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  1. Absolutely no on Chavis. He does not like to recruit. His time is up.
  2. Not sure which Texas coach, but Texas will be at the PG / Gilmer game tonight. Several schools are sending coaches and will be on the PG sideline.
  3. That is good stuff. This guy gets it. I would like to see him at Texas.
  4. That is not what I am implying. I am a firm believer in being held accountable and everyone does not get a trophy. You played for Dennis Alexander. Based on what I saw from the stands one time, he was a hard ass. However, he had lots of success. His style today would not work. The majority of the kids today are not raised like we were.
  5. You can get winners. It is not about being a "buddy" with the players. It is about the players respecting their coach. Do you think Fleck and Swinney are passive and not holding their players accountable? We both know that is not the case. They have figured out how to win with a different approach.
  6. Congrats! You guys are doing something right! I will add not everyone knows how to coach like that. The ones that figure it out, are finding success.
  7. The days of being a hard ass like Bear Bryant and the Junction Boys were portrayed are a thing of the past. Kids now days are not motivated by that. More and more coaches are using positive re-enforcement to motivate players, along with accountability. Fleck and Swinney are good examples of this style of coaching. I can't remember the last time I saw a coach at a HS game grab a kid by the face mask and jerk him around. I watched a HS practice this summer and it was all up beat, high tempo, and cheering. I never heard one cuss word and water was readily available. Evidently, it is working because this particular team has a chance to play in their third consecutive state championship game this year. By the way, I used to think having a hard ass mentality made you better in sports. Maybe it did in my time, but I am 50 too.
  8. He will be doubled team all night. Gilmer did that last game. I'm sure they will make him chase, most teams are doing that.
  9. Difference maker. Played very few snaps against Carthage. He is nursing a sprained ankle.
  10. There was no doubt Landon Jackson was the best player on the field Friday night. Carthage finally started going away from him.
  11. Of course, I have to go with PG. As a fan of HS football, this will be an electric atmosphere with two of the top coaches in Texas going at it. I would not be shocked if there is not close to 10k at this game. I have been to a lot of HS stadiums and PG has one of the best from a fan perspective. The field sits down in a bowl with no track, which gets you closer to the field. As far as coaches coming, Chad Morris and Jeff Traylor are flying in the Hog helicopter. I was told the head coach of BYU is planning to be there as well as some other coaches. I believe the guys from Horns 247 are going to be there along with other media out of DFW. As far as the game, who ever controls the line of scrimmage will win. The PG defensive line versus the Carthage offensive line is the key. PG must get pressure on the QB. If not, it could be a long night. This is the final non conference game for both teams before starting district the next week.
  12. Nick puts in the work and has had a huge year so far for PG. He is in phenomenal shape and is only a junior. I told Sirhornsalot before the season to keep an eye on him. His offer list is going to grow. Another kid from PG to watch is Torrey Phillips. He is raw but is getting the coaching that he was missing out on compared to Burris and Jackson. He is as big as Burris and maybe faster. He received his first two D1 offers last week in AR and LA Tech. Plus, he is only a junior too. He has made a difference in how teams have to scheme against Landon Jackson. Burris and Phillips are DEs, which allows Jackson to play as a B Backer / stand up DE. Teams are having a very difficult time blocking Jackson.
  13. I read it was one of the schools in their district. These kids were all approved prior to the start of the season, so it seems odd that it would be brought up again, unless you are winning. With the amount of scrutiny that Briles brought to Mt Vernon, the superintendent is going to make sure everything is in order to avoid these type of situations.
  14. Landon Jackson had 3 big sacks tonight against Paris. Paris is a very good football team and should play deep in the palyoffs. Also, follow Texarkana GameDay on Facebook to catch highlights. They were at the PG game tonight and interviewed Jackson and Burris. Next week, Texarkana GameDay is at the Texas High and Arkansas High game involving Clayton Smith.
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