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  1. Herm Edwards is 7-6 (5-4) and 8-5 (4-5) in his first 2 seasons.
  2. Cool, I guess we’ll just wait for CDC to come to his senses while this dumpster fire grows. Awesome.
  3. Take note, CDC. The consequences for letting this situation linger could get worse.
  4. The fact that he is smiling in that still already pisses me off, and I haven’t even watched a second of it.
  5. Little more detail regarding the situation at Baylor. Looks like we may get to stew on our dumpster fire for an extra week. Or...an extra week to transition to an interim coach.
  6. Eventually the buck has to stop with the head coach. He’s recruited these players. He’s hired these coaches.
  7. I think the difference between Shaka and Tom is the access to buyout money. BMDs don’t care enough to buyout a basketball contract. They won’t take the same BS in football. The only obstacle would likely be the economic impact of COVID-19. The oil and gas industry is hurting, so those pockets aren’t as deep.
  8. I gotta agree with @primal defenseon this one. I don’t see CDC hiring Urban.
  9. At the end of the day, the buck stops with the head coach, and Tom Cat isn’t getting it done. Every year it’s more of the same BS. The last two weeks, I’ve seen an over abundance of poor coaching, preparation and play calling.
  10. Anyone that cites Herbstreit immediately loses credibility. Sorry.
  11. Yeah, we decided to opt out as well and donated some of the balance. We have a six-month old though, so that was a big factor in our decision. It's going to be a bummer not being in the stands but look forward to taking our little one to her first game next season.
  12. Appreciate it and thankfully they avoided contracting it.

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