoches. If anyone has good data/forecast on this, post away.
  18. As I understand, Tamauzia had personal issues away from school and took a short time off. I've just received word from spouse of a Newton teacher that Tamauzia has indeed returned to school and the team, has done a lot of makeup work on and off the field and is continuing to take care of that. Sounds like all the i's are being dotted and t's crossed. The community and students have been behind him and supported him.
  19. Related topic... imagine Kliff Kinsbury as Cowboys OC. Stays in state. Grows his reputation. Gets away from college recruiting. Just focuses on offense and QB development and passing game. "...Kingsbury has discovered and/or developed Case Keenum, Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes, accounting for three notable NFL careers and a couple of Heismans. Not one was a big-time recruit. Yet Manziel, Mayfield and Mahomes made significant impressions as freshmen under Kingsbury, and Keenum's production doubled as soon as Kingsbury got to him at Houston." https://sports
  20. Due to the stakes, added to the outcome back in October, and the QBs involved, and all the rest, this is shaping up to the intensity of any October Cotton Bowl game back to the 50s with Royal and Bud Wilkinson, and all those since. Better not come out flat in the opening quarter. Coach Orlando... if you've ever put together a game plan... this is the game. Was just reminded that the OU loss in Oct was the only game Murray ever lost that he started and finished. Back to high school. Might as well add another.
  21. Watching video clips of Newton games... the players appear developed as physically as second year college players. They all look 5% body fat; move around on the field with above-average situational awareness, and run like deer. On defense they corral and trap players as wild would wild animals; then swarm in and suffocate them. I don't know how academically prepared they are for college demands, but TCU wants three of them. Hornfrog coaches were in Newton this week (https://www.facebook.com/NewtonSportsPage) courting the three who at this time are committed to TCU. Josh Foster Darwin
  22. This thing is over before it begins. ESPN is torn between Buckeyes and Land Thieves getting the #4 spot if 'Bama bashes Georgia good and proper. Even Cowherd spent a segment on it. Colin is going with Land Thieves. He forgot one thing —Rambo... er, Breckyn Hager
  23. Hopefully some of the coaches will be in Arlington at 3pm on Dec 20th for the 3AII title game.
  24. He also has "special skills" (Taken) as do the Horns. Came to the board just now to post that I'm getting the feeling Texas will play their best game of the year and put it all together and solidly beat a good OU team on both sides of the ball. Got a feeling this is going to go all Burnt Orange. #44 will get his hair cut. That guy is determined. Horns win by 10+ and make a statement. ps. In addition to Taken, where he goes to that house with no weapons and calls'em out in the kitchen... check out Denzel Washington in The Equalizer. Early-on scene in the owner's office of th
  25. So with Kliff Kinsbury out at Texas Tech. ... and Larry Fedora not being retained at N. Carolina. I see Kirk Bohls tweeted this: "I also hear Mack Brown is very, very interested in North Carolina job. Could bring former Texas DC Gene Chizik with him and try to bring Kliff Kingsbury as his OC." We shall see.

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