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  1. ESPN this hour showing 2109 class ranking 1. Alabama 2. Georgia 3. A&M 4. OU 5. Horns saying first time three schools from same conference the top 3 Colin Cowherd would point out that all 5 programs are in the south, in warm-weather climates. He constantly points out the recruiting advantage of climate and this swath from the south across Texas. I would point out that three of these five are Cotton Bowl - SWC - Big12 landscape; in, and hovering above, the greatest state for football.
  2. What was that Sam yelled out in the Sugar Bowl...
  3. Alright Alright Alright!! Hook'em Welcome to the 40 Acres, Bru!!
  4. Beating Georgia. And the way it was done. That was big. Exclamation point. Keeping all the coaches. VERY big. Trajectory. All of the above.
  5. Well stated, and a tribute to the class of all that is Texas and Burnt Orange.
  6. Saw this earlier today. Destiny and a hand of fate has appeared in the sky with a Hook'em, admist Burnt Orange sunsets to the west... Make it so!
  7. Unrelated b-ball .... re: this Sat night ESPN, 6pm, #1Duke - #4UVA game. ... "Lucky" students are camped out in tents beside Cameron field house from now to Feb 20 home game with UNC. So today ESPN crew filmed K-Ville where the tents are, and my daughter's tent got featured! Only she had class and research lab, so texted me that just her sleeping bag and friends got in the clip. I'll be looking for my priceless REI air mattress I "loaned" her (if I ever get it back). Was said on Cowherd this week, or maybe was the Big Monday broadcast of the Duke-Syracuse game, that Coach K was only a .500 coach at Army before going to Duke. You never know how the fit will turn out. Texas needs to land whatever works for the long haul. I didn't get inside Cameron when I was there, but did attend a parents' buffet in a banquet hall next door, above Duke's trophy room where the 5 titles were displayed and literally a wall of Player of the Year recognitions. Decades of effort and accomplishments. Same as football here. Texas needs to think long-term and consistency, year in and year out. If only. ps. Just noticed that Coach K played at Army under Bob Knight... then coached there from 1975-80, so that's how that factored in.
  8. For some reading pleasure... this SEC RANT dot com thread. Wow! Aggie is taking this loss really hard https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/wow-aggie-is-taking-this-loss-really-hard/81302858/
  9. My bold on last 7 words. Accurate, and changed effective this season; pronounced heavily in the Sugar Bowl. To a recruit: if you want to play top level AND be coached well and developed... and same for those lining up beside you -- and live in the top city in the country -- your zip code is 78705.
  10. So I tried to re-do the image in the previous post to make it more readable without clicking on it, and ruined the entire post. If anyone wants to clear it out, please do so. Did not allow me to edit, erase, or cancel the image. Or I knew not how.
  11. For your viewing pleasure, the Team Stats of the game. This was a beat down. I just wish the late penalties had not happened, leading to the 28-21 score, so at least it ends 28-14. Oh, well.
  12. For your afternoon entertainment, try The Paul Finebaum Show. I missed the first hour, but it's still rolling. The calls from Georgia fans are reviting! :)
  13. Excellent writeup Seahorn. In addition to those GA rushing stats-- 72 yards on 30 carries -- T.O.P. was Horns 35:00 to GA 25:00. How's that for exact minutes. Seldom see that. Horns passing yardage was 177 to GA's 224, but try this: Comp-Att for Horns was 20-28. And 2-2 on 4th down efficiency, with 9-19 3rd down. That's a lot of 3rd downs for the night. Not counting punts (guess this is how it works on the Team Stats sheet) Horns show 77 plays -- 28 passing, 49!! rushing! GA shows 65 plays -- 35 passing, just 30 rushing. This performance out of Texas, who hasn't had 10 wins in almost 10 years, against recent upstart powerhouse Georgia throws a huge wrench in the SEC-SEC hype, and/or says a lot about Herman and his coaching style. Get this also: The mighty SEC was 6-5 in their bowl games. About what it was last year. Either they have no umph for bowl games, or they really are not that strong overall playing outside their conference. Take Alabama's win out, and it's .500, which what I recall it was last year. As I showed in a previous thread, the top 5 finishers in each SEC division played 40 Non-conf. games. 9 of the 40 games were against Power 5 conference. Only 4 of the 40 were played on the road. 6 of these top finishers (again, top 5 in each div) played 8 home games. The other 4 of those programs played 7, with Aggie playing Ark at Arlington. Regular season ranking placed 8 SEC teams in the Top 25. Based on what? They mostly play each other and, on average, play 8 home games. They also play a cup cake one of the last two weeks of the season, thereby avoiding a late season loss (how can they.. when nearly all 14 SEC teams play outside the conference, and I think all are indeed cupcakes). So they end the regular season with lofty rankings overall -- 2/3 of the conf in Top 25. But then come the bowls. Bowl losses to: Virginia, Iowa, Okla-State, Texas, Baylor. Beating: NC-State, Purdue, with quality wins over OU, Penn State, UCF, Michigan (if that's a quality win). Factor in, of course, one team and one of those wins, is en route to the title game. However, Texas pushed Georgia around much more than did Bama (going aggie there). For Texas to even come close to this game performance... I mean it was over at 28-7 (true representation of the beat down); Georgia looking no better than Iowa State as a product on the field. If that. Thing I noticed about Georgia, they did not look athletic. Okay, going full-on aggie there. How did BigXII do in their bowl games against the SEC? 3-1, including besting a 14-pt underdog spread in NO. Overall BigXII was 5-3 in bowls.
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