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  1. LOL, not sure how we won...but we won. I'll take it. This game was as ugly as it gets. If Ramey doesn't heat up at the end, we lose. Totally agree with @tejasrulz, Williams needs more PT. It is downright painful to watch Kai play defense, which tells us how bad Baker is. Finally, for the love of God, get Sims more touches down low. At this point, he is our best player (sorry Matt).
  2. Get ready for Saturday. Apparently Hepa and Lidell are both out. We may have no choice in playing Baker extended minutes.
  3. I can't put into words how embarrassing this was. CDC, you have to buy him out at the end of the season. There is no other option.
  4. McGuire coached TEs for Baylor in 2017-2018. Sounds like he’s great for recruiting and is well-respected among Texas HS coaches. Why not call him up, point to the Aranda hiring over him, and offer him the TE job?
  5. It basically same down to Hepa hitting open 3's. They left Hepa open a number of times, challenging him to hit the 3. Tonight he did, so cheers to the young man for rising to the moment. Not looking forward to Saturday, though. We're going to get smoked.
  6. Oh, I know they’re garbage. Shows how bad they are that we beat them by 14. Also, expecting to shoot anywhere close to that percentage on a regular basis is downright insane, but I fully expect us to continue to launch 3’s thinking we can. Sigh...
  7. Amazing what happens when the team shoots over 40% from 3.
  8. I guess you could also cheer for another first round exit from the Thunder and go throw a lot of money at Donovan. That's probably a bit of a pipe dream though.
  9. It won't happen, but I wish they would just pull the plug and put Shaka out of his misery. This will just continue to get ugly. Also won't happen, but I really wish CDC would go money-whip Gregg Marshall in the offseason and bring him to Austin. I'm sure there are some other good candidates, but I really don't want to take a chance on an up-and-comer that does not have a proven track record. I can't handle another bust.
  10. I think 7-11 in conference is the best case scenario, and after the loss last night, I have a hard time seeing that even happen.
  11. That time OU was shooting 50% from the field and from 3PT. Sigh...
  12. Cleats the team is wearing for the Alamo Bowl. First time in program history that we’re not wearing either black or white cleats.
  13. Put in my ticket request. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.
  14. Looks like it will be Alamo Bowl against Utah? FYI, that’s the CEO of Camping World.
  15. Sadly, I’m way more impressed with Kai Jones than Will Baker.
  16. Ouch, that’s pretty damning... https://www.burntorangenation.com/2019/11/26/20983197/tom-herman-staff-changes-texas-longhorns-total-alignment-fail Getting out-coached by Rhule and failing to offer his best defensive player isn’t the only cause for concern, either — the credentials of Herman and his staff recruiting the state of Texas were some of the biggest selling points for hiring Herman and allowing him to bring most of his assistants with him from Houston. And yet, in a survey conducted by Dave Campbell’s Texas Football this summer, Texas high school football coaches said they trusted Rhule more than any other head coach in the state other than TCU’s Gary Patterson. To put that into perspective, Rhule came to Texas three short years ago without any significant experience recruiting the state. “It’s remarkable to me how a guy who has no roots in Texas has come to our state and ensconced himself in the culture down here,” Rockwall head coach “It’s just amazing. It’s just amazing that he’s done that.” Yeah, it is amazing. It’s also disappointing and perhaps even an indictment of Herman’s personality that his deep ties to the state haven’t resulted in a higher level of trust with high school football coaches.
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