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  1. Yeah, during the first half, the team was free-wheeling, playing up-tempo, and not hesitating in running and executing the offense. They played tight in the second half. I wasn't able to watch close enough, but knowing Beard, I'm sure some of that was halftime adjustments.
  2. LOL, think about that. We're going to pay a TE coach an annual salary of $1 million. We've talked about money whipping coaches in the past. This time, we're actually doing it.
  3. Since he was making $725k at Bama, I'm interested to see what we're paying him. The BMDs are clearly done f@#$ing around. They are dropping the bills and they don't even care. Just win, baby.
  4. Ramey clearly remembers McClung from last year’s game against Georgetown.
  5. Also, it would be really nice if we could win tonight and run the table heading into the Baylor game at the beginning of February. That would create a hell of a matchup.
  6. Unfortunately, he has Love and Drummond in front of him on the depth chart. I think Love is coming back from his calf injury soon too. That said, you have a point. Maybe he gets some more PT on a bad team.
  7. Woof. On a quasi-related note, Jarrett Allen just got banished to Cleveland in that Harden trade. Pour one out for a former Longhorn.
  8. Let's keep this train rolling. This team might be running on fumes between the emotions of the KU and WVU games, but I think they refuse to go down without a fight.
  9. Sorry, I was responding to TB14. Should've quoted him. Burnett has opted to transfer from Tech.
  10. Nimari Burnett (former 5-star guard) is opting to transfer. He's not getting the expected playing time. He's only averaging a little over 5 points/game.
  11. That we are. Hopefully we can keep this train rolling down the tracks.
  12. Looks like Coleman was the lead recruiter. Makes you wonder on all the reporting with Herman's meddling in the recruiting room, as well as Sark's relationship with Coleman and wanting to keep him on. Gives Coleman a win.
  13. How's that for the Sark bump on the recruiting trail? Love it.
  14. FWIW, IT doesn't think it's Golding. I think @MBHORNSFANshared that previously.
  15. Agreed. I think we either money whipped Coach Boom (less likely) or it is someone completely off the grid we haven't heard of (more likely). Terry Joseph was out of left field, and as far as I can recall, no one was reporting his name.
  16. I'd agree with 9-3. Hopefully after you have Casey and Bijan in the new offense for a year, Sark's second year would be where we really start making some noise.

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